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Chapter 45 Birthday Banquet of Yang Family

Lady Su's Revenge
     Su Li was slightly shocked, though she had noticed it before. However, she pretended to be puzzled, “Master, was it fake Xuangong that I practiced before?”

    Qi Xianqing suddenly laughed, and he smiled and explained, “Our faction is called the Ghost Valley and always has a few members. But each of them is an excellent genius. The Ghost Valley Meditation Direction is the miraculous martial arts which can only be practiced by the master of the Ghost Valley. Since it is the miraculous martial arts, it has a lot of miracles.”

    “But so far, there hasn’t been any miraculous feeling in the practice. Why?”

    Su Li went on asking Qi Xianqing, but he did not answer. He raised his hand and nodded slightly. There was a little bit of a starburst in the air.

    “Star Force?!” Su Li trembled and remembered the legend she heard in the previous life.

    “This power is called the Star Force.”

    Qi Xianqing looked tired. It was extremely difficult for him to show a starburst with his inborn body.

    “Star Force is the power exclusive to those who have achieved a higher realm than congenital realm. But the Ghost Valley Meditation Direction can make you achieve a big realm ahead of time. This is the true meaning of the Meditation Direction.”

    Qi Xianqing sighed, “There are many kinds of Star Force. What I produced is the Jupiter Force developed in accordance with secret methods. It has a magic effect in curing injuries. I can only develop one-and-a-half Star Force. Your talent is better, and you will develop more.”

    Then, Qi Xianqing took out a black skin from his arms, and a burst of bloody smell filled the air.

    “Human skin?” Su Li thought and was stunned. She looked it carefully.

    Qi Xianqing did not disturb her, but he was secretly murmuring. She didn’t see that it was human skin, otherwise she would feel fear and hide far away.


    Qi Xianqing remembered the words of his master when he was a child. When his master took out the skin, he said it was a secret method brought by the founder of their fraction from a sinister zone. If the secret method was written on other materials, it would immediately be ruined. It could only be written in the human skin. To this end, the founder wrote it in his body!

    “My master did not find the second half of the Ghost Valley Meditation Direction. He didn’t expect that I could not make it either. I hope that this little girl will make it...”

    Qi Xianqing smiled sadly and left the back room.

    It was like a moment and a century.

    Su Li woke up from the confusion and didn’t remember what she had seen. When she looked down again, she found that there were no words on the human skin.

    “What an amazing secret method!”

    Su Li held her hands, and as if it was an instinct, a burst of Star Force began to be developed between her hands and finally turned into green Star Force as large as an ant. Without a careful look, nobody could see them.

    Qi Xianqing walked in and saw the scene. He felt regretful and a little relieved and said, “Apprentice, you are the same as me. We developed the Jupiter Force. From now on, doctor patients here with me after the morning class to learn the method of curing diseases and saving patients. I will teach you all what I have learnt in my life.”

    “Yes, master!” Su Li nodded.

    Qi Xianqing felt regretful. Su Li, with her intelligence, could awake the Killing Star Force like his master, she may even achieve the realm above the congenital one. The path of the Jupiter Star Force was too small for her, after all.

    At noon, Qi Xianqing made an herbal cuisine for Su Li in order to nurse her health. After having the cuisine, the fatigue accumulated in decorating the bamboo building a few days ago was dissolved.

    As the best medical center in the Dasu Town, Baicao Tang was full of people almost every day. After Qi Xianqing asked Su Li to sit near the herb cabinet and get to know all the herbs, he hurriedly sat and started his afternoon consultations.

    When Su Li saw four or five men shuttling around the herb cabinet, she was a little puzzled.

    She poisoned and killed people in previous life but now she would cure diseases in this life. Did God want her to atone her sins? It was a little ridiculous...

    After about four hours, Su Li went to the Baiwei Building again before returning to the Su House. She heard some noises from the Main Courtyard as soon as she came back. Feeling curious, she walked to the outside of the Main Courtyard and heard a familiar young man’s voice.

    “Uncle, don’t forget that I am a supervisor. If I didn’t do anything for you, how would you get any profits from Li Shanbao? Think about it. My grandpa’s seventieth birthday banquet is around corner in a few days. It will not be so late for you to tell me the answer then.”


    “Uncle, see you. Ha-ha ha...”

