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Chapter 52 Violently Beating Zhu Yan!

Lady Su's Revenge
     “Little bastard, you go too far in bullying me!” After a pause, Zhu Yan said with difficulty, “How much more do you want?”

    “Only 3,000 taels. Then I’m sure to have your order done!” Qu Qingning bent over and rubbed his hands. His eyes shined. This let Zhu Yan think of a hungry wolf with green eyes.

    “3,000 taels! Plus the 1,000 taels I gave you before, you ask for 4,000 taels.” Zhu Yan blushed and turned pale, “Little bastard, do you really think I wouldn’t fight desperately?” If this is exposed, you will be put in jail!”

    “Madam, I have grown tired of your small threats.” Qu Qingning dug his ears and looked fearless, “I’m barefoot and I can escape at the worst. But you are different from me. Your foundation is in the Dasu Town. 3,000 taels is a cheap enough price to keep all that. What do you think?

    “… You!”

    Zhu Yan felt angry. The little beast had obviously made a thorough inquiry into her life’s details. No wonder he spoke toughly.

    “Good kid.”

    Zhu Yan gritted her teeth and took out three bank notes from her arms, “How dare you! I’d like to see how you will spend these 3,000 taels.”

    Su Huanli was behind the Buddha statue. He helplessly watched Zhu Yan hand over 3,000 taels to Qu Qingning. His eyes almost popped out in anger.

    This was money of the Su Family!

    Zhu Yan, the bitch, had dared to take so much money out of the Su Family?!

    Su Huanli struggled desperately to rush out. Suddenly a stone hit him from behind, and fortunately, it broke the rope. He felt overjoyed and shook the rope and then rushed out with a roar!

    “Zhu Yan! How dare you lie to me?!”

    The roar confused Zhu Yan. She even thought she was having a nightmare seeing Su Huanli suddenly appear. How could the Master be here?

    “Old woman, you are actually hurting me!”

    Suddenly exposed, Qu Qingning was surprised and annoyed, and uttered a terrible roar of alarm. He fled away in a hurry, but he didn’t forget to leave with the 3,000 taels in his hands.

    Zhu Yan watched Qu Qingning disappear in a twinkling of an eye and leave her alone to face the furious Su Huanli. She immediately was dumbstruck.

    Why were things going in this way?

    How did the Master end up here? Had he had distrusted her and followed her all the way here?


    Before Zhu Yan could think about it, she saw a palm enlarging constantly in front of her eyes, and her left cheek felt a sharp pain in the next instant, “Ah!”

    With a painful shout, Zhu Yan was slapped onto the ground, and her left cheek immediately swelled up. With his palm, Su Huanli didn’t show any mercy.

    Su Huanli had never been this furious, even after years of marriage with Zhu Yan. Even when he knew that Zhu Yan, though she gave the appearance of being united with him, was divided in her heart against him. He didn’t realize that his nominal wife had actually done evil deeds in secret.

    Zhu Yan even hurt her own daughter!

    “Bitch, even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs. You want to marry Su Li to a beggar. What is your motive?”

    Pulling Zhu Yan’s hair, Su Huanli violently beat her until her face was black and blue. She screamed and begged for mercy, “Master, don’t beat me! I know I’m wrong! It hurts so much. Don’t beat me! Ah!”

    Su Huanli was dominated by anger, and he turned a deaf ear to Zhu Yan’s screams. It seemed that he hadn’t vented his anger. He looked around and saw a broken table, he immediately walked over and broke off the leg of the table and then took it in his hand.

    When Zhu Yan saw the scene, she instantly looked pale in fear and tried to climb out.

    Su Huanli slammed the table leg against Zhu Yan’s back, “How dare you do harm to people and steal money! I’ll beat you to death!”


    Qu Qingning ran very fast, and he didn’t know what happened afterwards. At this moment, he was taking 3,000 taels of silver and returning to the valley happily. He not only solved the problem but also blackmailed the madam into giving him 3,000 taels.

