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Chapter 49 The Son of the General

Lady Su's Revenge
     Back in the Jinyuan Court, Su Li treated the wounds on her arms.

    Although the antidote pills detoxified the poison, the wounds were opened because Su Li moved a lot and the blood stained a large part of her sleeves.

    “Fortunately, there is no injury to the bones. Otherwise, it would be troublesome.”

    Su Li bound up her wounds without any expression, as if she could not feel the pain. But the cold sweat on her forehead betrayed her.

    She carefully put on clean clothes and used special medicine to melt the blood on the stained clothes. Then she was completely relaxed.

    She boiled a bucket of hot water and lay in it while avoiding getting her right arm getting wet. Then, she took a sigh of relief.

    After a few moments of silence, she opened her eyes and mumbled to herself, “Blood Refining Hall...”

    She heard the name many times in her previous life. It was one of the top five famous killer organizations in martial arts circle. She heard that its Lord was the top senior above the inborn hurdle.

    However, the most famous killer organization was still the Xuelou Cult with zero-failure rate in assassinating. She heard that its Leader was very young, but his martial arts were as excellent as the Lord of the Blood Refining Hall.

    Su Li only heard the legend of the Xuelou Cult in her previous life because when she succeeded in practicing the Collection of Poison and started to go into Jianghu, the Xuelou Cult has been ruined by an unknown faction. No one survived. The ruin of the Xuelou Cult became one of the biggest mysteries in the martial arts circle.

    An honest killer organization like this faction couldn’t leave any clues to be found by others. So, when she heard the killer came from the Blood Refining Hall, she no longer wasted time to find information.

    Who sent this killer to kill her?

    Holding her lower jaw, Zhu Yan’s figure flashed in her mind. Undoubtedly, it was her adoptive mother that wanted to kill her the most. This was not the first time she dispatched people to kill her.

    The second possibility was the competitors who envied the business of the Baiwei Building. The number of people was too large, and Su Li had no way to know the real murderer.

    There was an ultimate possibility...

    Su Li tightened her lips and remembered a man who had enough reasons to kill her. Because she heard in her previous life that people who saw the true face of the Hierarch of the Yinmo Cult... were all dead.

    At this moment, something was happening in the secret base of the Blood Refining Hall outside the Dasu Town.

    “The soul tablet of the killer No. 21 is out. It was instantly extinguished!”

    “The only task he took was to assassinate Su Li. Su Li had no force at all, but she returned to the Su House safely. I have no idea what happened.”

    “Recently, some spies saw the people of the Yinmo Cult around Dasu Town. We’d better not act rashly.”

    “The Yinmo Cult is so powerful that we have no quality to oppose it. Double the rewards and give them back. We quit this task!”

    Zhu Yan quickly got double value of the silver that she gave. Seeing the ruthless eyes of the contact, Zhu Yan swallowed hard and did not ask questions.

    “Recently, the Dasu Town has been chaotic. The Blood Refining Hall won’t take any more tasks for some time. Mrs. Zhu, goodbye,” said the contact as they disappeared into the night.

    Zhu Yan didn’t move. Looking at the heavy silver in her hand, she was not happy.

    “Damn it! Why it’s so hard to kill this girl?”

    Zhu Yan’s could not let Su Li go to Yunjing with them. Otherwise, Su Li would probably be recognized by her biological parents. If the jade pendant was exposed, she and her daughter would not get any benefit but would die without a burial place!

    “There is still another year. If the Blood Refining Hall can’t kill her, I will save money to employ a killer of the Xuelou Cult!”

    Zhu Yan grasped the silver firmly. The Xuelou Cult was known for their zero-failure rate in task. She wanted to employ the Xuelou Cult this time, but its price was too high… ten times the cost of the price of Blood Refining Hall.

    Back in the residence, Zhu Yan put down the silver and kneaded the area between her eyebrows with melancholy on her face.

    At this time, Su Zipei walked in happily, “Mother, I came up with a solution.”

    She certainly knew that her mother hired a killer to kill Su Li. After experiencing all kinds of humiliation many times, the 14-year-old girl was not afraid but happy. She hoped Su Li would die immediately!

    “Mother, I heard Miss Lin say that there is a very famous cheater in the South Street. This cheater is only sixteen or seventeen years old with white skin and excellent temperament. You can ask him to pretend to be a master from Yunjing and propose a marriage to Su Li. When they fall in love with each other...”

    Zhu Yan instantly became happy before Su Zipei finished her words.

    “Good girl, you are really smarter than me. I’ll dispatch someone to make arrangements immediately!”


    In a poor temple of the South Street, a group of little beggars in rags were preparing foods. These foods were the leftovers of the restaurants or the things fetched from the bucket of the kitchen waste at the back doors of rich families.

    Among these little beggars, a boy with a dirty face was eating a hard bun and pickles, while his clothes were extremely clean. It was difficult for him to swallow the food. Compared with the leftovers, these two things were even worse. But these clean foods were bought by this young man from the town. Eating them wouldn’t cause anyone to get sick or have diarrhea.

    The rest of the little beggars secretly swallowed saliva when they saw the steamed bun in the young man’s hand. But no one robbed his food and they just looked at him with worship.

    “What are you looking at? Do you guys want to starve to death? Eat quickly!”

    Qu Qingning shouted and couldn’t help but sigh. He just fled to the town. Thanks to these beggars who saved his life. Anyway, he would not abandon them. He would help them have enough foods to eat and enough clothes to wear at least. He would teach them to survive on their own.

    “Big brother, don’t worry. Although we deceived a lot of people, those families who are rich will not definitely notice us. I think we can deceive those...”

