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Chapter 46 A Strange Combination of Circumstances

Lady Su's Revenge
     “I heard that you have a kind of drug. How about... Then my Second Sister’s reputation will be completely ruined and no one can save her!” Su Zipei whispered and Lin Xiang’s expression grew very serious.

    How did Su Zipei know that she had that kind of drug?!

    “Rest assured. I will never say a word to others.” Su Zipei was a little anxious, “As long as you help me, I will obey your orders!”

    Lin Xiang thought for a moment and looked at Zhu Yan who was sitting in the elder’s seat without any sense. She curled her lips and thought, “It’s interesting to see these full sisters try to hurt each other.”

    “Well, I will help you. It will make Su Li become a slut and lose her reputation!”

    After three drinks, the atmosphere became more and more lively. Tonight, no one mentioned any grievances among the families. The host and the guests were all happy.

    After Su Li drank a few cups of wine, many childes, like a crowd of mad bees or butterflies, continued to propose toasts to her. It was annoying. She had to pretend to be drunk. As a result, many childes who claimed to be considerate no longer approached.

    “Everyone knows your name in the Dasu Town. Now I see you. You deserve the reputation you enjoy. It is enviable that you are so beautiful.”

    Lin Xiang walked to Su Li lightly with two cups of tea, “You have drunk a lot. I substitute wine with tea to propose a toast to you.”

    Su Li did not suspect her. She took the teacup and smiled, “Thank you. I have drunk a lot and feel thirsty.”

    She finished the cup of tea.

    Standing in the distance, Su Zipei saw the scene and she was ecstatic, “Su Li, even if you have great ability, you will not escape disaster today. After tonight, you won’t be proud anymore.”

    Lin Xiang was relieved and her expression did not change. She turned away after uttering a few words to Su Li.

    After Lin Xiang went away, Su Li smiled but her forehead was full of sweat. She barely smiled, “I feel sorry that I am uncomfortable and want to go to the guest room to have a rest.”

    She did not wait for the invitation of those childes to accompany her and hurriedly left her seat.

    “Zipei, the drug is taking effect. You must lead people to the room, otherwise you will waste all my efforts. Don’t blame me if that happens.” After Lin Xiang warned Su Zipei, she left right away.

    Su Zipei nodded and flashed her resentful glare to Yang Wei, “Cousin, I have a big gift for you. You should thank me very much...”

    However, Su Li went to the backyard of the Yang Family and entered a room which was empty. She did not go to the guest room.

    After a while, Su Li leaned against the tea table. She felt scared.

    “Fortunately, my response was timely. Lin Xiang put a drug in the tea. I was careless.”

    Su Li’s eyes were cold and she did not know the reason why Lin Xiang, who she had never met before, wanted to harm her.

    After her forehead sweat evaporated, Su Li recovered her composure. She picked up the teacup on the table and looked at it carefully. The half cup of clear tea water was what she had just forced out of her body.

    “If the drug was digested, even I wouldn’t be able to resist it.”

    Su Li was about to pour out the tea. Suddenly, she heard something unusual from outside. She flashed away, leaving the tea, jumped over the high wall, and left the Yang House.

    In the next moment, a woman who looked still attractive opened the door and came in.

    “Where is Wei? Did he go to find Su Li again?”

    Su Yuezhu was so annoyed that she soliloquized. She was thirsty and picked up the teacup on the table. After she drank, she turned away to the guest room.

    After Su Zipei sent Yang Wei into the courtyard of the guest room, she stayed at the door and listened. After she heard a kind of sound which made her ears turn red, she gritted her teeth and turned away to the main hall.

    “Zipei, what on earth is your amazing discovery? You want these old guys to come over with you.”

    On the way to the guest room, Su Zipei led the way. Behind her were a large group of people.

    They were Yang Li, Su Huanli, Zhu Rongkun and others. Even Yang Huai, the Old Master Yang of the Yang Family came over to join in the fun.

    “Alas, uncle. Don’t ask more questions. Follow me and you will know,” Su Zipei said. Everyone grew nervous. It seemed that what was happening in the guest room was not good.

    Zhu Yan had also expected to see Su Li. Su Zipei had already told her about her plans. Yet Zhu Yan did not expect to fall into her daughter’s hand.

    In the twinkling of an eye, they arrived at the guest room.

    When Yang Li heard the voices in the room, his face changed dramatically and he rushed in. When he saw the two people having sex in the room, he felt a shock run through his body and fell to the ground.

    When the following people saw the absurd scene in the room, their eyes widened in disbelief.


    “Was Yang Li cuckolded?”

    Someone asked in the crowd. The Old Master of the Yang Family turned his eyes and spat blood. Then he fell onto the ground!

    “Old Master!”

    The crowd suddenly became chaotic and noisy. Now, the two people suddenly woke up. When Su Yuezhu saw a large group of people around the bed, she screamed and fainted.

    Yang Wei trembled and climbed down from Su Yuezhu’s body. He looked extremely pale. He glanced at his father, who was staring at him and ready to kill him. Feeling weak at the knees, he knelt and cried hard, “Dad, it’s not what you think. She...She seduced me. I didn’t mean to do that!”

    “Scoundrel! I’ll kill you!”

    Yang Li’s eyes were red and he picked up his father’s crutch to beat his son. Others immediately rushed up to separate them. If someone died, it would only make things worse.

    “How could it be the aunt, I...”

