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Chapter 26 Poisonous Sound Insec

Lady Su's Revenge
     Nanny Li suddenly remembered that the Lord told Su Erya not to make Zongzi any longer. Nanny Li grew scared and stopped talking.

    Su Erya looked relaxed and said with a playful tone, “If I can exchange a plain dish for a brighter future of the eldest brother, it doesn’t matter!”

    Nanny Li now understood the exchange and shivered.

    The Second Miss was much smarter than she thought. Had Second Miss planned this?

    What happened a few months ago flashed through her mind. She had been around Su Erya, so she knew exactly what. But she didn’t find any traces of deliberation. This all seemed to be a coincidence.

    Nanny Li didn’t dare to think about it anymore. She was scared. Subconsciously, she would rather believe that the Second Miss was a kind and lovely person who didn’t scheme.

    “Nanny Li, why are you sweating? Is it hot here?” Su Erya asked.

    Nanny Li was awakened suddenly. Smiling, she wiped the sweat from her forehead and said, “I ate too much and it is hot.”

    “We can pack it up and eat later. We can’t waste them.”

    When Nanny Li saw Su Erya’s warm smile, she smiled as usual as her panic eased.

    “It’s up to you.”

    The meal cost thirty taels of silver. As Nanny Li paid, she was hesitant. When Nanny Li cooked for Second Miss, thirty taels of silver could support them for three months.

    “Nanny Li, the bazaar is over. You can ask the driver to bring the carriage here. I will look around,” Su Erya said, pointing to a small shop across from the Baiwei Restaurant.

    “Miss, you stay in the shop. Don’t run around. I will come soon.” Nanny Li said looking worried.

    “Don’t worry. Just a few steps. No one dares to commit murders in daylight,” Su Erya blinked and said. Nanny Li laughed and forgot her terrible thoughts. Second Miss was so innocent. Why did she always think the worst of her?

    After Nanny Li left, Su Erya stopped her smile and walked to the small shop opposite to the Baiwei Restaurant. To be exact, she walked to a brother and sister dressed in strange clothes.

    As soon as she approached, the brother immediately raised his hand and showed a kind smile, “Miss, you are so beautiful. My sister and I are unfortunate and wandered here. I hope that you can buy some food and clothes for my sister.”

    Behind the man, a little girl cravenly looked at Su Erya with her big eyes like water. She was about ten years old.

    Su Erya seemed moved and said softly, “We’re the same age. I can’t believe your life is so hard. Your sister is only ten years old. How can she live a wandering life with you? Well, I will spend five hundred taels of silver buying everything on your stall. Do some business with the money for a good life.”

    Fang Yuan was suddenly shocked. He stared at the beautiful face without makeup. How was there such a pure and kind person in the world?

    From the Nanjiang Country to the Dahan Country, the brother and sister encountered lots of difficulties and dangers. But they never met as kind a person as Su Erya.

    “Brother, you stare so blankly! Is she that beautiful?”

    Fang Ling pushed her brother angrily. Fang Yuan was suddenly awakened. But he found his stall was empty. Su Erya had taken away all the things and replaced them with a bag full of silver.

    Fang Ling took a sniff and said worriedly, “Brother, I feel bad to lie like this. The elder sister gave us all her money. Won’t she be scolded by her family?”

    Fang Yuan said coldly, “Girls from a rich family will not care about five hundred taels of silver. That amount of silver is only a hair off a bull’s back to them.”

    At this moment, a carriage slowly passed by, followed by an old nanny.

    “Miss, you are confused. You gave all your regular money for next month to them. How can you give it away for these useless things? What will we eat next month...”

    The voice gradually faded away, and Fang Ling listened to the nanny’s words dully and whispered, “Not all the words from you are trustworthy.”

    “Humph! The woman wanted to do it. It’s none of our business.”

    Fang Yuan’s face was cold and his hands clenched tightly. His cold heart seemed to be shaking.

    Back at the Su House, Nanny Li didn’t have the energy to complain to Su Erya. She got off to deal with the dishes.

    In the bright study, Su Erya opened the dirty package and gently took out a black shell. She put the shell on the table and threw everything else into the wastepaper basket.

    Su Erya stared at the black glossy shell. Her eyes lit up.

    She had done everything for the shell. In order to get it, she would have done anything, even murder!

    People in Nanjiang are good at raising poisonous insects. Though the brother and sister came from Nanjiang, they couldn’t recognize the shell as a poisonous insect pretending to be dead.