    “Big Brother, you’re back!”

    Seeing Qu Qingning, Heidan ran over and wiped his hot sweat and then said, “Big Brother, look at the house we’re building!”


    Qu Qingning touched the head of Heidan lower than his and walked to the open space not far from the bamboo building of Su Li. Then he frowned slightly.

    Heidan knew what his Big Brother was thinking about. He couldn’t help but smile and say, “Big Brother, although the valley is secluded, the space is very small. I talked with Gousheng for a long time. We can only make a foundation this large; otherwise there will be hill stone in the way. The bamboo building could not be built high.”

    “You are right.” Qu Qingning stroked his chin and seemed to be thinking about something. For a long time, he turned his head and ordered Heidan to call Fang Yuan here.

    It didn’t take long for Fang Yuan to appear in front of Qu Qingning. With his cultivation and bodily movement of practicing martial arts, he came to the valley in five minutes. It was faster than riding a carriage.

    “What do you want?” Fang Yuan came over and asked. He immediately saw the small foundation on the ground. He instantly understood it and hesitated to say, “What are you going to do?”

    Qu Qingning smiled and whispered, “I take the Poisonous Protection Insect of the Qu Family. What do you think I want to do?”

    Fang Yuan’s look changed and he felt shocked. He couldn’t believe it and said, “How could it be? Have you been the head of the family?”

    The long-standing big family of Nanjiang had their own unique inheritance of the Poisonous Insect. The Fang and Qu Families were no exceptions. The Poisonous Protection Insect was passed down from generation to generation, and only the head of a family was qualified to inherit it.

    Fang Yuan was a young patriarch. In the future, he would have inherited the Poisonous Protection Insect of the Fang Family. Unfortunately, the family was exterminated and the whereabouts of the Poisonous Insect was unknown.

    Qu Qingning touched his chest and looked sad, “On my way to escape, I met my father. He protected me for a while, and was...”

    Fang Yuan closed his lips lightly. The two teenagers were speechless and fell into a long silence.

    After a long time, Qu Qingning snapped back from the memory. He smiled and said, “Forget it. Now it is the time for the Poisonous Heart Biting Insect of the Qu Family to show off its capabilities!”

    Fang Yuan, with a twitch in his eyes, mocked him expressionlessly, “If you let the Poisonous Heart Biting Insect eat soil, your father will crawl out of the coffin and choke you to death.”

    Qu Qingning let out a hollow laugh and said, “My father won’t blame me for the situation. I have to discuss it with Su Li. If I use the Poisonous Heart Biting Insect to arrange the valley, it will be a wonderful secluded place which is easy to hold but hard to attack!”

    Then Qu Qingning obediently left the valley. He disguised himself and found Su Li in the Baiwei Building.

    “Poisonous Heart Biting Insect?”

    Su Li frowned. When Qu Qingning was trying to explain the use of Poisonous Heart Biting Insect, she waved to stop him.

    “The Poisonous Heart Biting Insect? I didn’t expect you to be a descendant of the Nanjiang.” Su Li looked at Qu Qingning up and down, “I happen to think that the valley is too small. It is strange to use the Poisonous Heart Biting Insect to dig the stone. But if you are willing to do so, go ahead. At the very least, widen the valley three times. If a large yard can be housed, it will be very good.”

    Qu Qingning instantly turned dark. He came over to show off and hope to see the surprise in the face of a girl who had always been quiet.

    Unexpectedly, Su Li already knew so much about the Poisonous Heart Biting Insect. Did she know everything?

    Hearing from Su Li that he would widen the valley three times, he kept breathing the cold air and felt a dull pain. It was a hard task to compel the Poisonous Heart Biting Insect with his level of cultivation. To widen the valley three times. Would he sacrifice half his life?!

    Su Li was wearing a smile and said, “I don’t ask you to do it right away. You can ask Heidan and others to build a yard while digging. Then you will feel relaxed.”

