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Chapter 37 Dish Testing in Public?

Lady Su's Revenge
     The guests who came here for the Beggar’s Chicken looked on with folded arms. They had positive thoughts about Baiwei Restaurant before, but after hearing the quarrel, they instantly changed their minds.

    “I also think it’s expensive according to them...”

    “Yeah, the most expensive dish in Baiwei Building before was the Fragrant Rice. But now the price of the Beggar’s Chicken is ten times more than the Fragrant Rice.”

    “I’m getting cheated by this profiteer. Baiwei Building, give my money back!”

    “Baiwei Building, give my money back!”

    “Give my money back!”

    Under the push of a group of people who had ulterior motives, the crowd grew angrier. It was too noisy to eat for the guests on the second floor. They could only leave with disappointment.

    “Calm down please! Calm down please!”

    The manager of the restaurant was overwhelmed, pushed and shoved by the crowd, and nobody saw who threw their leftovers at him. Soon, he looked like a drowned rat hanged with red and green leftovers on his body.

    “This has been a big mistake! Everything was fine all these days. Why suddenly...”

    The manager crawled out and saw Fang Yuan standing aside in a daze. He immediately thought an idea, “Hey, boy, go and inform the boss quickly. When you came back, I will give you a monthly wage.”

    With a happy light in his eyes, Fang Yuan went to the kitchen to ask about the address of the Su Family. After he got it, he immediately rushed to the Su family. He didn’t even notice that he had revealed his accomplishments in martial arts which he usually hid.

    Su Erya who was concentrating on the martial arts practice in Jinyuan Court instantly opened her eyes, and murmured, “Eh? The breath...”

    In front of the vermillion gate, Fang Yuan gasped for breath and said intermittently, “Mr. Gatekeeper, I am a waiter of Baiwei Building. Something bad has happened there. Master...”

    The expression of the two guards changed dramatically before he finished talking. One of them immediately went inside and reported what he said.

    “I hope that the manager will not break his promise about my wages.”

    Fang Yuan was relieved, and he could not help but grin when he imagined the scene when his sister saw the money in surprise.

    He really didn’t care for the survival or collapse of the Baiwei Building. The white bones on the battlefield in Nanjiang Country piled up higher than Baiwei Building. He knew that he needed to be cautious. If it wasn’t because he had no money to buy food, he wouldn’t have exposed his accomplishment in martial arts.

    “The martial arts are not known in Dahan Country and the location of Dasu Town is remote, so no one should find my breath.”

    When Fang Yuan was thinking about this, he looked up as he heard the footsteps. Su Erya was coming out of the gate with a smile. Her clean smile like the sunshine immediately drew Fang Yuan from calmness into sluggishness.

    Fang Yuan did not expect that the kind Miss who helped him and his sister was actually the daughter of the Su Family. But... is there just one daughter in the Su Family? He had met Su Zipei in the restaurant. Who was the girl in front of him?

    “It’s you……”

    Su Erya seemed to just see Fang Yuan. She walked to him with a comfortable and fresh aroma. Fang Yuan secretly flushed and took a step backward.

    “She is just a voluptuous girl. Many of her kind died on the battlefield. How could I care...”

    Fang Yuan sneered in his mind, but his heart was beating fast.

    That day, he was just an ordinary beggar on the side of the road. Several days passed, and this girl actually remembered him!

    Su Erya saw Fang Yuan was in silence, but she didn’t care. She continued to smile, “How is your sister? You don’t have to give me back the five hundred taels. Why are you wearing this kind of clothes?”

    Fang Yuan remembered that the money was stolen, so he was very embarrassed for that. He was so absent-minded that he disappointed not only his sister but also this kind girl standing in front of him. How could he explain this to her?

    “Erya, why are you here?!” Someone behind her said.

    Su Erya seemed to be shocked. She turned around and saw Su Huanli and the butler walk to her in a hurry.

    When Fang Yuan heard what Su Huali called Su Erya, he couldn’t help but be surprise, “The girl is beautiful, but her name was used so casually. I guess she is not a daughter of the Su Family.”

    Su Erya lowered her head with a much sweeter smile, “Daddy, I just came out for a walk.”

    This word broke Fang Yuan’s inner guess.

    Did Su Family really have another daughter? And who is she?

    “Well, don’t hang too much. Are you a waiter from the Baiwei Building?” Su Huanli beckoned Fang Yuan and got on the carriage, “Just get in, and let’s talk on the way.”

    “Yes, Master!”

    Fang Yuan was flattered. He climbed into the carriage. Before they left, he couldn’t help but look back at Su Erya who was still smiling to them. A mysterious feeling rose in his heart.


    Fang Yuan dispersed these thoughts with a wry smile. Now how could he have the qualification to talk about love? Maybe it was impossible for him in his life...

    Su Erya watched the carriage disappearing at the corner of the official road, then walked away slowly.

    She didn’t expect that the boy she helped on purpose actually practiced martial arts. Things were getting much more interesting.


    Fang Yuan was very fast. But when Su Huanli arrived, Baiwei Building had already been in a mess. All the tables and chairs were smashed, and the money in the cabinet was robbed.

