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Chapter 362 - Slaying the Worm with One Strike

Let Me Game in Peace
     362 Slaying the Worm with One Strike

    The rotary-like sword beam struck the Magma Worm's body like an electric saw cutting through steel, sparks flew everywhere.

    The golden crystal-like body was sliced apart by the sword beam, splitting into two before falling into the magma river.


    The carapace of the Magma Worm landed in the magma river, stirring up magma waves that were several feet high. Li Weiyang and company were already dumbfounded when they saw this. They felt like Zhou Wen, who was standing by the riverbank with his sword, was a god.

    "He… He's so strong… He killed the Magma Worm with one strike… He doesn't seem like a student at all…" A girl stared at Zhou Wen with her eyes glowing as she muttered to herself.

    "He's indeed not a student. Don't forget who his teacher is," Zheng Tianlun added coldly. Seeing the girls staring at Zhou Wen like they were infatuated with him, his girlfriend, Sulli, being no exception, Zheng Tianlun was extremely displeased.

    When Li Weiyang heard Zheng Tianlun say that, her expression immediately sank. "Zheng Tianlun, don't spout nonsense. Zhou Wen is Zhou Wen. He has nothing to do with what kind of teacher he has."

    "That's right. Zhou Wen is so handsome. He definitely has nothing to do with those terrifying people." The girls began speaking up for him.

    When Zhou Wen slashed open the body of the Magma Worm, he saw a white baby silkworm-like worm drop near the carapace's head.

    Although Zhou Wen was taught by his teachers in school that silkworm babies were adorable, he had never found them adorable. Instead, he found them rather frightening.

    Therefore, Zhou Wen didn't hesitate to strike out with his sword, onto the main body of the Magma Worm.

    However, before Zhou Wen's sword beam could land, the magma river suddenly exploded into a pillar of magma. A golden figure leaped out of the waves.

    It had golden scales, with a tail resembling chiffon. It looked exceptionally enchanting.

    Goldfish! Zhou Wen immediately recognized what it was. It was the goldfish that Gu Dian had been trying to fish, but he didn't know if it was the same fish.

    The goldfish leaped up from the magma river and swallowed the Magma Worm in one mouthful. Then, it fell into the magma and with a flick of its tail, it was gone.

    Holy sh*t, it actually stole my prey! Zhou Wen widened his eyes. He never expected that the Magma Worm he was about to kill would be snatched away by a goldfish.

    With a thought, he made the White Shadow of Poison transform into an arm wing and brought him flying over the magma river, slashing at the place where the goldfish had landed.


    Deep rifts more than ten meters long were carved out in the magma when the goldfish leaped up and landed elsewhere in the magma river.

    Zhou Wen chased after it and slashed, but the goldfish had switched locations.

    Zhou Wen chased the goldfish via air as he slashed out his sword beams, but the goldfish was extremely slippery and crafty. Despite several slashes, Zhou Wen failed to hit it. Instead, it continued swimming upstream.

    Li Weiyang and company chased after Zhou Wen from the bank as they moved upstream. However, Zhou Wen was flying much faster than them. Soon, he had left them far behind them, preventing them from seeing him again. Realizing that they couldn't catch up, they stopped.

    "We are all students of Sunset College and Zhou Wen is only a first-year student. How is he so strong?" A girl sighed.

    "That's right. He's really too strong. He's even stronger than President Wei Ge. Killing a thirty-meter-long Magma Worm with one strike is godly," another girl said from the bottom of her heart.

    Zheng Tianlun said coldly, "I don't think it's anything special. Although he's indeed very strong, he's still far inferior to President Wei. President Wei relied on his own efforts to obtain his present results. Zhou Wen just has a good family background and has many powerful Companion Beasts."

    "Family? What family background? I heard Zhou Wen came from a small city. What family background does he have?" Most students weren't very aware of Zhou Wen's situation, so the girls looked at Zheng Tianlun curiously.

    Zheng Tianlun curled his lips and said, "You probably don't know yet, right? Zhou Wen was originally from a single-parent family, and his father remarried not long ago. Do you know who his stepmother is?"

    "Who is it?" The girls were indeed curious.

    "His stepmother is Overseer An's mother, the First Lady of Luoyang City, Ouyang Lan," Zheng Tianlun said.

    "Ah, I never expected that. Doesn't that make him Overseer An's younger brother?" The girl covered her mouth with a look of disbelief.

    "That's why it's easy for Zhou Wen to get whatever resources he wants. I heard that Ouyang Lan dotes on him a lot, far more than An Jing. He gets whatever he needs. Otherwise, where do you think he got so many powerful pets from? What student could have the ability to obtain such powerful Companion Beasts? You saw his sword earlier; he was able to kill such a powerful Magma Worm, which makes it without a doubt that it's an excellent-grade Epic Companion Beast. Do you think a Legendary student could incubate such Companion Beasts? It must be Ouyang Lan who got a certain Epic expert to sacrifice himself and transfer the Companion Beast to Zhou Wen." Zheng Tianlun knew something about Zhou Wen, but he wasn't too familiar with the details. Half of it was hearsay, and the other half were guesses.

    "I never expected it to be like this. It turns out Zhou Wen has such a powerful background. It's no wonder Wang Mingyuan's matter didn't implicate him." The girls wore enlightened expressions.

    "Now you know. It's not that Zhou Wen is strong, but it's his background that's strong." Zheng Tianlun struck while the iron was hot and continued smearing Zhou Wen.

    However, a girl held her cheek and said, "I find Zhou Wen so pitiful. As a stepson, he must have suffered a lot with his father marrying into such a large family clan. I wonder how many hardships and grievances he suffered before he gained the An family's and Ouyang Lan's acknowledgment."

    "That's right. It's no wonder Zhou Wen is so solitary. So it's because of this. We should give him more love and care."

    "President, isn't your younger brother the president of the Xuanwen Club? He has a good relationship with Zhou Wen, right? Why don't you discuss it with your younger brother? Our clubs should hold more joint activities. We can provide Zhou Wen more love and concern or he will be too pitiful," another girl said.

    "That's right, the children of the stepmother's family are all so outstanding. He must have put in an unimaginable effort to be able to achieve his current achievements. This is so touching. President, we must protect him even more. Please allow us to have a joint social event with the Xuanwen Club… No… I mean a joint event…"

    Zheng Tianlun opened his mouth wide and stared at the girls in a daze. He really couldn't understand what kind of logic these girls had.