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Chapter 48 Strange Eyes

Lady Su's Revenge
     Although they got the news that Su Li cooked, they didn’t know the specific appearance of Su Li. Therefore, they were puzzled.

    “This... miss.” The teenager patted the folding fan and smiled gently, “Why are you staring at us and is there anything wrong?”

    Su Li blinked her eyes and looked him over from his body to his perfect legs.

    The teenager was shocked, while Ling Mo was full of vigilance in his eyes. He saw that the girl was clearly known to the young master. But…how was this possible? Even in Yunjing, there were few people who had seen the master’s face.

    The air crackled with tension.

    Su Li’s eyes flashed as if there were tears. After a long time, she said in a low and hoarse voice, “You... Do you know me?”

    The teenager felt confused. He couldn’t recall this girl, even after he sifted through his memories from his childhood to the present. But, from her reaction, it was clear that she knew him.

    The teenager frowned a little bit and asked, “Do you know who I am?”

    Su Li tightened her lips. Under the colorful lights, she looked sad with her hands holding tightly. As if she summoned up all her courage, but finally she gave up disappointedly.

    “I don’t know…”

    She had fantasized about seeing him again countless of times.

    In her dreams, they met each other, and he showed his typical smile and let her rest on his knees and called her “sweetheart”.

    When she was awake, they saw each other and he was like an old acquaintance who had known her for a long time, and they fell in love at first sight and continued their romance of her previous life.

    No matter how many the fantasies she’d had, they were still fantasies

    The reality was much colder. His complete strangeness and indifferent eyes staring without joy were like a bloody knife penetrating into her chest and making her a terrible mess.

    Her tears flowed down. The flood of despair like the tide overwhelmed her and made it hard to breath.

    The teenager felt suffocated. A kind of unspeakable pain rose from his heart and spread slowly like poison.

    “Why does she cry? Why am I heartbroken? I’ve never seen her before!”

    The teenager couldn’t help but reach out his hands and try to wipe the tears on Su Li’s face.

    Su Li turned back like she got an electric shock. She stared at the teenager and disappeared into the colorful lights.


    The teenager felt inexplicably impulsive and wanted to chase after her, but he was stopped by Ling Mo.

    “Master, be careful. Maybe it’s a trap!”

    When the teenager came to his senses, he found himself in a bad state of mind. Normally, he was indifferent enough that he wouldn’t impulsively chase a strange girl.

    “Did the girl cast any mysterious tricks on me?”

    The teenager weirdly talked to himself and beckoned Ling Mo to leave together. What happened to him today was really strange. He needed to go back and investigate the girl.

    In the Jinyuan Court.

    Nanny Li saw that Su Li’s red eyes when she came back. She was so shocked that she quickly wiped her hands and ran yo her, asking Su Li, “Miss, what’s the matter? Did someone bully you? I’ll tell the Master!”

    “I am fine, nanny.” Su Li forced a smile, “I just went out for shopping and a grain of sand got into my eyes.”


    Nanny Li obviously didn’t believe her, but she could feel that Su Li was unwilling to talk. She could only comfort her in a quiet voice and boiled a whole barrel of bath water to let Su Li relax herself.

    Half lying in the bathtub, Su Li’s disordered breath gradually restored calmness, and eventually became normal.

    Su Li forgot her manners.

    She didn’t expect to see him so soon, and now he was safe and sound. His whole person exuded the aura of young talent. Not like his situation in the previous life, where he was clearly less than thirty years old, but he was in a state of depression and couldn’t achieve his ambitions.

    In this life, she had wanted to build up enough power to help him succeed. Even if he couldn’t succeed, she could help him succeed in escaping, so he wouldn’t become a handicapped person at the mercy of others like the previous life.

    She also planned to go to the place in Yunjing to find out the mystery of her mother’s death. If it was a man who killed her mother, she would kill him personally!

    She would go to see Su Zipei’s future husband, if she could...she would definitely kill his entire family and avenge the death of her child from the previous life!

    “Three wishes. That’s enough.”

    Su Li slowly closed her eyes. God gave her a new life and let her come here for revenge.

    As for him, just forget...

    Forget him!

    Forget him!

    Su Li took a deep breath and sank into the water. For a long time, there was a repressed sigh in the room.

    At this moment, in the best guest room of the Baiwei Building, the teenager lay in bed tossing and turning. His mind was full of the girl who was crying like a fragile porcelain bottle.

    “What on earth does she know? Did she… did she come with me?”

    The teenager muttered to himself. During the day he had found the identity of the girl. He even asked who Su Li was in this town. He and Ling Mo were ridiculed by others.

    A girl who could cook delicacies of Huaguo Country like him, so was it really you? Xue?

    The teenager closed his eyes, and in his mind, he couldn’t help but see the beautiful eyes from before he had time traveled.

    “Third brother, you really are the sharpest sword in my hand. Rest at ease. Later, the Ling Family will be handled by me, Ling Xue.”

    For more than a decade, the cold words were still like a spell from the hell. From his previous life to his death, he didn’t understand why his sister, who had always liked him best, suddenly killed him.

    Ling Mo sat at the table and looked at the master in bed. His frowned slightly. From his childhood to his adulthood, he rarely saw the young master show such expression. Was it because of the girl they saw during the day?

    There was a veiled homicidal intent in his eyes. If she could make the master this sad, he had to conduct a thorough investigation. He would reveal the true identity of the girl and solve the master’s problems.

    For him, the master was his entire world. Nothing else, even his own life, mattered as much!

    The red leaves of the maple trees fell very fast. In the twinkling of an eye, it was the day of Mid-Autumn Festival.