    “This poisonous insect is called ‘Yinxiangshi’,” Su Erya secretly thought, “and I never expected that the famous poisonous insect owned by the immortal with hundreds of faces in a previous life belongs to me in this life.”

    Legend has it that it was difficult to train the poisonous insect and there was only one on the earth. It could imitate any voice heard by it, not to mention imitating sound of animals.

    “Knock! Knock! Knock....”

    Su Erya tapped the surface of shell in rhythm, for a few minutes.

    Suddenly —


    A crack occurred in the black shell. Then the shell was gently opened, revealing a poisonous insect emitting dim light as it cooed.

    It was obvious that the insect was very weak and needed to be fed.

    Su Erya smiled slightly and softly sang a ballad with a unique tone.

    The crumpled body of the poisonous insect immediately became fuller and emitted white luster.

    “Yinxiangshi” was a poisonous sound insect. It fed on sound. It only ate the sound that it liked. What Su Erya hummed was the ballad created by immortals with hundreds of faces.

    Su Erya’s daily life became richer because of the pet. Besides literacy and practice, she had to hum the ballad every day. Although Nanny Li wondered the reason why Second Miss suddenly enjoyed singing, she did not ask.

    As the busy days went by, Su Erya finally practiced Ghost Valley Meditation Direction in the third level. The improvement from second level to third level seemed difficult. Su Erya felt her body completely change with three times the amount of internal energy added. Her foundation was more solid than before.

    “It turns out that the top five levels of inner strength are used to lay a foundation. In my previous life, I didn’t have the foundation, so it was easy for me to go mad.” Su Erya muttered. She asked Nanny Li for boiled water to take a bath and to remove the grease on her back.

    She came out behind the screen and Nanny Li, carrying clothes outside, was suddenly shocked.

    “Miss, you... you are... more beautiful than before!”

    Nanny Li took deep breaths and almost drooled. Miss seemed to grow taller overnight, and her facial features were more perfect. The moisture of her face seemed to seep.

    “It’s said that a girl changes eighteen times before reaching womanhood. Second Miss has really become a different person!”

    The only drawback was that the whipping scars still covered her body crawling like a spider web.

    While Nanny Li was putting on clothes for Su Erya. She couldn’t help but mourn and cry. What a perfect young lady! But there were so many scars on her body. It was so unfair.

    “Nanny Li, don’t cry. From now on, I won’t be beaten. You should be happy for me.”

    As Su Erya comforted Nanny Li, she frowned. If she had known the third level of Xuangong was so powerful, she definitely would not make it. She hoped Qi Xianqing would not discover it.

    During the period from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., when Su Erya came to school. Qi Xianqing was really scared, and Su Qinghao was even more stunned. Su Qinghao thought his elder sister was more beautiful than a fairy.

    After school, Qi Xianqing asked Su Erya to stay behind alone and hesitated to say for a long time, “Erya, did you break through to the second level?”

    Feeling a little surprised, Su Erya went with the current and said, “I don’t know. I just got some sleep. When I got up this morning, my appearance changed, shocking Nanny Li.”

    Feeling surprised and happy, Qi Xianqing couldn’t help but frown and quietly said, “It shouldn’t be so. Is this a physique advantage?”

    “Shifu, what did you say?” Su Erya blinked and feigned ignorance.

    When Qi Xianqing was startled out of his thoughts by the amazing appearance of his pupil, he became excited.

    “Bad! Your appearance may harm the country and people and create disturbances.” Feeling troubled, Qi Xianqing warned, “I will go out for a few days to find methods to cover part of your appearance. You just study hard at home. Don’t go out.”

    Qi Xianqing thought Su Erya would refuse it. After all, she was an adolescent girl. Every girl at the age expects her beauty to be known. But Su Erya readily agreed.

    Su Erya had been troubled by her changing appearance. Now, she would have a good excuse to change her appearance. Qi Xianqing’s advice helped her a lot.

    After Qi Xianqing left, Su Erya returned to Jin Yuan and didn’t go out as she said. Every time Nanny Li was distracted, she would stare at Su Erya’s face. It seemed that she was infatuated with her.

    “I finally found the plant you were looking for today.”

    Nanny Li happily held a bundle of golden plants like a feather duster. Earlier, Su Erya gave Nanny Li a photo album painted by herself and asked her to pay attention to the plants in the album.

    Su Erya looked at them surprisingly, “It’s sesame. I can make sesame balls with it.”

    “What’s a sesame ball?”

    Su Erya started to process the sesame. She stripped out the sesame seeds and laid them under the sun. Nanny Li realized what was happening and she helped Su Erya.