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Chapter 22 Killed Her Like Killed a Chicken

Lady Su's Revenge
     “This is all for the reputation of our Su Family, so I can only let you have grievance for a period of time. In addition, how about you send Nanny Zheng to the government?”

    Seeing that Su Huanli showed his good attitude, Zhu Yan was relieved secretly. But her expression was still indifferent.

    Because of the jade, she often took money from her family, which made her parents unhappy. If Su Huanli also snubbed her, her life would be worse.

    When Nanny Zheng heard that she would be dealt with by the First Madam, she was happy about that. But when she thought of her previous behaviors, she shed cold sweat and immediately thought about how to get out of this situation.

    “Sister, I am going back to my yard first,” Zhu Yan said to the Second Madam, but when she turned around, her face became serious. Nanny Zheng huddled around her like a turtle. After the group of people left, only Li Yuelian and her maids were left in the yard.

    “This is a war,” Li Yuelian sighed and soliloquized, “but after the war, who is the winner? The Lord can not satisfy everyone. Zhu Yan will be subjected to gossip about her evil deeds. People will be afraid of Doctor Qi because he intervened in Su family’s affairs. No!”

    Li Yuelian’s placid expression suddenly became serious. She forgot that there was another person who was the real winner. But she was so small that Li Yuelian ignored her before.

    Yet, from the beginning to the end, Erya did not seem to take the initiative. If it was a trap made by the little girl, it was well-placed. Or it might be a coincidence.

    Li Yuelian shook her head and laughed. Then she turned around and left.

    Nanny Zheng followed the First Madam and entered the wing with fear. After the First Madam asked other nannies to leave, she was even more afraid. The First Madam was usually nice to them. But what she did today was a real betrayal.

    “Nanny Zheng, how many years have you been with me?”

    Under Zhu Yan’s placid tone, there seemed to be some anger that was rumbling. After what she said, the air fell silent.


    Nanny Zheng kneeled down without saying anything. Her fat flesh shook the slate. “First Madam, it’s my fault! I was stupid. It was an accident. Given my service for so many years, spare me!”

    Zhu Yan said nothing. Nanny Zheng was more anxious, so she crawled and hugged the First Madam’s leg, then kept begging. She knew the background of Zhu Family, and she knew that there was no way for her to go except for pleading.


    Zhu Yan slapped her, quickly and fast! Half of Nanny Zheng’s face visibly started to swell.

    “I have told you that you can only use the rattan whip in the morning and evening. Why were you still whipping her between 7a.m. to 11a.m.?”

    Though Nanny Zheng was slapped, she was relieved. She touched her face and said, “I have always followed your instructions, but today Erya was recalcitrant. She threw the maize bread down and it was crushed and soaked in the muddy water before. So I...”

    “How could this happen?” Zhu Yan was a little astonished. The girl had never been rebellious. Did she become smart these months under the training of Su Qingtan?


    “Stupid girl, you just let them beat you. Why didn’t you resist?”

    In the Baicao Tang, Qi Xianqing applied medicine as he blamed Su Erya. “The Xuangong that I taught you is very powerful. Don’t be afraid of the old nanny.”

    “I know that.”

    Su Erya suddenly raised her head, and her black eyes were pure and flawless, flashing with grievances and dismay. “But she was sent by mother. What’s wrong with me? Why doesn’t she like me...”

    “That vicious woman treated you so horribly. And you still call her your mother!”

    Qi Xianqing was so mad that he even could not breath, but he did not know how to comfort her. He could only carefully wipe her tears. He couldn’t leave to rest until he comforted Su Erya to sleep just like he comforted his granddaughter.


    “What happened today is over.”

    After hearing what the First Madam said, Nanny Zheng was relieved. First Madam continued, “I will go back to Zhu Family tomorrow, but I need you to make amends for your mistake.”

    “As you wish. I will try my best to do it!”

    With the opportunity to be trusted again, Nanny Zheng’s eyes ignited with hope.

    “You just need to put this into the mouth of Erya tonight. Then my order will be completed.”

    Zhu Yan took out a jade bottle and placed it in the hands of Nanny Zheng. Nanny Zheng was slightly shocked. The First Madam actually asked her go to kill the girl.

    “You can rest assured because this drug is colorless and tasteless, Doctor Qi won’t find any evidence of it. It cost a lot money for me to get it. In the town, everyone knows the layout of the Baicao Tang, so I don’t need to say more.”

    Zhu Yan revealed a smile and gently said in Nanny Zheng’s ear, “You can rest assured. When this matter is finished, you will be the most trusted one. And you will have infinite fortune in the future.”

    When Nanny Zheng heard these words, she was excited. She remembered the construction of the Baicao Tang was easy and unguarded. After hesitating for a moment, she finally nodded.

    Sitting in the carriage that the First Madam prepared specially for her, Nanny Zheng’s heart was beating fast. She was dreaming about the good life in the future and forcing herself to recall every corner of the Baicao Tang.

    “There is only one room in the Baicao Tang. Su Erya must be staying in that room. As long as I climb over the east wall, I can access it easily.”

    She was too nervous to feel time flying by. The carriage stopped in front of the Baiwei Restaurant. It was already midnight, and nobody was in the streets.

    Nanny Zheng got off the carriage and looked around the empty street. She gulped. It was so loud that she jumped.

    She calmed herself down and got her sense of direction. Under the cover of the night, she ran to Baicao Tang. She arrived at the east wall in a few minutes.

