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Chapter 19 Was Erya Lazy?

Lady Su's Revenge
     “Oh, Second Miss, I am really sorry for my old legs and feet. But it is just a little dirty water, and you can eat it if you wash it with the water of the well.” Nanny Zheng stepped back with a cruel smile and continued, “I have to serve the First Madam to get up, so I have no time to wash it for you.”

    As she spoke, the nameless fire in Nanny Zheng’s heart burned again. Because Su Erya did not look up at her from the beginning, nor did she show any expression of resentment and despair.

    It was like... It was like she was a clown performing a one-man show on the stage.

    Damn it!

    “Damn Erya, your eldest brother is far away from the County Town, and no one will save you this time!” Nanny Zheng was so angry that she left with her hips swinging after saying that.

    Su Erya looked up and stared at the back of Nanny Zheng. After a moment, there was a gentle smile on her face, the blood behind her flowed down the wooden stool and dripped into the dust.

    After two hours, it was time for the East Courtyard class.

    Qi Xianqing came a little earlier and there was no one in the class. He sat at his desk for a moment and a smile crawled up his face.

    Erya made fast progress in Xuangong, and would reach the second level in a few days. Then he could teach her the secret of swordsmanship. With her Inner Game and skill, when she practiced the tactics of attack, she would be a young martial-arts master in the martial arts world.

    “I’ll take her to see my old friends next year. Those old guys who haven’t found a person to inherit their capabilities would become envious enough to spit blood!”


    Qi Xianqing thought and couldn’t help laughing out loud. Upon hearing footsteps outside, he immediately regained his serious composure.

    Su Qinghao bounced into the classroom. He looked at Qi Xianqing with his head tilted, and immediately put himself in a good position, then said, “Good morning, Mr. Qi!”

    He looked around and saw that there was no one in the classroom. He suddenly said, “Gee, is second sister actually slower than me today?”

    Was Erya going to break through to the second level today?

    Qi Xianqing gloated in his heart and had a deeper smile on his face, then he said, “Maybe she was late for something. Qinghao, come and sit down. Don’t be lazy in the morning class.”

    Su Qinghao was surprised since Mr. Qi had never been so amiable, but he didn’t think much about it. He went over and sat in his seat, took out his books and began to read.

    After a while, Su Zipei also arrived in time. Seeing that the teacher was somewhat absent-minded, she did not bother him but picked up the books and read them like Su Qinghao.

    After an hour—

    Qi Xianqing, expressionless, still did not announce the end of the morning class. He was very anxious. Did Erya encounter difficulties in breaking through?

    She shouldn’t, because there was no bottleneck in the first three levels of the Inner Game Practice Methods of Xuangong. Was she too lazy to come today?


    During the two months that he knew her, though he did not fully understand Erya, he knew that she was not a lazy girl.

    It’s too weird...

    Qi Xianqing frowned. Su Qinghao read tso much that his mouth was dry. He couldn’t help reminding him, “Mr. Qi, the morning class was over a quarter of an hour ago.”

    He said, then looked at Su Zipei and whispered, “Second sister isn’t here while third sister is. Third sister, do you know why second sister isn’t here today?”

    Su Zipei wanted to dodge Qinghao’s question, but she saw that Mr. Qi also looked at her seriously, so her heart was beating so wildly. She said with a guilty voice, “I have no idea.”

    “If one of my students is not here today, I will not start teaching.”

    Qi Xianqing got up impatiently, “Su Qinghao, follow me, and let’s go to your second sister’s courtyard to have a look.”

    Su Qinghao also worried about his second sister, so he immediately got up and said, “Yes, Mr. Qi!”

    Su Zipei knew that her mother hadn’t handled the matter properly. She called Qi Xianqing in a hurry and said, “Mr. Qi, I heard that my second sister has recovered from her illness and is no longer recuperating in the East Courtyard.”

    Qi Xianqing did not know the structure of the Su House, so he nodded his head and asked, “So do you know where she lives now?”

    “I...” Su Zipei looked awkward, “I don’t...”


    Su Zipei was about to make up a reason to waste time when Su Qinghao suddenly pulled the sleeves of Qi Xianqing and shouted, “Mr. Qi! You must save my second sister! My eldest brother said that if my second sister were not in the East Courtyard, I should ask you for help! He said that many times, Mr. Qi, you must save my second sister!”

    Qi Xianqing and Su Zipei changed their expressions at the same time.

    “Damn it! Su Qingtan knows how to strategize!!” Su Zipei cursed Su Qingtan in her heart, and looked anxiously at the courtyard door.

    “I taught with a good mood for the past two months and forgot the situation of Erya in the Su Family!”

    Qi Xianqing was so regret that he wanted to give himself two slaps. He took Su Qinghao’s hands and murmured, “Take me to talk to your father! I’d like to talk to him personally!”

    Su Qinghao turned his head to run, but Su Zipei grabbed his sleeves and he almost fell over. He looked back and said angrily, “What are you doing, third sister?”

    Su Zipei was so anxious that she didn’t know how to explain it. Just then, she heard a voice that made her finally feel at ease, “Doctor Qi, don’t be so impatient. Why are you so nervous?”

    At the end of the bluestone road, the First Madam came with a smile and was followed by a group of maids.