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Chapter 53 Zhu Yan Was Pregnan

Lady Su's Revenge
     The coldness of the night was quite heavy. Su Li returned to the Su House with cold dew on her clothes. Before she took off her cloak, she saw Nanny Li who said, “Miss, a disaster is imminent! The First Madam was badly beaten by the Master. The reason is unknown.”

    Su Li couldn’t help but feel astounded when hearing what Nanny Li said. Would Su Huanli really beat Zhu Yan?

    What did Qu Qingning do in the end that made Su Huanli so furious. Although she proposed the plan, she did not expect the effect to be so powerful.

    Su Li dressed herself up and then left the Jinyuan Court without having dinner.

    The Jinyuan Court was not far from Zhu Yan’s wing-room. Just passing through two small courtyards, Su Li set foot on Zhu Yan’s site.

    It was the first time for her to set foot in this West Wing-room since she was reborn. But since her mother was injured, it wouldn’t be right for her not to visit.

    In the room, Zhu Yan was lying in bed. There was also a doctor and Su Zipei, who sat beside the bed and kept wiping her tears. Su Zipei looked up and saw Su Li, and her face immediately darkened, “What are you doing here? Are you amusing yourself by watching us?”

    Su Li couldn’t help but show a gloomy face and stuttered, “What is Third Sister saying? I... I just wanted to come and see our mother.”

    Su Zipei looked at Su Li’s appearance, and she was immediately flew into a rage. She stood up and scolded, “To see whom? Are you even allowed to see my mother? Hurry up and go away as far as possible. We cannot claim ties of kinship with the shopkeeper of the Baiwei Building!”

    The doctor who diagnosed the disease saw the scene and shook his head. The Third Miss of the Su Family was as bad as the rumors said. Miss Su Li was unlucky.

    Suddenly, his hand trembled as he felt Zhu Yan’s pulse and he flashed a horrified look. He couldn’t help but scream, “The First Madam is pregnant!”

    “What? Is the First Madam pregnant?”

    Su Huanli felt so shocked when he got the news that the teacup in his hand fell to the ground and broke into several pieces. Instantly, his expression was so gloomy. He hadn’t slept with his wife for a long time. How was she pregnant?

    Su Huanli now thought that he had been cuckolded like Yang Li.

    Su Huanli came to the West Wing-room with a pale face and saw Su Li, who was afraid to go in front of the door. He became softhearted and comforted her. Then he snorted and stepped into the room.

    “Daddy!” Su Zipei hadn’t seen Su Huanli for a long time and jumped up and said happily, “My mother must be pregnant with a little brother.”

    Sure enough, her father came to see them as soon as he heard the news of pregnancy.

    Su Huanli’s face was still pale. He sat beside the bed and looked at the piggish Zhu Yan he had beaten. He said in a cold voice, “Whose child is it?”

    Zhu Yan was awake at this moment. After she woke up, she heard the doctor’s diagnosis and immediately got up in spirits. She didn’t expect Su Huanli’s first remark was full of doubt.

    “I... I am not Su Yuezhu!” Zhu Yan felt wronged to death and tried to speak hard, “Master, can you... remember... the birthday banquet of the Yang Family? That night... you...”

    Su Huanli’s look changed slightly. He had a lot of drinks that night and his memory was not clear. It seemed that he came back with Zhu Yan, and then...

    It appeared that his wife was telling the truth according to the date.

    Su Huanli looked soft and turned to the doctor and asked, “Doctor, how about the fetus in my wife’s belly?”

    The doctor nodded and said, “Madam...had a fall and had a strong reaction. I’ll make a prescription to help her recuperate.”

    “That’s good.”

    Su Huanli sighed with relief. If his mother knew that he had beaten Zhu Yan and killed her baby, she would flay him!

    “In this case, madam, feel at ease about your baby.”

    Su Huanli made arrangements for Zhu Yan’s care and then had Li Yin send a letter to his mother, Mam. Su-Cui had been worshipping Buddha in a temple since the elder head of the family died. All this time she had lived in the temple and prayed for the safety of the Su Family.