    “There are a lot of points that I can step on this wall, and it’s not hard to climb over it.”

    After Nanny Zheng observed the wall for some time, she took the courage to climb. Doing was always harder than it looks. It took her a short period of time to see the bare top of the wall.

    “I am almost there...” Nanny Zheng was happy about that, and then she put one of her hands on top of the wall with all her strength.


    A white and delicate hand reached out from the darkness, and grasped Nanny Zheng’s throat as fast as the lightning!

    “Uh uh uh!”

    Nanny Zheng was frightened and struggled against the hand. But the hand, which seemed weak and slender, grasped her throat tightly and didn’t loosen.

    The dark clouds dissipated, and the moon shined as bright as mercury.

    A girl dressed in a thin lining sat at the top of the wall and smiled under the moonlight. In her hand, she held a fat woman whose figure was out of proportion.

    Under the moonlight, Nanny Zheng finally saw the person in front of her. But the girl’s face almost scared her to death.

    “Su Erya!!”

    Su Erya smiled softly and said to herself, “It was smart to poison Qi Xianqing.”

    “Poisoning Qi Xianqing?”

    “How did you know that I would come?”

    “Is she really Su Erya?”

    Nanny Zheng was frightened beyond belief. She tried to open her mouth, but the hand on her throat tightened. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

    Su Erya looked cold. After she observed the street, she carried Nanny Zheng with one hand like carried a broken sack. She swaggered out of Dasu Town.

    The darkness of midnight had spread everywhere.

    Nanny Zheng had almost fainted from suffocation. She suddenly felt the grip loosen around her throat and fell on the ground. She immediately took a deep breath but coughed because of the cold air.

    After recovering some strength, she turned and tried to flee, but she was pushed and hit a tree.

    “Nanny Zheng, thinking about running away is not right. Long time ago... when you pushed me and hit me, I never escaped.”

    Su Erya flashed a smile like a night spirit, but in the eyes of Nanny Zheng, she was a real devil.

    “Don’t! Don’t! Su Erya, oh no, Second Miss, I just took orders from the First Madam. It was not my intention to bully you!”

    Nanny Zheng finally recognized her reality and begged for mercy. Su Erya gently reached out and Nanny Zheng was so scared that she closed her eyes and waited for a long time. But she opened her eyes when she realized that Su Erya was not going hit her.

    “Show me what my mother gave you.”

    Nanny Zheng was a little scared. She tried to stop Su Erya, but Su Erya’s hand was so fast that the jade bottle appeared in her hand as if it was a phantom.

    “Who are you? Su Erya is a bitch. Everyone can beat her. How could she be qualified for martial arts? Oh, I know! You are not Su Erya!” Nanny Zheng was going mad.


    Su Erya slapped her and she flew far away. She was laying in rotten leaves.

    Su Erya slowly opened and sniffed the jade bottle, then she laughed louder.

    “Rotting-heart pill. If someone takes it, his heart will stop beating and he will die in one day.” She squatted down and put the jade bottle close to Nanny Zheng’s mouth. Nanny Zheng immediately tried her best to close her mouth and begged from the seams of her teeth.

    “Don’t kill me. It’s the order of the First Madam. My life is worth nothing. Don’t kill me!”

    Su Erya slowly pulled away the jade bottle and stuffed it in her clothes. Nanny Zheng relieved and fell to the ground.

    “I certainly don’t want to kill you with the rotting-heart pill. It’s very valuable in the black market.”

    As Su Erya spoke, Nanny Zheng suddenly widened her eyes. It seemed that she wanted to say something, but in the end, she did not say anything, and died.

    Su Erya gently withdrew her hand which was lodged in Nanny Zheng’s heart. She wiped all the blood on Nanny Zheng’s body. She was as calm as if she had just killed a chicken. She said to herself with pitiful tone, “If I had weapons, I would not dirty my hands.”

    After burying Nanny Zheng on the spot, Su Erya returned to Baicao Tang. The sky was light. She sang short songs like a butterfly flying among medicine cabinets. After a short time, she made the antidote for Qi Xianqing. And then applied medicine on the wounds of her back. After that, she went to the guest room to sleep. All these activities only took her less than two hours.

    After an hour, Qi Xianqing got up and stretched. He sighed, “Erya was here with me, so I slept even better!”

    After washing up, Qi Xianqing opened the door of the guest room and saw that Su Erya was still asleep. He could not help but reveal a warm smile. Then he turned to make some medicine.

    Two days later, Su Erya’s wounds got better. When she could move around, she immediately asked to return to the Su House. He couldn’t repeatedly refuse the requests of his successor, so he finally sent her back.

    Nanny Li returned to Su House yesterday and waited for Su Erya at Jinyuan Court. Jinyuan Court was cleaned up by Nanny Li within a day. Qi Xianqing wandered around and was satisfied with that.

    “You must remember that you are hurt now. Don’t practice Xuangong for a few days. Don’t fight with others in order to avoid infecting the wounds.”

    Qi Xianqing laughed as he spoke. It was impossible for Erya to fight with others.

    Su Erya sprawled on the edge of the delicate wood bed and nodded obediently.

    After Qi Xianqing left, Nanny Li came over and said, “Second Miss, the layout of the Jinyuan Court is really exquisite, including the beds, the wooden furniture and the tea set. I have never expected that there is such a place in the Su Family.”

    Su Erya squinted her eyes and said with a smile unconsciously, “From what you said, it seems that you have not seen a more upscale house.”