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Chapter 352 - See You

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 352 See You

    Grinding was boring. Spending at least ten hours a day to grind the same monster was even more boring. Someone else would have vomited from this mindless grinding, but Zhou Wen kept on going. He only stopped to sleep. He didn’t even waste time while brushing his teeth or using the toilet.

    Over the next few days, Zhou Wen rarely left his residence. He was like a daughter of an aristocratic family in ancient times, never taking a step out of the house.

    His stats slowly increased, but the Slaughterer Life Soul showed no signs of evolution.

    There were a myriad of ways for a Life Soul to evolve. Everyone needed to find their own way. Some Life Souls would only be able to evolve after absorbing stat crystals, while others needed to be evolved in battle. There were some that needed special supplementary materials to evolve.

    In short, there were no two Life Souls that were completely identical in the world; likewise, there was no completely identical evolutionary method.

    Zhou Wen had tried using stat crystals or engaging in combat with Slaughterer tagging along, but nothing worked. Slaughterer remained a Primordial Body.

    I’m just too anxious. To be able to advance to the Epic stage at seventeen years of age is already staggeringly fast. The average person would probably exceed thirty years of age by the time they advanced to the Epic stage. Geniuses would usually have to finish university before they advanced to the Epic stage in their twenties. Compared to them, my advancement speed is sick, Zhou Wen consoled himself.

    However, he also knew that although his advancement was fast, it was still insufficient. He still didn’t have the ability to storm into the Zhuolu battlefield and find his former principal

    Furthermore, dimensional zones could lose their binding restrictions at any moment. When that happened, having Epic combat strength might not be considered weak, but it was definitely not strong.

    While grinding the stat crystals, Zhou Wen attempted to switch to other Life Providences. He realized that when he switched to other Life Providences, he was unable to summon the Slaughterer Life Soul, nor could he use it. Clearly, the Slaughterer Life Soul could only match with the Sigh of the King Life Providence.

    When he used other Primordial Energy Arts, he only had a Life Providence and no Life Soul.

    Zhou Wen still remembered the last time he had read the tablet text and condensed a Life Providence. Therefore, he went to the Fire God Platform to check on the Ancient Sovereign Sutra, but he was greatly disappointed. Nothing happened when he looked at the Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s stone monument.

    Zhou Wen didn’t give up and went to Mount Laojun to look at the Wordless Monument. He also went to Small Buddha Temple to read the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra and the bronze lamp’s Godfiend Era. The outcome was the same-nothing.

    Could it be that the Primordial Energy Art simulated by the Lost Immortal Sutra isn’t able to produce a Life Soul? Zhou Wen found it very likely. After all, it was only a simulation and not a Primordial Energy Art that he had truly mastered. It was like a building in the sky. Without a foundation, it was normal for him not to be able to condense a Life Soul.

    Although he had expected it, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. He felt that it would be a pity to just let the four Life Providences go to waste. After all, all four Life Providences had their own unique characteristics. If he could condense a Life Soul, it would definitely be a very unique one.

    However, since he couldn’t condense a Life Soul, Zhou Wen didn’t think too much about it. He continued grinding stat crystals daily, trying his best to raise his stats before finding a way to evolve Slaughterer.

    One day, while Zhou Wen was grinding, his phone suddenly rang. He glanced at the screen and saw an unknown number.

    When the call connected, a rather charming man’s voice sounded. “Is this Zhou Wen?”

    “I’m Zhou Wen. Who are you?” Zhou Wen had a vague impression of the voice, but he couldn’t recall where he had heard it before.

    “I’m Li Xuan’s second brother, Li Mobai. We met previously at the auction,” Li Mobai said.

    “What’s the matter?” Zhou Wen frowned slightly, unsure what Li Mobai was up to by contacting him.

    “Are you free soon? I want to have a chat with you,” Li Mobai said.

    “Sorry, I’m very busy with my studies. I don’t have much time.” With that said, Zhou Wen hung up. Li Mobai and Li Xuan were enemies. Since Zhou Wen treated Li Xuan as a friend, he naturally couldn’t have anything to do with him.

    Although Zhou Wen had never dealt with Li Mobai, the methods the latter employed allowed him to know that he was terrifying. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Li Xuan’s two childhood friends to betray him.

    Zhou Wen was a very lazy person to begin with, so he didn’t wish to waste his time dealing with such a person.

    However, his phone quickly rang again. Zhou Wen glanced at it-it was still the same number.

    Zhou Wen didn’t pick up the first time, but Li Mobai called again. After some thought, Zhou Wen answered the call and planned on telling Li Mobai not to call again.

    However, before Zhou Wen could say a word, Li Mobai said, “Do you want to know what the experts like Old Mister Ouyang and the rest studied at the Zhuolu battlefield?”

    Zhou Wen was rendered speechless when he heard that. He asked with a frown, “What do you mean?” Li Mobai continued, “The League has invited many experts to go to Zhuolu for research. Besides Old Mister Ouyang, there are also people of his caliber. Having spent so much money, don’t tell me you think that the League’s brass doesn’t have any requests?”

    “Regardless of their goal, there’s no need to pursue it now,” Zhou Wen said.

    “That’s where you are wrong. In fact, the research of Old Mister Ouyang and the rest had borne fruit long ago. They dug out quite a number of things from the Zhuolu battlefield and also made some inferences. The garrison stationed at Zhuolu didn’t tell you these things, right?” Li Mobai said.

    “Are you done? If you are done, let’s leave it at that? Don’t call me again.” With that said, Zhou Wen prepared to hang up.

    Even if what Li Mobai said was true, Zhou Wen could have An Sheng investigate. There was no need to establish ties with Li Mobai.

    “Do you know that there’s a locked Companion Beast in basement four of the Xiyuan Crystal Shop?” Li Mobai suddenly said.

    “What?” Zhou Wen asked in feigned ignorance.

    “Do you want to know the origins of that Companion Beast? Do you want to know its relationship with Old Mister Ouyang? I’ll wait for you at the west entrance of your college at 8 p.m. tonight. See you.” Li Mobai hung up after saying that. Zhou Wen looked at the phone as several thoughts ran through his mind. What exactly is Li Mobai up to? Did he throw out so much bait just to meet me?

    Zhou Wen pondered for a moment before making a phone call to Li Xuan. Then, he recounted what Li Mobai had said to him.

    “You want to go?” Li Xuan fell silent for a moment before saying.

    “I do want to know the answers to those questions,” Zhou Wen said.

    “Then go. However, you have to be careful. My brother is truly terrifying,” Li Xuan said. “I know.” Zhou Wen knew what Li Xuan was worried about, but it was impossible for him to hide from Li Mobai his entire life. It was better to meet him openly and see what he was up to.