    Amid a loud laughter, the footsteps approached Su Li. Su Li immediately dived into the bushes. In the next moment, Yang Wei came out with a smug look. It seemed that he had vented his anger for being driven out from the Su House a few days ago.


    In the Main Courtyard, there was a sound of cracked teacup. Su Li glanced in that direction but did not see anything. She just turned away.

    After Su Li returned to the Jinyuan Court, she saw that Nanny Li had prepared the dinner. Su Li had dinner slowly and was lost in her meditations from time to time.

    It was inevitable that the Yang Family had received some information, so now they suddenly came to the Su Family. Maybe her theft of raw materials and blackmail of the Su Family had been exposed. The Yang Family now planned to threaten the Su Family to get more profits.

    “Seventieth birthday banquet…?”

    Su Li looked at the full moon outside the window. She was not qualified to go to the Yang Family for the banquet in her previous life.

    The next morning, Su Li got up and found a few boxes of expensive cloths which were piled up in the courtyard. She felt strange. Nanny Li came over and smiled, “Miss, all these were sent by Master Yang yesterday. How to deal with them?”

    Yang Wei?

    Su Li frowned slightly but quickly felt relieved. She said, “These cloths are worth a lot of money. Send them to the counting house in the Main Courtyard. I don’t need such expensive cloths.”

    Nanny Li was stunned and then smiled sadly. Although the Second Miss had become a very important figure in the Su Family, her expensive clothing was not worth half as much as the Third Miss. If she used these luxurious cloths to make several dresses, wasn’t that just?

    Seeing Su Li’s unquestionable look, Nanny Li sighed and ordered the servants to remove the cloths.

    After a busy day, Su Li returned in the night but found that there were more boxes of cloths in the courtyard. Although the cloths were not as expensive as those sent in the morning, they were also commonly used materials for misses in big families.

    In addition to the cloths, there were a lot of jewelries.

    “Nanny Li?”

    Su Li called Nanny Li, and Nanny Li quickly explained, “Miss, the cloths in the morning have been sent to the counting house. These were all sent by the old butler. He said that the Master asked you to make some clothes. After a few days, it will be the birthday of Master Yang’s grandpa. You can’t wear ordinary clothes and disgrace the Su Family.”

    Su Li nodded and asked Nanny Li to send them to tailors to make clothes.

    Currently in the warehouse —

    Su Huanli looked at the precious cloths which were piled up in the warehouse and sighed softly, “The little girl always cares about the family. She is really sensible.”

    Li Yin leaned in and whispered, “In the past few months, the business of the restaurant was booming under the management of the Second Miss and the profit was almost doubled. Master, you should be happy. Why do you sigh?”

    After Su Huanli heard the words, he shook his head, “That son of bitch Yang Wei has gone too far! What can I do? Now we are blackmailed by the thief, so there is no silver at all. But this information was somehow leaked to the Yang Family. It never rains but it pours. Bad luck!”

    Li Yin thought about it for a moment and replied, “The Master Yang Wei is the supervisor of the Dahan Country. If I fought him, I would violate a major taboos. I am helpless.”

    Su Huanli was angry. What he had encountered recently was terrible. If the profit of the Baiwei Building wasn’t excellent, he would be sick in bed.

    A few days flew by quickly. Soon it was the seventieth birthday of the Old Master of Yang Family.

    As the moon rose high in the sky, the entire Yang House was bright and decorated with lanterns. In front of the gate, there was heavy traffic on the street full of beautiful carriages.

    “Miss, the Yang House is here.”

    Nanny Li shouted beside the carriage which was engraved with the Su Family sign and the curtain was opened. Su Li wore a white dress and got off slowly from the carriage.

    Immediately, the talented young men of the surrounding big families couldn’t help but look at her senselessly.

    Even if she covered her pretty appearance using the method of Nothing Unusual, Su Li wearing little make-up was still fascinating. Her five sense organs were nearly perfect and exquisite and her skin was delicate. Coupled with her graceful body, she was the most beautiful miss.

    “Ha-ha ha, cousin, you are finally here.”

    With the hearty laughter, Yang Wei in a golden robe appeared in the door and walked to Su Li. He did not notice the hateful eyes of other childes and said affectionately, “Your aunt has been waiting for you for a long time. Follow me to go to the back hall.”

