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Chapter 54 Prophecy of the Witch

Lady Su's Revenge
     Su Zipei was eating a drumstick. She frequently turned to Su Li, who was being mistreated, and looked proud.

    Li Yuelian was also very annoyed. After all these years, the old woman still remained partial towards Zipei!

    Su Huanli couldn’t bear it. When he was ready to give the chicken wing in his bowl to Su Li, his mother stopped him quickly and the chicken wing was sent back to his bowl. She said, “You are so busy with your business, so you need the nutrition. Eat it!”

    Su Huanli’s lips squirmed and he saw his mother’s warning eyes. He sighed finally and stuffed the chicken wing into his mouth.

    Su Li sat on the edge of the table and she ate the cooked rice one bite after another. The whole table was so large, but she couldn’t even stretch her arms.

    Su Li really felt thirsty while eating, so she picked up a spoon to drink some tofu soup.


    The spoon in her hand was slapped down by Mam. Su-Cui, who said angrily, “Girl, I have given you a meal and you also want to drink soup? I’m not in a coffin yet and you’re already acting so disobedient. Are you hoping that I will die sooner?!”

    Su Li shivered and quickly put down the bowl and chopsticks and kneeled on the ground.

    Mam. Su-Cui still didn’t forgive Su Li and cried with one hand in her chest, “Alas! Huanli, look at your daughter. She actually gets the upper hand. My grandson was killed by her and she still feels at ease to eat in front of me! I am so mad and my head is getting dizzy...”

    Su Huanli was greatly frightened and supported his swaying mother at once, “Mother! Mother! Don’t scare me!”

    “I don’t want to see her. I feel uncomfortable when I see her. Huanli, make her go away. Go away!” There was no one who could talk sense to the old woman when she was unreasonable and making such a scene. Su Huanli was so angry, but he couldn’t persuade his mother. He could only wave at Su Li and told her to go.

    Su Li suppressed her killing desires and slowly lowered her head and left. She quickly disappeared into the night.

    Mam. Su-Cui immediately recovered to her normal face after Su Li left. She smiled and continued to take food to Zhu Yan, “Come on, my good daughter-in-law. Eat more. Don’t starve my grandson.”

    After the dinner, Su Zipei felt refreshed. She pulled Zhu Yan’s hand on the way to room and said happily, “Mother, did you see that? That wicked girl was shaking in fear. I’m so happy...”

    Li Yuelian calmly watched Su Li leave, but there seemed to be an erupting volcano hiding in her heart. Just like Su Li, the dinner made her annoyed.

    Mam. Su-Cui became very happy and Su Huanli, who somehow didn’t feel pitiful, left finally.

    Su Li just calmly watched them walk by one by one and then returned to the Jinyuan Court in the night.

    “Miss, you are back. The dinner in the Main Courtyard must have been delicious. Right?”

    Nanny Li walked out after hearing the sound and said. Su Li still smiled and nodded, “Yes, it was delicious.”

    “I wanted to poison them as I ate...”

    Early the next morning, Su Li was busy as usual. For the sake of the Su Family’s interests, Su Huanli wouldn’t deal with her for the moment no matter what tricks Mam. Su-Cui had played. After the last patient left, Qi Xianqing came over and said with a smile,

    “Apprentice, your medical skill has made rapid progress lately and I have taught you all I know. The only thing that you lack is experience. I will formally entrust the Baicao Tang to you from tomorrow.”

    Su Li listened to her master with a dazed look and blurted out, “Master, are you leaving?”

    Qi Xianqing nodded amiably, “The war in the northwest is fierce and I will leave for months. Doctors should heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Rest assured, my cultivation will help me get out of danger.”

    Then Qi Xianqing touched Su Li’s hair and said, “You are fifteen years old now. I stood on my own at your age. I believe you can handle the affairs of the Su Family. Take care of yourself after I leave.”

    Su Li stopped breathing for a moment and smiled instantly, “Master, rest assured. I will not let you down.”

    “Remember: remain vigilant even to very close relatives, especially your parents. They are not good people.” Qi Xianqing paused before continuing, “You have reached a high level in cultivation, and no ordinary man can hurt you. But I am afraid that you will hurt yourself because you are so softhearted.”

    Despite being worried about his apprentice, Qi Xianqing still left the next day and left the Baicao Tang which only remained open for a while at night.

    The common people saw that the new doctor who was in charge of treating patients had an extremely ordinary appearance, so they had some doubts about her medical skill. After repeated assurance from Baicao Tang’s waiters, a patient finally gave it a try.

    They immediately found that the ordinary woman’s medical skill was excellent. Any illness vanished at the touch of her hand and her medical skill was almost at Qi Xianqing’s level . Finally, they learnt that the woman was a successor of Qi Xianqing and had learned most of his medical skills at such a young age.

    With Mam. Su-Cui’s support, Su Zipei ran rampant again. She either provoked Su Li or played dirty tricks in secret. Su Zipei didn’t hide it at all, but Su Li merely ignored her and gave no response.

    “Humph, bitch! My mother will still find a way to drive you out even you have the Baiwei Building!” Su Zipei watched Su Li leave and said to herself.

    Although Su Li still read books, there was now more free time after the cancelation of morning class. One day, Su Li came back from the Baiwei Building to change clothes; but she saw that a group of guards of the Su Family were standing in front of the Jinyuan Court and Nanny Li’s loud cry sounded out from inside.

    “You can’t do this. These things belong to Second Miss!”

    Su Li’s look changed slightly and she walked in faster.

    She saw Nanny Li sadly holding a small box and standing at the door. Boxes of textiles and books were moved out of the room by old nannies and carelessly thrown on the ground.