    Lights made of melons were everywhere in Dasu Town. The sacrificial rites in the Mid-Autumn Festival were one of the few major festivals in the Dahan Country. People would wear their new clothes to celebrate the harvest on this day. They would set sacrifices at home to give thank for the gods’ benefits.

    In the center of the square in front of the Baiwei Building in Dasu Town, a Buddhist pagoda, a few feet high, was standing there for people to worship in order to seek the safety of life after they put firewood in it and lit the firewood. When the firewood was lit, the pagoda would be like a fire tree on all sides.

    Su Li was wearing a newly made light-yellow dress, and the flame reflected half of her white face. She stood in front of the pagoda with her sight drifting away. No one could tell what she was thinking.

    Nanny Li couldn’t help but sigh. Since the miss came back that day, she had become silent. Nanny Li didn’t know what happened, but she was sure it was not a look of missing someone. She had been through the experience of falling in love she was young, and she could see the difference.

    After paying respect to the Buddhist pagoda, Su Li straightened up and saw two teenagers walking in the crowd not far away. She blinked and turned into the Baiwei Building. Nanny Li quickly caught up and said, “Miss, the sacrificial rites are not over. How can you leave?”

    The teenager seemed to feel something. He turned his head and saw a shadow disappearing in an instant.

    “Is she hiding from me?”

    The teenager felt puzzled and he couldn’t understand what was on Su Li’s mind.

    At this moment, Ling Mo came over and whispered, “Master, I know who the traitor is!”

    The teenager immediately came to his sense and his eyes were full of energy. Then he turned away without saying anything

    Ling Mo followed up with a sigh of relief. If the traitor had been dealt with and they returned to Yunjing, after a while, the young master would surely forget the girl, and then he would not be so melancholy.

    “Nanny Li, I am a little tired and I’ll go back to the Jinyuan Court to have a rest. You just stay in Baiwei Building for help.”

    Su Li gave her order, and before Nanny Li could respond, she had put on her cloak and walked into the night.


    Nanny Li called her in a hurry. She was confused. Did the miss see something? Why hadn’t she seen it?

    The sacrificial rites and the lantern festival in Dasu Town took place in the middle of the town. Su Li turned into two lanes, and couldn’t hear Nanny Li.

    Su Li’s eyes restored brightness after she took a long breath. She just wanted to be able to step forward to continue walking. Suddenly, a very slight sound, like something moving through the air, came to her ears.

    Su Li’s pupils shrank sharply and she lifted her vital energy to avoid getting hurt at her crucial point.

    Next moment—


    Three cold knives with flashing light rubbed Su Li’s arm and nailed to the bluestone slab with a crisp sound. A shed of blood burst out.

    Su Li immediately couldn’t feel her right arm, and then half of her body was numb.

    “They are poisonous!”

    Su Li had seen the blue light on the edges of the flying knives. So she put a homemade antidote in her mouth. At this time, she heard another three flying knives come flying at her heart from the back.

    At the time of the crisis, Su Li didn’t panic. She lay down on the side of her paralyzed body and instantly avoided all the flying knives.

    The man in the dark couldn’t help whispering. He could find excuses for the first missed shot, but how to explain the second missed shot. Did the miss of the Su Family practice the martial arts?

    Didn’t the buyer say that it was just a little girl who was very weak?

    When the assassin was anxious and doubtful, Su Li snorted coldly and stamped her feet. The bluestone slab was broken into powder in a moment, while Su Li disappeared as a shadow.

    The assassin stood on the beam of the house and saw this scene. Instantly, he felt cold in his heart. The feeling of shudder was straight to the top of the skull from the bottom of his feet.

    Damned it!

    Was she physically weak?

    The girl was clearly a senior in the martial arts circle! If he hadn’t ambushed her, he wouldn’t have had any chance at Su Li.

    Who the hell gave me this task? I am going to kill him!

    The assassin roared in his heart, and suddenly he felt light on the back of his neck and then he could not move at all. But he hadn’t seen anyone approaching him.

    “How horrible this is!”

    The assassin was full of fear, “It must be a senior who has practiced more than the inborn fourth hurdle. I can’t escape with the acquired first hurdle that I have accomplished! Is the girl really seventeen years old? Impossible! She must be an old monster who renews her youth!”

    The scene he saw was constantly changing. It was getting farther and farther away from the Dasu Town. The assassin felt panic in his heart and wanted to ask for mercy. But he was under Su Li’ control and he couldn’t even say a word.

    Su Li didn’t stop until she reached the deserted forest, and her expression was slightly pale.

    Su Li couldn’t believe that she was almost killed by this person just because she let her guard down for a second. Su Li squinted removed the assassin’s mask. It was a strange face.

    The assassin found that his acupuncture point for muting was unlocked, and immediately asked for help, “Please spare my live, senior! I don’t intentionally offend you. It is really a mistake. Please spare my life. I’m willing to do anything for you as you command.”

    The assassin spoke so smoothly that it seemed that he had said these words many times.

    Su Li chuckled for a while and her tone was as cold as snow that had frozen for thousands of years, “I ask you three questions and if you answer them well, maybe I will consider it and let you go.”

    When the assassin heard that, he was so overjoyed and said, “You may ask any questions, I will tell you all I know.”

    “Who sent you here?”

    Su Li’s first question made the assassin smiled bitterly, “I don’t know. It was all set by the organization. I am a low-level killer of the Blood Refining Hall and I am not qualified to know too much.”

    “Then you have no value.” Su Li said to herself in a casual manner. The assassin was horrified, and before he could go on begging for mercy, Su Li broke his neck.


    There was all calmness in her eyes. After she dealt with the killer’s body, she disappeared in the deep forest with several jumps of the martial arts. A murmur of sigh could be heard.

    “The homicidal habit from my the previous life still affects this life...”