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Chapter 56 Atishoo!

Lady Su's Revenge
     The night was as cool as water, and the smell of blood filled the air.

    Su Li looked at the person who was lying lifelessly on his stomach with his head on the ground. She had never been a good person. This man was seriously injured yet had enough force to stop her from closing the door. He must be someone special. If she was forced to be involved in his life, that might be big trouble for her.

    Thinking of this, she crouched down to pry the hand from the side of the door and then shook off his hand disgustingly. She was about to close the door, but out of the corner of her eyes, she glimpsed a crystal on his wrist.

    The eye-catching crystal immediately made Su Li tremble and cleared all the indifference on her face. She carefully turn over the bloody man to see his face.

    Just at that time, a cloud floated away and the moon appeared.

    The bright moonlight shone on the bloody face of the boy. Su Li’s breathing paused for an instant. She would recognize his face anywhere!

    How could this happen to him?

    Did he break his legs?!

    Su Li was anxious on her face, but in her heart, she was as calm as a piece of ice. She roughly checked him over and found he was still alive. She immediately dragged him into the Baicao Tang, ignoring the blood all over his body.

    After only two or three minutes, someone loudly knocked the door of the Baicao Tang!

    Before Su Li opened the door, the door sheet suddenly broke open with a bang. A tall man and a short one walked in from the splinters of wood. Their breath, of the inborn hurdles as a result of practicing martial arts, was released arrogantly, and this blast of air immediately ruined the house’s order.

    Su Li let out a groan at the door and vomited a spurt of blood. Then she fell on the broken wood and pretended to faint in the wretched plight. Her blood scattered on the ground just like red plum blossoms.

    The tall middle-aged man saw this scene and shook his head.

    The short man in the black robe squinted his triangular eyes and said with a sinister smile, “That man is wanted by Lord Ming. He’s seriously injured and dying. He must be hiding somewhere here!”

    The tall middle-aged man nodded slightly and said, “Even if he is not the Hierarch of the Yinmo Cult, he must have close relations with the cult. Let’s catch him and take him to see Lord Ming!”

    The two men separated and looked around the Baicao Tang. The entire Baicao Tang seemed to be swept by a typhoon, and herbs and prescriptions were scattered everywhere.

    After nearly half a quarter of an hour, the short man in the black robe exasperatedly screamed out, “Damn it! I clearly smell the blood on this side. How can he not be here?!”

    The tall middle-aged man said gloomily, “Maybe it’s a trap set by the little beast. We need to hurry up and let’s catch him!”

    “I have never been avoided like this!”

    The short man in the black robe was so angry that his voice became hoarse like a crow’s voice. He swallowed hard when he glanced at Su Li, who was lying in a coma on pieces of wood. He thought he could take advantage of her after catching the little beast. Damn it...

    “Come on. If we lose him, Lord Ming will blame us. Then we’ll be in trouble!”

    The short man in the black robe heard him and snorted. He handily shot a poisoned dart into the Su Li’s neck and turned away with the tall middle-aged man. Of course, if Su Li had not used the Nothing Unusual, she would be done.

    The two people disappeared in front of the door, but Su Li did not get up. She was still motionless lying on the ground.

    After half an hour, the tall middle-aged man came back into the Baicao Tang. He glanced at Su Li, who was lying on the ground and “dead for a long time”. He also carefully examined the traces on the ground. After he convinced himself that nobody came by, he shook his head in disappointment and left.

    When the tall middle-aged man walked away, Su Li immediately opened her eyes and stood up to clear the wood chips under her body. She didn’t even pull out the poisoned dart in her neck. There appeared a hidden doorknob immediately.

    Opening the cellar door, Su Li carried the youngster out and put him on the ground. She opened his mouth and put a healing medicine refined by herself into his mouth. After she helped him to dissolve the medicine in his body, she breathed a sigh of relief. Now she finally had time to check his injuries.

    After a while, Su Li looked up and wrinkled her brows.

    “While he has many traumas and his right leg is also fractured, fortunately it’s not fractured into many pieces. Thus, it won’t be difficult to cure. However, he has many broken veins and extremely serious internal injuries. Moreover, he is poisoned, and the toxicity is unknown... I’m afraid that I need to make up antidote in the bamboo building.”

    Su Li wrinkled her brows even more tightly. At this time, the youngster suddenly coughed twice. His childish but angular face revealed a bit of pain. His eyelashes trembled and then he opened his eyes.

    “I... I’m actually... still alive?”

    The youngster felt the sharp pain all over his body and his throat tasted sweet. Suddenly, he felt soft on the back of his head.

    He managed to looked up and found he was on a girl’s knees.

    It’s her!

    The youngster opened his bright eyes slightly wide. He didn’t know why, because he never cared about a girl so much, especially since he was running away now. He thought he would definitely die, but now he was saved by her.

    Suddenly, the youngster thought of something, and his face, without a trace of blood, became paler. He struggled and wanted to sit up.

    “I can’t stay here. You should hurry up and flee! They kill countless people and don’t leave any survivors.”

    His movement immediately affected the internal wound, and forced him to spit out blackish red blood.

    Su Li was annoyed. She pressed down the youngster’s body, and shrieked with anger, “You will die if you move again. Don’t blame me then!”

    Her voice was rather hoarser than usual.

    The youngster was stunned at once. Now, he found that there was a poisoned dart in Su Li’s neck!

    His enemies had already been here!

    The youngster was shocked. Had she protected him? But, Heikui’s poisoned dart was fatal as soon as it’s shot into one’s body. What was going on?!

    At this time, he saw Su Li pull out the poisoned dart which was inserted in her neck. Black blood immediately flowed out of the wound, but it turned red before long. Obviously, the poison had been detoxified.