    They were piled up like a hill. The cloths and bedding were all mixed up, and the dumped ink turned them black.

    “What’s the matter?” Su Li asked softly, though the guards heard her clearly. Feeling thankful for the Second Miss’s care in their daily life, someone couldn’t help but whisper to her, “The Old Lady ordered that you are not allowed to live in the Su House.”

    Su Li’s eyes narrowed, and she walked over slowly. The group of old nannies saw Su Li move closer. But they didn’t stop; instead, they went on faster.

    “Second Miss, don’t blame us. It was the order of the Old Lady and the Master also agreed on it. The Master asked you to move to the Baiwei Building. We are packing your luggage!”

    Su Li looked at The Dictionary of Dahan, which was blackened by ink and approached Nanny Li with darkened eyes.

    Nanny Li suddenly felt cold, but she couldn’t care so much right now and immediately told what she had heard to the miss.

    It turned out that Mam. Su-Cui sent for a witch to forecast the destiny of the child in Zhu Yan’s belly.

    The witch looked utterly pale after she forecast the destiny of Zhu Yan. She said off and on that Su Li, who lived in the most prosperous West Courtyard of the Su House, was a bad sign for her younger brother.

    As long as Su Li stayed at the Su House, the child in Zhu Yan’s belly would be suppressed and even die as a fetus!

    Such nonsense made people laugh their heads off. Su Huanli didn’t believe it at all, but Mam. Su-Cui thought it was true. She recalled that Zhu Yan once said Su Li murdered her grandson in early days and immediately felt the witch’s words were reasonable.

    She instantly forced her son to expel Su Li from the Su Family! Su Huanli certainly wouldn’t do it.

    It was a joke!

    If Su Li was expelled from the Su Family because of what the witch had said, the Su Family would certainly be laughed at by other people. Besides, the Baiwei Building was a money tree and he couldn’t do anything to lose his interests.

    Mam. Su-Cui turned mad because her son didn’t agree with her. Finally, Zhu Yan said Su Li may live outside of the Su House, which could achieve the same effect.

    Su Huanli thought it was a good idea because the conflict between his daughter and his mother could be avoided at home. He agreed with it, but he didn’t understand that the way that his mother would send his daughter away would be so brutal.

    Su Li slowly walked to the pieces of luggage thrown in a mass and crouched beside them to clean up in silence.

    Nanny Li felt sad and said, “Miss, let me help you.”

    There was nothing left to be thrown away in the Jinyuan Court at the moment. A group of old nannies stopped and looked at Second Miss’s awkward appearance and wanted to make fun of her.

    All of a sudden!

    A dozen of guards wearing light armor moved and stood in front of Second Miss and Nanny Li and formed a wall. They looked capable and vigorous. The old nannies were distressed. They cowered and dared not talk nonsense.

    Su Zipei, who was peeking from outside, saw the scene and immediately got angry.

    She couldn’t believe a dozen of guards involuntarily protected their master.

    Even she hadn’t enjoyed this kind of treatment. Why was Su Li so loved?

    At this time, Su Li began to clean up the bedding which was blackened by ink. A young guard couldn’t bear to see it and immediately grasped the white bedding before the Second Miss putted her fair hand on it and said, “Miss, let me help you!”

    Su Li was shocked and immediately smiled and asked, “What’s your name?”

    The young person immediately flushed and said, “I... I don’t have a name. Everyone calls me Xiaojiu.”

    “Xiaojiu?” Su Li smiled and nodded, “Thanks.”

    Xiaojiu’s face immediately turned to red after he heard the words. He followed the Second Miss and didn’t know what to do. There was only one sentence in his mind.

    The miss said thanks to him!

    Then another guard helped the Second Miss lift the heavy bookcase and the guards protected her all the way to the Baiwei Building together. Mam. Su-Cui didn’t even prepare a carriage for her, but Su Li didn’t feel bothered with the help of the guards.

    After putting all her belongings in the guest room of the Baiwei Building, Su Li turned around and gave everyone some money.

    “Miss, we can’t take the money. We all know your situation in the Su Family.” Xiaojiu declined immediately.

    Su Li sighed and shook her head, “Take it. All of you helped me today. The Old Lady and my mother will definitely make trouble for you. You’d better follow Butler Li and stay out for several days. Take the money, and your life will be easier on the road.”

    Xiaojiu and other guards fell silent after hearing the words. It turned out that Second Miss saw things more clearly than them.

    Why was such a kind-hearted miss bullied by the Old Lady and the First Madam? It was ridiculous.

    Su Li’s eyes swept over Xiaojiu and other guards. These guards were young, one or two year(s) older than her. It was said that they were trained by Li Yin. Now it seemed that the old butler was upright and principled. If the guards were trained by self-serving Su Huanli, they would have become very evil.

    Fang Yuan and Qu Qingning got the news that night and hurried to the Baiwei Building.

    “Damn witch! I will kill her right now!” Qu Qingning was very angry after hearing that. He turned around, furious, but he was stopped by Fang Yuan.

    “Su Li, what do you think? If you want that witch to disappear, we will do it immediately.”

    Fang Yuan also couldn’t bear it anymore. Su Li had given them so much help and now she was being bullied to such an extent. If they did nothing, how could they deserve her kindness?

    “Forget it.” Su Li slowly shook her head, “You two should change your personalities. How can you kill people at random?”

    Qu Qingning scratched his head and thought Su Li was too kind-hearted even though she was a poison master. Fang Yuan didn’t have the same idea. He knew there was more than what was said.

    Su Li sighed softly, “I am having fun finally. If you kill her now, I will be bored again.”