    The young man smacked the little beggar on his head before he finished his words.

    “Heidan, you are crazy about money! If we lie to the people in the big family, we will be in jail the next day and never come out!” Qu Qingning smiled and scolded. This little guy normally looked smart, but right now, he might be too hungry to think things clearly.

    He thought about going to those big families not to deceive but to steal. With his acquired fifth hurdle cultivation, it was easy for him to steal from one or two families. But his Poisonous Insect had been shivering, which indicated that there must be a hidden senior in the town!

    Yes. He could only give up his martial arts and become a cheater.

    Qu Qingning sighed helplessly. Suddenly his ears twitched slightly and then he looked at the outside of the poor temple. A maid in nice clothes came in and covered her nose, “Are you the South Street cheater? Who is the leader? Our lady wants to see him!”

    Qu Qingning’s eyes immediately shone with hope. He stood up and walked out with the maid.

    After a while, Qu Qingning came back excitedly. He laughed loudly, “Guys, we’re going to be rich! After this task, let’s give up the old business and open a small shop. Then we shall never be hungry!”

    The next morning, Heidan dressed in clean servant clothes drove a carriage with valuable decorations and stopped in front of the Su House.

    When the guards of the Su House wondered who it was, Heidan opened the curtain and Qu Qingning walked down from behind Heidan with a folding fan in his hand. After cleaning himself and wearing nice clothes, his temperament was much better than Yang Wei.

    He had a pair of brooding eyes and a prominent nose. However, the two guards were immediately stunned by his inexplicably cold smile.

    They never saw a childe with such outstanding temperament in Dasu Town!

    “It’s an influential personage. Go and report, hurry up!!”

    Qu Qingning walked in front of the door and looked at the gate of the Su House. The guard stood in front of him and suddenly felt suffocated. He got so much sweat on his back suddenly that he almost fainted.

    This person... Where did he come from?!

    Another guard came out from the inside and said with a smile, “Young master, our Master invites you to come!”

    Heidan looked disdainful. He tossed his head back and said in a low voice, “I don’t expect that this little family will be smart. My master wants to visit your Second Miss. If you don’t take good care of him, be careful of your life!”

    Hearing that, cold sweat dripped from the two guards’ bodies. Where did the two men come from? Why did a small servant have the courage to talk about killing?

    “Why do you trouble these servants? Hei, let’s go in.”

    Qu Qingning swayed his folding fan and walked in with a smile. Heidan snorted and followed him. The two guards sighed with relief.

    In the room of Main Courtyard, the maids made tea and put it on the table. Su Huanli was puzzled and he did not know where they came from. So, he laughed loudly and asked:

    “My worthy nephew, you’ve come from afar. Which family do you come from?”

    Heidan looked cold and scolded before Su Huanli finished his words, “How dare you! My master comes from the royal family. How dare you call him your worthy nephew? Do you want to die?!”

    Su Huanli was stunned that his eyes opened wide and his heart started shaking.

    Royal Family!!

    He doubted it at the first thought in his mind. But Qu Qingning’s extraordinary temperament and smile made him feel honored, so he thought maybe it was true.

    This kind of temperament could only be cultivated by people who were in a high position for a long time. Even if he didn’t come from the royal family, he was not definitely a person from a common family. And... maybe he was a Young Lord!

    “Head of the Su family, it is rather blunt to visit you without an advance notice. However, when I heard in County Town that there was an amazing girl in the Su Family, I decided to have a look. Can you introduce her to me?”

    Heidan took out a token from his arms and presented it to Su Huanli.

    Su Huanli took it carefully and examined it for a long time. However, he only knew that it was precious, but he had no idea where it came from.

    Heidan kept himself from bursting into laughter. It was a high-quality counterfeit that he bought from the black market. If it was not professionally authenticated, no one knew whether it was genuine or not. However, he pretended to be angry and pointed his finger at Su Huanli and ridiculed, “Bumpkin, you can’t even recognize this token? This is the token of the General Wu’s Mansion in Dahan Country! My master is the First Master of the General’s Mansion!”

    After hearing that, Su Huanli was so scared that his hands trembled and he almost broke the token. He immediately gave it back and didn’t collect himself from the shock.


    The eldest son of the General’s Mansion. That was definitely the richest and most powerful family!

    If Su Li could marry him and live in the General’s Mansion, her position would be higher than that of Qingtan!!

    Su Huanli immediately called Li Yin and whispered, “Butler, call Erya here, quickly. Tell her to dress herself more beautifully than before!”

    Li Yin burst into laughter. Even if she didn’t dress herself, she was also beautiful. But the two young men were suspicious.

    Li Yin looked back at Qu Qingning but saw that the latter’s eyes sight suddenly turned from tenderness to indifference and his lips shivered slightly.

    “I don’t expect there to be a senior who mastered the martial arts of the acquired forth hurdle to be in the Su Family...”

    Li Yin was so scared that he did not dare say anything. The young man could enter the martial arts circle at such a young age and could see his cultivation at first sight. So his cultivation must be above the acquired forth hurdle. If this God’s favored one wasn’t cultivated from the General’s Mansion, he wouldn’t have believed it!

    In Jinyuan Court, Su Li immediately became interested in the man after Li Yin told her everything he knew about him. Wu Jin had actually come to the Su Family? When in her previous life had he and Su Zipei’s romance begun? Was it when the Su Family moved to Yunjing in her?

    With this idea, Su Li dressed up and went to the central room accompanied by Nanny Li. When she saw the young man who sat on the chair talking and laughing, she was suddenly stunned.

    Who was he?