    Su Huanli was so furious that he felt his blood would eject from his mouth! He had done business for so many years and had never seen such a barbaric act!

    Seeing Su Huanli, the restaurant manager, knelt on the floor in rags, shouted, “Boss is here! Boss is here!”

    Dozens of people looked at Su Huanli, which gave him some pressure.


    Su Huanli stood calmly in the middle of the lobby, like a general to some extent. “Is there anything wrong with Baiwei Building? Why are you so angry? A gentleman uses his tongue but not his fists. We’d better sit down and have a talk.”

    Seeing the boss was here, the rascals who specially stirred things up immediately left quietly. Fang Yuan saw them going out, but he did not say anything.

    “Well, boss Su definitely can take responsibility!” A man who looked simple and honest said. He had a wide face, which made him seem tolerant and kindhearted.

    “I only have one question. How come the price of the best dish here never exceeded one taels while the price of the Beggar’s Chicken has increased that by ten times or even fifty times! Aren’t you being too greedy?”

    His words hit the nail on the head, but Su Huanli calmly said:

    “Sir, you are wrong. How can the previous best dish of Baiwei Building compare with the Beggar’s Chicken? As for the ingredients, the ingredients of the Beggar’s Chicken are screened out one by one from wild plants by my daughter. Every ingredient is new. There are even strict standards for the selection of chicken. At the beginning, I sent my whole family to look for it for half a month. And we only found one. Then we regarded this chicken as a standard to develop a chicken farm for the restaurant. The Beggar’s Chicken can only exist in my restaurant!”

    Hearing this, the man felt the situation was going wrong.

    “Su Family spent so much money and energy to make this unique delicacy for everyone. But now you call us liars. That hurts.”

    Su Huanli made a look of distress, and most of people immediately sympathized with him.

    “No wonder. There are so many inside stories that we didn’t know before. We misunderstood the Su Family...”

    “We also smashed the restaurant. That’s not right!”


    The man suddenly changed his expression and sneered, “Boss Su is really a businessman. You can convince others with a few words, but not me! How old is your daughter? How can she screen ingredients and cook the delicious food? In my opinion, you must have stolen the recipe from somewhere. Have you fooled us that a cooking genius is in your restaurant?”

    “Nonsense!” Su Huanli said with full of confidence, “These delicacies were all researched by my daughter personally. If they are false, I am willing to be struck by lightning and thunder!”

    Seeing Su Huanli being so bold and assured, the man suddenly had no ideas.

    At this time, a voice came from the crowd.

    “Haha, you just talk about it but not do it. Since you are so sure, then let Su Zipei personally make a Beggar’s Chicken and we may be convinced.”

    Hearing what he said, everyone echoed, “Yes, Su Zipei may personally make a Beggar’s Chicken before us. We will ask Mr. Zhou and other chefs to come to have a taste. If the chefs recognize the dish, Baiwei Building is worthy of its name!”

    “It’s a good idea, boss Su, make a promise, quickly!”

    “Promise him!!”

    Su Huanli’s look changed dramatically. The recipe was indeed invented by his daughter. However, it was Su Erya, not Su Zipei!

    The man who looked simple and honest had prepared for this situation.

    “It’s inappropriate for Miss Su to cook in public. But the most important thing at present is to give us an explanation. What do you think, boss Su?”

    When the man who looked simple and honest said that, Su Huanli had to promise him. Otherwise the reputation of Baiwei Building would inevitably fall.

    He could only answer him with a cold hum, “Today, I have to reorganize the restaurant, and tomorrow, during 11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m., I will invite you to come and be witnesses!”

    “OK! Boss Su is really straightforward!”

    The man who looked simple and honest left the restaurant with laughter. The rest of the crowd also left by twos and threes. The matter about the restaurant quickly spread in Dasu Town.

    After everyone left, the restaurant manager ordered servants to pick up the restaurant and then he was ready to leave. Fang Yuan frowned and hesitated for a moment. Finally, he ran and pulled the restaurant manager, “Manager, the wage...”

    “You still want the wage?”

    The restaurant manager slammed his sleeves and said with sadness, “The restaurant is almost gone! You still want to get the wage. If you don’t want to keep this job, get out!”

    Fang Yuan was so angry that his face turned red. The fists which buried in his sleeve could not wait to punch the head of the person in front of him, but in the end, he did nothing and said nothing.

    “Hey! Boy, be smart.” Seeing Fang Yuan had nothing to say, the restaurant manager spoke and patted the sleeves that were pulled by Fang Yuang. Then he left after Su Huali.

    “Boss, are you really going to let Miss Su cook the Beggar’s Chicken in public?” The restaurant manager followed Su Huanli and asked. But the latter was so upset that he flashed him a scowl.

    “You came to me for a solution. I asked you to run the restaurant, and that’s how you operate it? How did the riot happen? Tell me clearly or get out!”

    The restaurant manager was stunned by the scolding and didn’t know what to say for a while. At this time, He Shi walked in and said, “Boss, you cannot blame the restaurant manager for this matter today. I saw many acquaintances of other restaurants, as well as some rascals who always stir things up.”