    Su Zipei was completely stunned. No matter how she recalled it, she could not understand why the person on the bed was not her sister but her aunt.

    “Mother, I...”

    Su Zipei was ready to speak, but her mother covered her mouth hard. “You were set up by someone. Don’t you see?”

    “It’s Lin Xiang!” Su Zipei was shocked. Her heart was immediately filled with hatred, “Bitch, she cheated me!”

    Su Huanli was angry. That’s because Su Yuezhu was dissolute, which would inevitably damage the reputation of the Su Family. Even the reputation of Su Li may be affected, which would affect the business of the Baiwei Building.

    “Such a big scandal!”

    “The master of the Yang Family was cuckolded. Poor man!”

    “Yang Wei is a supervisor. If this incident get out, he may lose his official position...”


    The guests who left, widely discussed what happened and every word was heard by Su Li who just returned to the Yang House.

    “Is the scandal of Su Yuezhu exposed?”

    Su Li was amazed. When she remembered the unusual noise in the front yard, she couldn’t help but feel weird. Was that cup of tea drunk by Su Yuezhu?

    “Li, why are you standing here?”

    Su Huanli came out of the house and met Su Li. Zhu Yan and Su Zipei followed him.

    Su Li stared at Su Zipei and immediately explained to her father, “I drank a lot and felt dizzy, so I came out to get a breath of air. Well, what happened? I heard from those guests...”

    “Hum, your aunt did something wrong!” Su Huanli looked serious and waved his sleeves, “Go back. Don’t talk to your aunt any more from now on to avoid getting in trouble.”

    Su Li nodded with mixed emotions. After her rebirth, many things deviated from her previous life because of her actions. She vaguely remembered that in her previous life, Su Yuezhu was exposed about two years later.

    The next day, Su Li returned to the Jinyuan Court after the morning class. She saw that Nanny Li was approaching her furtively and whispered in her ear, “Miss, news of the Yang Family’s incident has spread. It turns out that Master Yang gave his mother a drug. Master Yang is really an asshole. How could he do such a thing to his biological mother?!”


    Su Li raised her eyebrows and quickly understood the cause and effect. Li Shanbao never liked Yang Wei. Regardless of the cause, Li Shanbao would inevitably write to the satrap to impeach Yang Wei.

    The officials of the Dahan Country paid a lot of attention when it came to filial piety and integrity. Yang Wei had violated one of the major taboos. His official position will inevitably be lost. Even if he had a connection with someone in the Provincial Office, there was no way to avoid this.

    “But without the help of Yang Wei, the Baiwei Building will be in danger.”

    Su Li frowned. Although she was reborn and knew the big events, she was not the God. What had just happened was, naturally, unexpected.

    Currently in the Magistrate Mansion —

    Li Wei was happy and sat down in a creaking chair, “Uncle, this is really wonderful! Without Yang Wei, we can take charge of the Baiwei Building again!”

    Li Shanbao snorted and said, “The Yang Family is not a concern anymore. None of the Zhu and Su Families are in the imperial court. I am sure that the Baiwei Building will be mine. No one can stop me!”

    “Uncle, the Baiwei Building is not the same as before. Its profit is nearly 3,000 taels a day. If we can get it, we will be rich!” Li Wei was so excited that he breathed heavily, “This is the triple profit of the Baiwei Building before!”

    “The little girl of the Su Family really has some talent.” Li Shanbao shook his head, as if everything was in his control, “I will ask her to continue to manage the restaurant. The sale of the precious Beggar’s Chicken cannot be interrupted, and the amount made each month should be increased so that the business could expand to other towns...”

    From how he spoke, one would think Su Li was the servant of the Li Family.

    Li Shanbao dreamt of the brilliant future and almost drooled.

    At this moment, a guard from outside asked him, “Master, there are two letters sent from the County Town. Maybe the annual preliminary examination notice came out.”

    “Bring them to me!” Li Shanbao waved his hand and laughed.

    Although Su Qingtan was good, his horizon was limited. Such a youngster living in the County Town was a mediocrity. It was impossible for him to pass the preliminary examination. Because Li Shanbao was sure that Su Qingtan could not pass the preliminary examination, he now planned to capture the Baiwei Building with ease.

    As an exception, Yang Wei was lucky. Su Qingtan, however, would not be so lucky.

    With these thoughts in mind, Li Shanbao opened the examination notice. He glanced at the names in the back of the list. As expected, Su Qingtan’s name wasn’t there. He instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Sure enough, that’s what I had expected. How could anyone in the small place like the Dasu Town pass the preliminary examination?”

    Li Shanbao was about to close the examination notice, but Li Wei screamed, “Uncle, look at the front of the examination notice!”

    Li Shanbao was stunned and did so. He murmured, “Su Qingtan is at the top of the list?”

    Li Shanbao was so shocked and his eyes almost fell out. The examination notice fell to the ground.

    The scroll lay unrolled, and the three words in the first row and column were unusually eye-catching.

    “Su Qingtan!”

    After the shock, Li Shanbao calmed down and had a cold sweat. Whoever ranked the first in the preliminary examination could skip the second examination and go to the School of Chinese Classics for a year-long rest. Then he would go to Yunjing to meet the emperor and participate in the highest-standard final imperial examination!

    So long as the results were not too bad, he could at least get a title in the fifth grade. Compared with his low official position, this was much higher!

    “Were all examinees who participated in the preliminary examination mediocrities this year? Was that the reason why Su Qingtan ranked the first?!”