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Chapter 359 - Fire-Armored Crocodile

Let Me Game in Peace


    After the goldfish leaped out of the magma, it violently flicked its tail and landed back into the magma, nearly dragging Zhou Wen and Gu Dian in.

    The two of them used their strength together. But with a snap, the rope, that was made of white silk, broke.

    Gu Dian pulled the remaining white-silk rope up. As for the magma river, there was no trace of the goldfish. The magma gradually returned to normal.

    "What level is the goldfish? Why is it so strong?" Zhou Wen asked.

    They had failed to pull the goldfish up despite their combined strength. It had to be at least a top Epic creature, but if it was really an Epic creature, how could it leave without counterattacking?

    "Epic." Gu Dian put away the rope and got up to leave.

    "Are you just leaving like that? Aren't you going to continue fishing?" Zhou Wen asked, puzzled.

    "The rope's broken. There's no bait." Although Gu Dian was a man of few words, he was thankfully able to express himself clearly.

    "What bait is needed to fish for this goldfish?" Zhou Wen planned on trying to catch such a goldfish when he downloaded the dungeon later.

    "Ice Silkworm." Gu Dian left after saying that.

    Zhou Wen had never heard of Ice Silkworm, but it sounded like a dimensional creature.

    "Is there any special use for fishing this thing?" Zhou Wen asked again.

    "Cat food." Gu Dian's voice drifted over from afar, stunning Zhou Wen.

    Catching an Epic creature to feed to cats? Zhou Wen really didn't understand what was on Gu Dian's mind.

    After Gu Dian left, Zhou Wen followed the magma river, but he didn't find the tiny palm symbol. Instead, he saw a Fire-Armored Crocodile lying on the bank.

    The Fire-Armored Crocodile was nearly four meters long. The magma-like scales were covered with dark red magma patterns. Although it was only a Legendary creature, it could spit out scorching flames. Furthermore, it was very powerful, making it a top Legendary creature.

    The Fire-Armored Crocodile discovered Zhou Wen before he could even get close. It opened its mouth and spat out a flame, spraying it several meters away like a flamethrower.

    Zhou Wen didn't dodge a flame at this level. Wearing the armor manifested by the Stone Chi, he circulated the Ancient Sovereign Sutra and threw a punch at the flames.


    The flames were immediately blasted apart as magma at its core splattered in every direction. Such flames were unable to injure Zhou Wen at all.

    The Fire-Armored Crocodile spewed out flames once again. Since Zhou Wen didn't kill it, it kept spewing fire, allowing Zhou Wen to use the Ancient Sovereign Sutra's powers to blast through the flames. This allowed him to sense the profundity in the Ancient Sovereign Sutra's fire-elemental powers.

    But soon, Zhou Wen realized that apart from the heat, he couldn't sense any profundity in the flame. It only had a high temperature.

    After this continued for some time, Zhou Wen didn't feel anything, but the Fire-Armored Crocodile was so exhausted that it couldn't spit out any flames. It turned around and fled into the magma river, swimming into the distance.

    Perhaps the flame isn't strong enough. Let's see if I can encounter a Magma Worm. It's an Epic fire-elemental creature. Its flames should be much stronger than a Fire-Armored Crocodile. Zhou Wen didn't chase after the Fire-Armored Crocodile. Killing a Legendary creature was now meaningless to him, so he couldn't be bothered to.

    He walked as he looked for the tiny palm symbol, but to no avail. Instead, he encountered a group of Fire-Armored Crocodiles on the banks.

    A Fire-Armored Crocodile's flames aren't strong enough. Perhaps a dozen of them is enough? With this in mind, Zhou Wen rushed into the group of Fire-Armored Crocodiles.


    Li Weiyang wasn't in a good mood right now. She had planned on inviting a few of her friends from the Weiyang Club for an activity, but to her surprise, one of them had brought her boyfriend.

    It wasn't a big deal bringing a boyfriend, but the person was somewhat annoying. Li Weiyang originally planned on hunting some Mortal-stage Demonized Soldiers, but this person insisted on coming to Magma River.

    The members of the Weiyang Club were basically at the Mortal stage. Li Weiyang had recently advanced to the Legendary stage and her stats had not been raised.

    It was meaningless to take them to Magma River. The lowest level dimensional creature here was the Fire-Armored Crocodile. It was a very strong Legendary creature, one that even Li Weiyang found it difficult to fight, much less her friends who had yet to advance to the Legendary stage.

    However, the man did his best to suggest that they go to Magma River. Together with his girlfriend helping, Li Weiyang and company didn't want to embarrass her, so they reluctantly went to Magma River.

    Thankfully, the dimensional creatures never strayed too far from the magma river. Although they were no match for the creatures, as long as they didn't approach the magma river, they wouldn't be in any danger.

    Although they didn't need to worry about safety, Li Weiyang had originally organized a hunt. Now, all they could do was watch the man fight the Fire-Armored Crocodile. Apart from his girlfriend, Sulli, who was constantly praising her boyfriend, the others felt bored.

    Zheng Tianlun killed a Fire-Armored Crocodile and was lucky to have a Strength Crystal drop. He returned to the girls' side and handed the Strength Crystal to his girlfriend, Sulli. He said, "Sulli, this Strength Crystal is for you."

    "That's inappropriate, right? I'm still at the Mortal stage. Isn't using a Legendary crystal a waste?" Although Sulli said that, she couldn't hide her delight.

    "Take it. Killing Legendary creatures isn't difficult for me. It's very easy to obtain Legendary crystals. Today, I'm just here to have fun with you. Anything that drops is yours." Zheng Tianlun stuffed the Strength Crystal into Sulli's hand, but he couldn't help but feel his heart ache.

    Zheng Tianlun had only advanced to the Legendary stage in recent months, so killing a Legendary creature wasn't as easy as he claimed. The reason he had brought Sulli and company to Magma River instead of somewhere else was that it was relatively safe here. Furthermore, he had a Snow Snake Companion Beast. The Snow Snake Saber it manifested was the nemesis of fire-elemental creatures, so killing a Fire-Armored Crocodile was easier than killing other Legendary creatures.

    Li Weiyang found it very boring. She wasn't a beggar who needed others to provide her alms. Besides, this didn't meet the objective of training. If it wasn't for the sake of her friends, she would have turned around and left.

    Zheng Tianlun led them forward, but for some reason, the Fire-Armored Crocodiles, which were commonly seen on the shore, were almost nowhere in sight today.

    There was one in the magma river, but Zheng Tianlun didn't have the ability to enter the magma river to kill it.

    Zheng Tianlun led them for a few miles without finding any Fire-Armored Crocodiles by the bank. He muttered to himself awkwardly. That's strange. Why are all the Fire-Armored Crocodiles in the river today?

    "They probably ran into the river after knowing that you came to kill them," Sulli said, in consideration of his feelings.

    Zheng Tianlun laughed out loud when he heard that. "Then they are really smart."

    "There seems to be something up ahead," a girl suddenly pointed ahead.

    Li Weiyang could no longer continue to listen to the couple. When she heard that, she looked ahead. Indeed, she saw a figure walking by the magma river. She could vaguely tell that the person was wearing their school uniform.