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Chapter 367 - Condensing a Life Soul Again

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 367 Condensing a Life Soul Again

    An Jing had been practicing the Sun Strafe Art recently. Although she had improved greatly, she still failed to grasp the true meaning of the Sun Strafe Art required to advance to the Epic stage.

    With her talent, it shouldn’t have been difficult for her to advance to the Epic stage. However, due to her body’s chronic ailment, she was unable to sense the underlying sublimity of the Sun Strafe Art.

    An Jing wasn’t afraid of hardship. Every time she cultivated the Sun Strafe Art, she could endure the inhuman pain caused by the chronic ailment.

    However, gaining insight into something like this couldn’t be resolved just by suffering. The untalented might not even be able to match a day’s enlightenment of someone even after ten years of training.

    An Jing had talent, perceptivity, and diligence. She could be said to be a rare genius in the world, but her body wasn’t suitable for practicing the Sun Strafe Art. It made her feel as though she was separated by something as she ultimately failed to grasp its true meaning.

    After her second attempt at enlightenment, An Jing curled up in a corner of the room in pain. Every time she cultivated the Sun Strafe Art, she suffered such pain.

    Her phone rang and An Jing struggled to stand up. She walked to the table and picked up the call.

    “My Little Jing, it’s been a while since I’ve met you. Mommy wants to have a meal with you. Are you free tonight?” Ouyang Lan’s voice came through the phone.

    “Tonight…” An Jing had just cultivated the Sun Strafe Art and the pain in her body hadn’t subsided that quickly. Now, she really didn’t want to move a step.

    “Mommy only has you and Tianzuo as my two precious treasures. Tianzuo is busy with military matters and I haven’t seen him for days. You have to stay on campus, leaving me all alone at home every day. I am so lonely…” As Ouyang Lan spoke, she gave off the feeling like she was on the brink of tears. It was sad and tear-inducing hearing her.

    “Got it. I’ll head back tonight,” An Jing said helplessly.

    Ouyang Lan immediately brightened up and said happily, “Then I’ll wait for you at MG Restaurant. By the way, remember to bring Little Wen along and have him eat dinner with me. I haven’t seen him in a long time. I’ll get Ah Sheng to come to the school gates to pick you up.”

    “Can’t you…” Before An Jing could finish her sentence, Ouyang Lan hung up.

    An Jing frowned slightly. Although she had gotten Zhou Wen to take her place in the Holy Land and was over the nomination, she still wasn’t willing to face him. She still had a knot in her heart when she saw him.

    She had always felt that if her body wasn’t problematic, she would be the most suitable candidate.

    She thought about not calling Zhou Wen, but Ouyang Lan had already mentioned it. An Jing hesitated for a moment, washed up, changed her clothes, walked out of her building, and over to Zhou Wen’s building.

    She pressed the doorbell but didn’t see Zhou Wen come out.

    “It’s not that I didn’t get him; he’s not around.” An Jing pressed three times, but no one answered. Thus, she turned to leave.


    At that moment, An Jing suddenly heard something from Zhou Wen’s building. It sounded odd as though something had been smashed.

    Could something have happened? She glanced at Zhou Wen’s building, but she had second thoughts. What has he got to do with me? He can die for all I care.

    She turned around and walked a few steps. When she was about to return to her yard, An Jing turned her head and walked to Zhou Wen’s door again. She pressed the doorbell again as she mumbled to herself, as though trying to convince herself, He lives next door. It’s just a wall separating us. What if he implicates me because of something he does? I have to figure it out.

    But after pressing the doorbell a few times, there was still no response. Instead, there was the sound of something shattering coming from inside the house.

    An Jing looked up and saw that the balcony door on the second floor wasn’t locked. She leaped up and landed on the balcony before pushing the door open and entering.

    “Zhou Wen, what are you doing?” An Jing walked inside as she spoke.

    No one answered her, but there was another loud bang. An Jing heard it clearly this time. The sound came from the training room.

    There’s soundproofing in the training room. Even boxing sandbags wouldn’t leak any sound. What’s he doing? Had something really happened? An Jing thought to herself as she looked around. Suddenly, she saw a spot in the ground that had signs of heat warping. It seemed to have solidified after melting. Immediately feeling something amiss, she was certain that something had happened.

    An Jing naturally didn’t know that the floor was damaged due to Zhou Wen’s summoning of the goldfish. She had imagined that Zhou Wen had been attacked.

    Don’t tell me the League’s Special Inspector Bureau attacked him? She quickly rushed to the training room and pushed the door. It was locked from the inside and didn’t budge.

    An Jing knocked on the door and called out Zhou Wen’s name a few times, but no one answered. She was even more certain that something had happened to him.

    Without any hesitation, she summoned a sword and sliced through the training room’s steel door and rushed in.

    The scene she saw when she entered left her slightly taken aback.

    The scene in the training room wasn’t as she had imagined. There were no men from the bureau, no signs of fighting, nor were there any signs of items shattering.

    The only thing she could see was Zhou Wen floating in midair, his entire body emitting light and heat like a sun.

    Although the light was a little blinding, it didn’t cause any harm. The temperature made her feel hot, but it wasn’t unbearable. Instead, it was comfortable, akin to sunbathing.

    He’s condensing a Life Soul… An Jing stared at Zhou Wen as her pupils constricted.

    Back when she had defeated Zhou Wen with one strike, he was only at the Mortal stage—worthless. In less than a year, Zhou Wen was already condensing a Life Soul to advance to the Epic stage. Such a speed was too fast, so fast that it left An Jing jealous.

    If it weren’t for my chronic ailment, I would have advanced to the Epic stage a long time ago. If not for the fact that I can’t go to the Holy Land, his Sun God bloodline would have belonged to me. An Jing looked at Zhou Wen and thought to herself.

    But soon, An Jing realized that something was amiss with Zhou Wen’s situation.

    Zhou Wen’s strength looked like it was a result of the Sun God bloodline being suitable with the Sun Strafe Art, but upon careful inspection, she realized that it wasn’t the case. It looked a little different.

    What’s happening? Did he not cultivate the Sun Strafe Art? Then what did he cultivate in? How did he obtain the Sun God bloodline? An Jing was puzzled. She stared at Zhou Wen who was condensing his Life Soul and carefully observed him.

    Bang! Bang!

    An Jing heard the sound again, but she realized that the sound came from Zhou Wen’s body—from his chest. The sound seemed to be his heartbeat.