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Chapter 365 - 365 Joint Activity

Let Me Game in Peace
     "Zhou Wen, what took you so long? The meat is almost done. Come over quickly." Li Xuan waved at Zhou Wen.

    "What the hell are you doing? Didn't you say something serious happened? Is this what you call serious?" Zhou Wen walked to Li Xuan's side and looked at the roasted meat in his hand.

    "Would you have come if I didn't say so? Today is a joint activity between our Xuanwen Club and the Weiyang Club. All these things are provided by the Weiyang Club. Since they sincerely invited us, it wouldn't be nice for us to reject their kind intentions, right?" Li Xuan got up and pointed to the girls beside him. "My sister, Li Weiyang, you know her. She's a tigress, so ignore her."

    "Do you have a death wish?" Li Weiyang glared at him.

    "My sister is a little fierce, but she's pretty enough. Just based on her looks, I've tolerated her for more than ten years. If not, I would have fallen out with her." Li Xuan pointed at the girl beside and said, "This is Zhang Miaomiao. She's the vice president of the Weiyang Club. Just now, she told me that she wants you to give her some pointers in swordplay. Teach her when you have the time."

    "Hello, I'm Zhang Miaomiao. I'm good at finance and management." The girl had quite a swell nature as she stood up and extended her hand.

    "Zhou Wen." Zhou Wen reached out and shook her hand.

    "Our Weiyang Club welcomes you at all times. I have to learn some sword techniques from you, but if you need any help in finance and investments, come look for me. I guarantee that I won't disappoint you," Zhang Miaomiao continued as she held Zhou Wen's hand without letting it go.

    "I don't have much spare money to invest." Zhou Wen pulled his hand back.

    Li Xuan shook his head, thinking, Zhou Wen is really a born virgin. I should let him cultivate my Invincible Connate Divine Art.

    However, Zhang Miaomiao didn't seem to mind at all. She smiled and said, "It's alright. You can look for me whenever you have the money in the future."

    Li Xuan was taken aback as he wondered what was happening. Since when did these women become so good-tempered?

    Following that, he introduced the other Weiyang Club members to Zhou Wen. All of them were female students. Furthermore, they all expressed their goodwill towards him.

    "Sis, what's the situation? Tell me honestly, did your Weiyang Club take the initiative to hold a joint activity with us because you have your sights on Zhou Wen? Are you thinking of poaching him from me?" Li Xuan couldn't help but secretly ask Li Weiyang when he saw the girls surrounding Zhou Wen and asking questions. Even Zhou Wen, who was so insensitive and impervious to the questions, didn't scare them away.

    "It's none of my business. They were the ones who said that Zhou Wen is too pitiful. He must have suffered terribly at his stepmother's house and ended up having such a teacher. Therefore, they want to show Zhou Wen some love and concern and let him know that there's still human warmth present in the world," Li Weiyang said as she shrugged.

    Pitiful? Suffered? Li Xuan found his brain lacking. He looked at Zhou Wen who was surrounded by all the ladies and thought, What do you mean pitiful? What suffering? You have no idea how nice Ouyang Lan is to him. Whatever dimensional crystals he needs can be given to him, but he doesn't want them. Also, Wang Mingyuan, although he really is a great devil, he was really nice to his students. I heard from Zhou Wen that he was able to advance to the Epic stage thanks to Wang Mingyuan's help.

    Of course, Li Xuan didn't tell Li Weiyang that. Another thought ran through his mind and he said, "That's good. Otherwise, with Zhou Wen's character, which woman would be able to take it? He would probably spend his entire life alone. It's just nice now. If someone is willing to take the initiative to accommodate him, who knows, he might hook up with someone?"

    However, Li Xuan clearly underestimated Zhou Wen's lethality. Zhou Wen sat there, barbecuing meat, while several girls sat beside him to chat with him. However, Zhou Wen only responded with a grunt and kept twirling the metal skewer in his hand as he focused on barbecuing the meat over the charcoal fire, as though his interest in barbecued meat was far greater than a conversation with the girls.

    In the beginning, the girls didn't mind. They imagined that the topic might not have interested him, so they changed the topic to matters like games and Companion Beasts.

    They had clearly come prepared. They mentioned some of the recently popular games, but it wasn't as though Zhou Wen really enjoyed gaming. He had never played those games before, nor had he heard of them. All he could do was directly tell them that he had never played those games before, causing the chatty girls to be at a loss. The scene turned awkward as the girls could only chat with each other.

    "Your friend is truly one of a kind. If he can find a girlfriend, I'll take your surname," Li Weiyang said to Li Xuan with a smile when she saw the situation.

    "Stop kidding. We have the same surname, to begin with, so what's the point in taking my surname?" Li Xuan shook his head and said, "There's nothing we can do about it. Zhou Wen's personality is a little introverted. He's also quite insensitive. In a peaceful era, he would definitely be a homebody."

    "I'm a little curious. How did you become friends with him? The two of you have such different personalities," Li Weiyang asked curiously.

    Li Xuan smiled and said, "Actually, making friends has nothing to do with personalities. It's just like finding a girlfriend. As long as one catches the eye at a particular moment, it doesn't matter what flaws they have. One will just feel that they can be friends."

    "So that's how you make friends? It's no wonder you got cheated." Li Weiyang rolled her eyes at him.

    The girls on the other side no longer came up to Zhou Wen to chat. It wasn't because they didn't wish to talk, but because there was no way they could continue the conversation. Zhou Wen was a topic terminator. Any topic that was raised with him would come to an end, as though sucked into a black hole.

    With no one speaking to him again, Zhou Wen was happy to be free. He continued roasting meat with the metal skewers while pondering over his next step into gaining insight into the Ancient Sovereign Sutra.

    The Ancient Sovereign Sutra does have fire-elemental augmentation. Why can't I figure out anything related to the Ancient Sovereign Sutra from fire? Is my knowledge of fire not deep enough? Or is the true power of the Ancient Sovereign Sutra not fire-elemental? Zhou Wen roasted the meat as he pondered.

    In fact, Zhou Wen was a little too anxious. How could it be easy to gain insight into the profundity of a Primordial Energy Art?

    The average person began cultivating Primordial Energy Arts from the moment they started schooling until their college graduation. Then, they would enter society to learn. In their thirties, those with good talent would be able to comprehend the true meaning of their Primordial Energy Arts.

    Children of large families, like Feng Qiuyan, began training their Primordial Energy Arts from a young age. Their families invested massive amounts of manpower and resources in them, and there were also seniors who had cultivated the same Primordial Energy Arts to pass on their insights. Typically, they would only comprehend the true meaning of the Primordial Energy Arts after they were twenty.

    And someone like Feng Qiuyan who could comprehend it so quickly could be said to be a genius among geniuses. However, Feng Qiuyan had trained his saber techniques since he was young. This was the result of all his efforts culminating together.

    Zhou Wen had previously cultivated Ascetic Meditation, but it was replaced by the Lost Immortal Sutra. He hadn't cultivated it for less than a year before he advanced to the Epic stage. It could be said to be a heaven-defying advancement speed.

    As for the Primordial Energy Art like the Ancient Sovereign Sutra and the Godfiend Era, he had never cultivated it before. They were only simulated by the Lost Immortal Sutra. Under normal circumstances, it would take Zhou Wen at least a few years to slowly familiarize himself with them and ponder over them before he could understand their true meaning.

    Figuring out the true meaning of the Godfiend Era in his battle with Feng Qiuyan was already considered lucky. It was part talent and part luck. So, how could it be so easy to figure out the Ancient Sovereign Sutra?