    Su Li smiled sweetly and said softly, “Cousin, lead the way. I’ve never visited my aunt before.”

    The soft voice suddenly made Yang Wei have a reaction, and his face grew warm. But he pretended to be a modest gentleman and reached out to usher Su Li into the courtyard.

    The banquet hadn’t begun, so most of the seats were empty. Su Li walked along with Yang Wei in the corridor in the backyard of the Yang Family. Yang Wei deliberately slowed down and walked side by side with Su Li. He was getting closer to her.

    Su Li deliberately avoided him. Yang Wei was approaching her desperately. But he could not touch Su Li’s little hand and was angry. The girl was so smooth that he couldn’t take any advantage of her.

    When Yang Wei kept approaching her, Su Li stopped and asked with a smile, “Cousin, which one is the courtyard of my aunt? We have walked around the corridor for three circles.”

    Yang Wei was immediately awkward. But fortunately, he was cocky and immediately said, “Here it is. Come with me.”

    This time, Yang Wei did not dare to circle around the corridor with her. After they walked through a garden, they walked into the room of Su Yuezhu.

    When Su Yuezhu saw Su Li, she was amazed. Zhu Yan was plain-looking. How could she give birth to such a beautiful daughter? It was quite unexpected. She could not help but feel jealous.

    Thinking about this, Su Yuezhu held Su Li’s hands and looked at her with a warm look, “You must be Su Li. You are so beautiful. You are more beautiful than your sister.”

    “You are really overpraising me. I am not pretty as you. After you gave birth to my cousin, you still look like a maiden.”

    Su Li pretended to be polite. She just wanted to kill the time.

    Su Yuezhu originally wanted to inquire about Su Family’s secrets from Su Li. But no matter how she asked, Su Li would always misunderstand her meaning and give an unrelated answer, which annoyed Su Yuezhu a lot.

    In the twinkling of an eye, it was time to start the banquet. Su Yuezhu sent Su Li to go to the banquet with a fake smile and complained secretly, “This girl only spoke about useless things. Does the cooking make her silly?”

    After they went to the front yard, Su Yuezhu had no time to take care of Su Li and moved to Yang Li to meet the guests. Su Li found a seat reserved for the younger generation. She sat down and wiped her hands carefully.

    Although she was humble in her previous life, the scandals of Su Yuezhu and her son were well-known to all. Even the maids talked about them sometimes, so she knew the scandals too. Whether Yang Wei was Yang Li’s real son or not was hard to say.

    After a while, it was 7 p.m. The birthday banquet finally started.

    “The Li Family of the Hong Town send one thousand taels. They wish the Old Master Yang Huai to receive bounty happiness and live as long as the southern mountain!”

    “The Zhu Family send red coral. They wish the Old Master Yang Huai a long life!”

    “Yang Family...”

    With the announcement of the ceremony host, the masters finally arrived. The atmosphere of the whole banquet was warm. Yang Huai, who wore a new garment, appeared. He stood in front of the main table and looked vigorous. He laughed loudly and said,

    “Thank you for coming to my birthday banquet. Thanks to your help, our family’s business goes well. Enjoy yourself!”

    Then guests immediately cheered.


    “You are hale and hearty!”

    “I’d like to propose a toast to you!”


    At the same time, on the younger generation’s table, the childes who were sitting around Su Li also took the opportunity to toast her, which made other misses angry. Previously, wherever they went, there were lots of men fawning them. They had never been treated coldly like today.

    “Hum! I am not done with the coquettish girl of the Su Family!”

    The girl sitting in the next table was so angry that she was pale. If looks could kill people, Su Li would have died a thousands of times. Su Zipei sat next to her and whispered, “Don’t be angry. My Second Sister always looks arrogant and her temper is extremely bad. She is not as gentle as you and can only cook.”

    Hearing what Su Zipei said, Lin Xiang immediately felt better. She nodded gently and said, “You are really sensible. If I had the opportunity, I would expose the true features of Su Li lest Master Yang should be deceived.”

    Su Zipei looked sinister and whispered, “Sister, you don’t have to wait. Now there is an excellent opportunity.”

    “Well?” Lin Xiang was stunned and smiled, “Feel free to tell me your method. I will help you.”