    Qu Qingning wanted to cry but had no tears. He had to accept Su Li’s proposal. After all, they built a house for themselves. Although it was a hard work, they would manage. In the past, they did not have the chance to build a house. All the money came out of Su Li’s pocket.

    “By the way, you’ve bought a lot of polished glutinous rice and had Heidan pick osmanthus. What on earth are you going to do?”

    Qu Qingning knew that Su Li was very good at cooking, but polished glutinous rice...What could be done? Cooking?

    “When you build the yard, you will know. Items were bought from the black market. You should be able to understand my intentions,” Su Li reminded him.

    Qu Qingning was less calm than Fang Yuan, so she couldn’t help but remind him twice.

    “I see.” Qu Qingning pointed to himself, “I disguised myself. And my identity is sensitive now. I will meet with you as little as possible.”

    Then Qu Qingning fled into the dark lane and disappeared.

    Su Li looked at the dark lane that seemed to devour people, and her eyes were as deep as the sea. Now she had two partners, but what she would do in the future would inevitably incur their doubts and resentment. No one knew how long the good relationship could last.

    Lightly sighing, Su Li put on the cloak and used what she learned in Nothing Unusual. She immediately turned into another person to go to the Baicao Tang.

    It was getting colder and colder.

    The cold wind blew into the heavy armor, and the young man stood on the high wall of the fortress. His straight body didn’t move at all. The spear on his back was like a dragon flying into the sky.

    Stern-eyed, he looked far into the wasteland. He looked stern like the snow that can’t melt, with a stream of coldness lingering around him. Even his closest adjutant dared not get too close.

    After a short period of time, a middle-aged man dressed as an adjutant moved to the young man, and reported in a low voice, “General, the wasteland scouts said that they did not see any army from the Nanjing Country. The Nanjing Country has been embroiled in internal turmoil for a half year, and the seven Poisonous Insect Clans have fought fiercely. They are busy with their own affairs. I think they will not attack here.”


    This young man seemed to be less twenty years old, but he was the young general of the Dahan Country! His identity was superior to any young talents in the Dahan Country. In the era of frequent wars, the status of a military officer was much higher than that of a civil official.

    “Your thought fits in exactly with the Nanjing Country’s wishes.”

    The young man finally spoke with a cold voice, “I received news that many unidentified people come to the Dasu Town, the nearest place of the fortress. Moreover, most of them are in the martial arts circle. I heard that there is the Hierarch of Yinmo Cult. I should avoid confronting such a person. Now do you dare say that the fortress will be safe and sound?”

    The expression of the middle-aged adjutant changed finally. The Yinmo Cult was the demonic cult with a history of hundreds of years. What kind of character was the Hierarch of the demonic cult? Maybe he had already been above the inborn... To destroy them, it was as easy as blowing away dust

    “Master, this place is too dangerous, and you’d better go back to Yunjing!” The middle-aged adjutant no longer called the young man young general—he felt worried.

    “Damn it!” The young man reproached him with a cold expression, “All the members of the Ling Family are loyal. My father and eldest brother are all dead in the battlefield. How can I run away now?”

    He heard that the death of his father and eldest brother was related to the Yinmo Cult. With all the old and recent grudges, how could he go?

    The middle-aged adjutant sighed deeply when hearing what the young man said. He said, “Second Master, it is okay for you not to care about your own safety, but you should look after the Third Master.”

    The Second Master was the only pillar of the Ling Family. Since the Third Master was almost assassinated and left disabled, he had abandoned himself to vice and spent a lot of time in indulging in debauchery. The Second Master, you should be safe and sound!

    However, the adjutant couldn’t compete with the Second Master in terms of position and strength. All he could do was sacrifice his life to protect the Second Master in face of danger.

    When the middle-aged adjutant mentioned the “Third Master”, the young man looked gentle for a moment, but instantly he became stern again. He was ready to kill!