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Chapter 356 - Contemplating Godfiend

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 356 Contemplating Godfiend

    The Godfiend Life Providence made Zhou Wen the lord of the skies, making him freer than a bird. After gaining a deeper understanding, he realized that under such circumstances, he could do things no one could imagine.

    Feng Qiuyan had restrained himself in the beginning, afraid that he would injure Zhou Wen with his saber. However, the more he battled, the more he realized that Zhou Wen’s movement techniques were unique and unbelievable.

    He had never seen a person actually have the ability to float upside down in the air and fight in battle. It was as though the laws of science didn’t rule over Zhou Wen at all. It completely crushed all the experience he had gained in his previous battles with humans.

    The many movement techniques Zhou Wen displayed were things he had never imagined before. They practically exceeded humanity’s imagination.

    As expected of Coach! This left Feng Qiuyan excited. He brandished his saber and fought Zhou Wen to his heart’s content so that he could see more of Zhou Wen’s strange movement techniques.

    Zhou Wen’s movement techniques became stranger and more bizarre as time passed. As for Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques, they were becoming calmer, using permanence to counter impermanence. It was as though Feng Qiuyan was truly comprehending the profoundness of countering movement with stillness.

    With the Godfiend Life Providence, Zhou Wen began to gain an advantage. However, he gradually realized that every strike from Feng Qiuyan made him feel extremely uncomfortable. It was as though he had sealed off all the changes in his movement techniques, giving him a feeling of returning to the basics.

    Zhou Wen was already immersed and focused on the battle. As he fought, he pondered how to escape the present predicament. However, no matter what kind of changes Zhou Wen’s movement technique did-no matter how unique it was-it was difficult to waver Feng Qiuyan’s saber. Every strike from Feng Qiuyan had turned simple. He had seen through the myriad of changes to finally decide on one saber strike.

    In between each strike was without bound or limit and turned sublime. Feng Qiuyan had finally mastered his saber techniques.

    Zhou Wen’s movement technique kept changing, only barely managing to dodge Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques. However, the space he could move about decreased, being constantly suppressed by Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques.

    This strong and oppressive pressure did not cause Zhou Wen to panic. Instead, he felt a little excited. His brain was calmer and clearer than any other time.

    Zhou Wen constantly sought the possibility of cracking Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques. He squeezed out every ounce of possibility from his body to turn the impossible possible. The Godfiend Life Providence and Godfiend Era Primordial Energy circulation were similarly squeezed dry, allowing Zhou Wen to deeply feel their existence and effects. Only by doing so could Zhou Wen better make use of them.

    Gradually, Zhou Wen realized that the Godfiend Era and Godfiend Life Providence were somewhat different from what he had previously understood.

    It was true that they provided powerful augmentation to speed and flight, but their true power wasn’t just that. This Primordial Energy Art that came from a different realm seemed to have even more profound meanings.

    As usual, Wei Ge came to the training ground early in the morning. He came here not to train but to wait for someone.

    The vice-chancellor was in charge of managing the training grounds. He was just a vice-chancellor who didn’t have much authority in school, he usually didn’t care about anything

    In fact, Wei Ge knew that this vice-chancellor, who looked like he didn’t have any actual power, had a very deep background. According to Wei Ge’s intelligence, a president of the student council had been able to stay in the school as a staff member. It was arranged by the vice-chancellor.

    One had to know that keeping a student as a staff member wasn’t something the managing vice-chancellor had the authority to do, but he succeeded.

    Therefore, when Wei Ge heard that the vice-chancellor came to the training grounds in the morning, he would come here every morning to pretend to train, hoping to leave a good impression on him. He even wanted close ties with the vice-chancellor, to provide him with some help in the future when the problem about being retained as staff cropped up.

    Wei Ge knew how important it was to be retained as staff. An Jing couldn’t be bothered with the position of student council president. Li Xuan could also disregard staying in the school, but he couldn’t.

    He wasn’t an elite like An Jing, nor did he have Li Xuan’s family background. To help him and his family have a future, staying on campus was undoubtedly the best option.

    In this era where danger was everywhere, the school was undoubtedly one of the safest places. To stay in Sunset College and bring his parents to settle here was always Wei Ge’s goal. Furthermore, he had been working hard for it, unscrupulously even.

    However, it was just too difficult to be retained at Sunset College. It was so difficult that Wei Ge didn’t wish to give up any sliver of hope. When Wei Ge arrived at the training grounds, it was still early. Only a few students were training with the various equipment in the hall, and he didn’t see the vice-chancellor.

    Wei Ge was very satisfied with this. He entered the changing room and changed into his training kit, preparing to find a relatively conspicuous spot to train while waiting for the vice-chancellor’s arrival.

    However, when Wei Ge passed a training room, he heard a faint sound coming from inside. It sounded like the sound of blades tearing through the air.

    Someone’s using the training room so early? Wei Ge was somewhat curious. He walked to the training room’s door and pushed it open. Realizing that the door wasn’t locked, he pushed it open and looked inside.

    What he saw immediately widened his eyes as he saw the two figures fighting in the training room. One of them was using a saber, and the saber was enough to send chills down his spine. Just looking from outside made Wei Ge feel like he was about to be slain by the saber aura.

    The other person didn’t use any weapons. He only used his movement techniques to dodge the terrifying strikes. Despite the terrifying saber techniques, his body was still as graceful as an immortal. Wei Ge had also seen many tutors use their saber techniques and movement techniques. As the president of the student council, he had more opportunities to interact with tutors than ordinary students. He had also seen many tutor battles, but the saber techniques and movement techniques in front of him gave him an unprecedented feeling. It was as if they were even stronger than the tutors he had seen before.

    Zhou Wen… Feng Qiuyan… Wei Ge recognized the two of them as he stood there stunned. It was as though he couldn’t believe that the two people fighting here weren’t tutors, but students like him-juniors that were of a lower grade than him.

    Wei Ge stood outside the door, watching the two battle in a daze as he kept the door open without entering or backing out. He looked somewhat stunned.


    At this moment, Zhou Wen’s aura exploded as an indescribable force surged out of his body as though a transparent flame was burning.

    He’s condensing a Life Soul… Wei Ge’s pupils constricted as he stared intently at Zhou Wen in midair, as though he was petrified.