    Before she left, she gave an order that if there was a new baby in the Su Family, they must tell her.

    Su Li saw the scene unfolding before her eyes, and sneered.

    Mam. Su-Cui was going to come back. Her miserable life had mostly been caused by the old woman and Zhu Yan who acted in collusion with each other and incited her father against her.

    The fifth child of the Su Family had been a boy. Unfortunately, Zhu Yan gave birth to a dead baby, which made Mam Su-Cui extremely angry.

    On the third day after the news was sent by Li Yin, a carriage stopped in front of the Su House. Su Huanli immediately greeted his mother and opened the curtain. An old lady with sandalwood scent and plain clothes stepped down and grabbed her son and said repeatedly:

    “My son, take me to see my future grandson!”

    Su Huanli coughed deliberately and then stopped talking. Finally, he did not dare to say anything. He helped his mother over to the West Wing-room. Mam. Su-Cui saw Zhu Yan’s piggish face and was instantly shocked. She asked, “Yan, why are you hurt so severely? Who did this?”

    Mam. Su-Cui had a strong preference for Zhu Yan. Her prejudice towards Li Yuelian changed after she gave birth to two sons. But even though Zhu Yan gave birth to two daughters, she still spoiled Zhu Yan. She even loved her daughter-in-law more than her son.

    Zhu Yan saw Mam. Su-Cui, and her eyes were full of tears. She said grievingly, “Mother, it doesn’t matter. I just had a fall.”

    “Dear Yan! What happened?”

    Mam. Su-Cui started to shed tears. Su Huanli saw that Zhu Yan was helping him hide his actions and felt relaxed. When he remembered the fifth son who was to be born, his resentment towards Zhu Yan decreased.

    Chatting with Zhu Yan till evening, Mam. Su-Cui left for a rest.

    When Mam. Su-Cui came back, Su Li obviously felt that the atmosphere of the West Courtyard of the Su House was different. If the West Courtyard was in a state of disunity before, it was now under Mam. Su-Cui’s control that a solid wall had been built, giving off an air of rigorousness everywhere.

    “My son, what’s wrong with you? How could you give the Jinyuan Court to Erya. The place is reserved for my grandson. If you let Qinghao live there, I won’t say anything. But Erya can’t!”

    After a rough understanding of the current situation of the Su House, Mam. Su-Cui instantly felt furious and she came to harass Su Huanli early in the morning, giving him a headache.

    “Also, you didn’t like the womenfolk of the Su Family to read. Why did you change your mind now? Zipei is was smart, yet you didn’t teach her. Instead you teach Erya, who is inferior. I’m pissed off!”

    Su Huanli didn’t know what Zhu Yan said about Su Li. Mam. Su-Cui appeared very disgusted with her. Her impression of Su Li remained that she was the ugly and thin dirty girl from a few years ago. She felt suffocated in her heart at the thought that Su Erya, who looked like a beggar, lived in the magnificent Jinyuan Court.

    Su Huanli smiled bitterly, “Mother, Erya has a new name, Su Li. She is now the most talented and beautiful girl in the Dasu Town. She is much better than Zipei. If she wasn’t too young, the matchmaker will have broken the threshold.”

    “Really? She is as good as you say. Are you kidding me?”

    Mam. Su-Cui did not believe it. Su Huanli nodded and said, “Yes, mother. Yan can get out of bed now. I will arrange a reunion dinner tonight to treat you, and ask Erya to come over so that you can look at her carefully.”

    “Okay.” Mam. Su-Cui also knew that she didn’t convince Su Huanli for now, so she could only nod her head and agree.

    At night, Su Li came back from the outside and immediately received the news from a maid. After making sure that she looked good, she told Nanny Li she was headed for the Main Courtyard and then she left alone.

    Far away from the Main Courtyard, Su Li heard the laughter of Mam. Su-Cui, Zhu Yan and Su Zipei. The atmosphere sounded very harmonious.

