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Chapter 369 - Ancient Sovereign

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 369 Ancient Sovereign

    “An Jing, why are you here?” Zhou Wen felt puzzled when he looked at An Jing. He didn’t know what was happening. While condensing the Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s Life Soul, he had been immersed in it completely, without knowing what was happening around him.

    An Jing’s body felt warm and weak. She had never experienced such a feeling before. She could no longer feel the cold energy in her body.

    An Jing’s pride had never been dealt such a blow before, so she felt extremely embarrassed and furious. She forced herself to stand up with the help of the door frame, trying to make herself look as cold as she usually was. Gritting her teeth, she said, “I’m here to foil your Life Soul condensation; otherwise, why do you think I’d be here?”

    With that said, she ignored Zhou Wen’s reaction and turned to leave.

    Zhou Wen watched An Jing leave in a daze. He didn’t quite believe her, but he couldn’t figure out what she was here for.

    His phone suddenly rang. Zhou Wen picked up his phone and glanced at it. It was An Sheng, so he chose to answer.

    “Young Master Wen, are you ready? I’m waiting outside the school’s main gate.” Having waited for some time without Zhou Wen or An Jing appearing, An Sheng called Zhou Wen.

    “What are you waiting for?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement.

    “Madam invited you and Miss Jing to dinner. Didn’t Miss Jing inform you?” An Sheng asked.

    “Oh, yes. I was informed. Wait for me, I’ll be right there.” Zhou Wen was in a good mood right now. The Ancient Sovereign Sutra had finally condensed a Life Soul which was a great thing for him. Therefore, he didn’t reject Ouyang Lan’s invitation. He could have a good meal to reward himself.

    Zhou Wen first dripped his blood to revive and read the game’s information. Indeed, when he used the Ancient Sovereign Sutra, his Life Soul became a new one.

    Ancient Sovereign (Primordial Body): Ancient life born from blood and fire, the sovereign who fights against the heavens.

    Roughly knowing the Ancient Sovereign’s abilities, Zhou Wen didn’t immediately study it. He quickly took a shower and changed his clothes before heading for the school’s entrance.

    When Zhou Wen arrived at the school’s entrance, he saw An Sheng’s car parked not far away.

    He walked over to the car and saw An Jing sitting in the back with a deadpan expression. He pulled open the front door and sat in the front passenger seat.

    An Sheng sized up Zhou Wen and revealed a look of surprise. “Zhou Wen, you condensed a Life Soul?”

    “How do you know?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement.

    Typically, as long as someone didn’t summon a Life Soul, no one would be able to tell who was at the Epic stage and who was at the Legendary stage. It was rather odd that An Sheng could tell at a glance that he had a Life Soul.

    An Sheng smiled and explained, “Didn’t I tell you before that I’m especially sensitive to things like souls? However, if it’s some time after a person condenses a Life Soul, their Life Soul would be more restrained, so I wouldn’t be able to sense it. The Life Soul aura on you is still very strong, so it shouldn’t have been long since you condensed it, right?”

    “I see. I just succeeded before coming here,” Zhou Wen said.

    “That’s really great news. Madam sure chose a good time to invite you to a meal. She can celebrate for you.” An Sheng paused before continuing, “For you to be able to condense a Life Soul so quickly, it’s obvious that your talent is just like Old Mister Ouyang said. You are extremely outstanding.”

    “To condense a Life Soul after so many years of cultivation is already considered very slow,” Zhou Wen said.

    “Pretentious,” An Jing said from the back without looking at Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen was already used to An Jing’s snide remarks, so he simply ignored her. An Sheng didn’t respond and continued asking, “Tell me what Life Soul you condensed if you don’t mind. I can report this good news to Madam later.”

    “It’s nothing special. Previously, our Xuanwen Club was organizing a joint activity with the Weiyang Club. Li Xuan got me to join in the barbecue. While observing the charcoal fire, something struck me. When I returned and thought it through, I finally understood the true meaning to fire due to my good luck. I broke through my bottleneck and condensed a Life Soul,” Zhou Wen explained simply.

    He definitely couldn’t hide his advancement to the Epic stage, so he might as well just tell them straight away. Furthermore, he could make the Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s Life Soul public while concealing the other Life Souls, especially Slaughterer. Zhou Wen didn’t want anyone to know of the existence of this Life Soul. He had a nagging feeling that it was too bizarre.

    Figuring out a Life Soul from eating barbecue? An Jing didn’t say a word, but the corners of her eyes twitched as she felt a huge blow to her heart.

    “Principal Ouyang was right. You are indeed an extremely focused person. Such a person will succeed easily. No matter what you do, you can gain inspiration from it,” An Sheng said.

    “You are referring to Feng Qiuyan. He’s that kind of person.” However Zhou Wen looked at it, he felt that An Sheng’s words described Feng Qiuyan.

    “Feng Qiuyan from the Feng family? I really don’t know about that. However, I’ll pay attention to him in the future.” An Sheng paused before saying to Zhou Wen, “Young Master Wen, what plans do you have after graduation? With your talent, you will succeed no matter what you do. However, in this era, nothing you do will be stable. Do you want to consider joining the military?”

    “We’ll talk again in the future.” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to continue the topic.

    An Sheng didn’t mention it again. He drove the duo to MG Restaurant. Ouyang Lan was already waiting for them in a private room.

    The present Ouyang Lan looked a lot thinner than when Zhou Wen first visited the An family. However, she still wore a warm smile as she pulled An Jing and Zhou Wen to sit beside her.

    “Ah Sheng, sit down too. We are all family and there are no outsiders,” Ouyang Lan said when she saw An Sheng standing by the side.

    An Sheng didn’t stand on ceremony either. He pulled a chair and sat beside Zhou Wen. He said to Ouyang Lan, “Madam, Young Master Wen condensed his Life Soul today and advanced to the Epic stage.”

    “Is that so? Little Wen, you’re really a genius.” Ouyang Lan was delighted as she pinched Zhou Wen’s cheeks with both hands. She tugged a few times with all her might, causing his face to distort.

    Zhou Wen looked at Ouyang Lan in a daze, momentarily at a loss for a response.

    Ouyang Lan seemed to realize that she had been too excited. She released her hands and said, “Sorry, it’s a habit of mine pinching Little Jing. I couldn’t help it.”

    Zhou Wen was immediately rendered speechless. At the same time, he imagined what An Jing would look like if she was pinched like that.

    However, he found it quite unimaginable. An Jing’s cold expression made it difficult for him to imagine how she would look after being pinched.

    Apart from An Jing, everyone enjoyed the meal. Only An Jing felt extremely conflicted. She didn’t know how she finished the meal because she had no idea how she could face Zhou Wen in the future.