    In an instant, Su Li became mysterious in his mind.

    Beaten by a senior who practiced inborn hurdles, Su Li had a sense of suppression in her chest. Except that, she was not very injured. After confirming that the youngster was safe and sound, she tidied up a bit the Baicao Tang. Then she carried the youngster on her back and followed the road to the valley.

    On the back of Su Li, the youngster had a mood unlike any before. From childhood until now, he had not been carried on a female’s back except his mother.

    The night wind was cool. Su Li felt like she had traveled through time and space and return to the previous life.

    In her previous life, she was also carrying her disabled husband like now. They went through so many difficulties together...

    There were fireflies fluttering on the mountain path. The youngster had never been so calm. He looked at the girl’s weak shoulders and whispered after a moment, “What is your name?”

    “Su Li.”

    Su Li answered him without hesitation. The name was given by him in the previous life, but in this life, she had to tell him.

    “Su Li…” The youngster’s face was pale, but his smile was soft. “What a coincidence, there is a Li in my name, and my name is...”


    Su Li suddenly stopped. The youngster changed his expression before he finished his words. Two terrifying figures rose in the road ahead. The youngster and Su Li couldn’t be more familiar with these two breaths. They were from the two killers, the tall one and the short one.

    “Hey, little girl, you really were pretending to be dead! No wonder that the poisoned dart didn’t make me feel right.” The short man in the black robe came out bleakly with a sneer, “Are you the Holy Girl of the Yinmo Cult? You really disappointed me. The Holy Girl of the Yinmo Cult looks so ordinary.”

    The tall middle-aged man also walked out of the shadows. His flashing long knife was already out of the sheath.

    Su Li’s eyes looked seriously. She gently put down the youngster and whispered, “Stay here and don’t move.”

    The youngster was a little anxious. He said promptly in a low voice, “Go, just go. Don’t worry about me! They are the elders of the Blood Refining Hall. They both are innate seniors, and you cannot beat them!”

    However, Su Li turned a deaf ear to him. She held her breath for a moment, and then her body suddenly rushed out to the two elders, which was like a suicide.

    “Idiot!” The short man in the black robe smirked and waved his large sleeves. Countless poisoned darts flew out from his sleeves immediately, like flower rain scattering from the sky.

    The youngster tightened his pupils. When he was about to help Su Li in spite of his wounds, Su Li suddenly disappeared for a moment. Then, she appeared behind the man in the black robe!

    The man in the black robe changed his expression slightly, and immediately propped up the vital energy to protect himself. He was confident that even if he were attacked sneakily, his vital energy would not be broken because Su Li had only acquired ninth hurdle cultivation.

    “We are being teased by a silly little girl!”

    The tall middle-aged man was unhappy. He sneered and immediately leaned forward. With his figure flickering, he wielded the silvery knife right against the forehead of Su Li. For a moment, there were flying sand and rolling pebbles. Boom! The knife struck on the ground and made a loud noise.

    “Silly little girl, you really don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. Can you oppose Blood Refining Hall with your little cultivation?”

    The tall middle-aged man had a well-thought-out plan. He slashed dust with the knife. He was extremely confident about his knife technique and was sure that he had hurt Su Li.

    The man in the black robe was depressed by the trick but he still came over to praise, “Elder brother, you are still very good!”

    The tall middle-aged man snorted and was about to teach his brother a lesson. However, there was an abnormal sound behind him. He suddenly turned back and saw living Su Li and her bloody face. His face turned pale at one moment.

    “You little girl! No matter how you struggle, you will die here!”

    The tall middle-aged man was furious. He stepped out and wanted to wield his knife again, suddenly, he felt that he stepped on something under his feet. A gloomy murderous intention immediately shrouded.

    Su Li squinted her eyes. Blood flowed on her forehead. However, she tilted her mouth and sneered.

    “I can’t beat you, but can’t I use poison?”


    The place where Su Li stepped over collapsed, and it’s about seven feet deep! The two elders of the Blood Refining Hall didn’t expect that and fell into it.

    “Insignificant skill!”

    The tall middle-aged man roared and was about to fly out of the hole. However, the surrounding soil was like alive and buried the two people as sudden as a flash of lightning. Then, the soft soil became as hard as the stone. Only their heads were exposed.

    “What’s this?!”

    The short man was so scared that he screamed because he couldn’t move. Being trapped underground, he couldn’t use any strategies. The tall middle-aged man was even more miserable. His knife was also shackled underground. Even if he had excellent cultivation, he couldn’t do anything.

    Su Li lay on the side of the two men’s heads and panted. She had no strength now. This was already the limit of her energy. If they weren’t careless, she might even have failed.

    The youngster blankly watched everything happen. The situation reversed in a short period of time unexpectedly. She seemed weak, but she actually buried two innate seniors in minutes. Even if he told this to his followers, no one would believe him.

    Thinking of this, the youngster walked over on one foot. Su Li saw him, then she got up and took out two black porcelain bottles from her arms.

    The two innate seniors saw that and were no longer calm. They closed their mouths.

    The youngster came over and slightly frowned. He said, “They have no vital energy to protect their bodies, but they still have strength. In our current state, we can’t force them to open their mouths.”

    Su Li heard him and smiled. She opened a bottle and said, “Cover your nose.”

    The youngster’s look changed.

    Su Li covered her nose and put the black porcelain bottle in front of the tall middle-aged man. The man suddenly felt his nose become itchy. He was so terrified that he immediately avoided smelling by holding his breath. However, he could not do this for a long time. The man’s face became so red by holding his breath that he almost choked. Finally, he couldn’t help it anymore.