    Su Li walked to the door and the room instantly fell quiet. When Mam. Su-Cui saw Su Li, she was shocked. She opened her mouth so wide that she could swallow a cow. She hadn’t seen the girl for several years. Her son didn’t deceive her. Su Li had turned into such a pretty girl.

    Zhu Yan and Su Zipei were unhappy at the same time, as if they had seen an enemy. Li Yuelian looked at the scene with a funny smile and didn’t speak. Su Qinghao was focusing on snacks and didn’t notice the strange atmosphere.

    “Su Li is here to pay respects to grandma.”

    Su Li took a step closer and talked in a warm manner. Her manner was comparable to that of someone from a prominent family. Instantly, Mam. Su-Cui felt shocked again.

    But even so, Mam. Su-Cui just nodded slightly, and her expression was cold. She even felt disgusted.

    “Su Li, the bitch, is really the same as what Yan have said!”

    The minds of the elderly are sometimes difficult to understand. Whether they are right or not, they look at people by their subjective will. Now that she was on Zhu Yan’s side, she naturally trusted her words to the utmost, and didn’t think Zhu Yan was lying.

    “Now that you are here, sit down.”

    Su Li gently nodded and saw her position and sat down. Mam. Su-Cui suddenly yelled, “Stop! Is that a seat you can sit in? Look at it clearly!”

    Su Li stopped unnaturally and looked up doubtfully.

    The table was arranged in terms of seniority in the family. Mam. Su-Cui was arranged in the best seat. Then they were Su Huanli, Zhu Yan, Li Yuelian, Su Qinghao, Su Li and Su Zipei.

    Su Huanli hadn’t come, and the two positions were empty. There was nothing wrong with Su Li choosing the latter of two positions. But Mam. Su-Cui said it was wrong.

    Mam. Su-Cui snorted coldly and said to Su Zipei pleasantly, “Zipei, sit in your Second Sister’s seat.”

    Su Zipei jumped up in a pleasant surprise. “Really? Grandma!”

    Mam. Su-Cui laughed kindly, “Of course, Grandma won’t lie to you.\

    “Grandma, how good you are!”

    Su Zipei said sweetly, and immediately moved next to Su Qinghao. Su Qinghao wrinkled his nose and leaned over to his mother. He hated the Third Sister because she often bullied the Second Sister.

    After sitting down, Su Zipei glanced at Su Li with an arrogant expression and was extremely happy when she saw that Su Li still stood there obediently.

    Su Li, even if Daddy is fascinated by you, there is still grandma of the Su Family to contend with!

    “Okay, Erya, sit down!”

    Mam. Su-Cui looked at Su Li’s clever appearance, and could not think of other ways to make trouble for her. After all, it was a reunion dinner tonight, and she didn’t want to upset her son. What she cared about was that the girl had caused Zhu Yan to abort her son years ago and could still sit at the main table to eat. It was really lucky for her!

    Shortly afterwards, Su Huanli, who was busy with his business, hurried in and saw the order on the table. He was stunned at once. Seeing Mam. Su-Cui’s eyes, he immediately understood, and grinned bitterly in his heart. He had to pretend not to see it and sit down as if nothing had happened.

    “Okay, let’s begin.”

    Mam. Su-Cui gave an order and the maids immediately started serving the dishes. Sure enough, the food of the Su Family wouldn’t be bad. The room was filled with fragrance.

    “Yan, you are pregnant now. Eat more to build up health!”

    “Thank you, mother.”

    “Zipei, why are you so thin? Have you been malnourished recently? Eat the chicken leg. And Qinghao, you have the other chicken leg.”

    “Thank you, grandma,” Su Zipei and Su Qinghao said together.

    During the feast, Mam. Su-Cui kept taking food for the younger generation. A large bowl of whole chicken soup was mostly given to Zhu Yan. The two chicken legs were given to Su Zipei and Su Qinghao, and the wings were given to Su Huanli. Li Yuelian ate a piece of meat and drank half a bowl of soup.

    As for Su Li, she didn’t even have any soup.