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Chapter 57 Ling Li

Lady Su's Revenge
     When the tall middle-aged man sneezed, Su Li flexed her finger and shot a black pill into the middle-aged man’s mouth.

    The poison immediately penetrated his intestines. The middle-aged man only had time to scream, and then his face turned dark at once. He died! Then the corpse sputtered, in a very short time, and vanished only leaving clothing and articles.

    The man in the black robe saw the scene and got scared half to death. He felt cold air immediately from his feet to his head!

    This kind of death was too strange and cruel! As soon as he thought that he would suffer, he immediately howled, “Don’t kill me! What do you want to know? I will tell you all! Don’t kill me!”

    The man in the black robe cried and howled. He didn’t seem like an elder in the Blood Refining Hall now.

    The youngster’s expression changed, indicating Su Li to stop. He icily asked, “Who is the traitor hidden in the Yinmo Cult? Who exposed my whereabouts?”

    The man in the black robe had eyes wide open and said, “It turns out that you are the Hierarch of the Yinmo Cult. The unfathomable Childe Li in Jianghu legends is unexpectedly a youngster whose age is less than 20. This is incredible.”

    Then, the man in the black robe sighed and said, “Your Excellency, I will tell you everything I know, but please leave me a whole corpse. Don’t let me die like Elder Gao.”

    “I promise you.” Su Li answered without hesitation and put away the black porcelain bottle.

    The man in the black robe immediately breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I think after this plot, Your Excellency should have some guesses. The traitor is Zhao Ming who oversees the border branch! In fact, he is not really a traitor because he originally works undercover for the Blood Refining Hall. With his infiltration, the entire border branch has been turned!”

    “I see.” The youngster sighed softly, “No wonder I felt uncomfortable at the border branch instead of normal feeling at the Xuelou Cult. My invisible presentiment was right.”

    “Zhao Ming poisoned Your Excellency using a unique poison from the Blood Refining Hall. If the poison cannot be detoxified in time, the poisoned will be disabling. Your Excellency should be careful!”

    The man in the black robe tried his best to say, “I only know so much and don’t have the antidote. Please let me die in peace, Your Excellency.”

    The youngster nodded and slapped the crown of the man in the black robe. He immediately bled from all the seven openings of his head and breathed out his life.

    The youngster did keep his promise to leave the man in the black robe a whole corpse.

    “Let’s go, Su Li.” The youngster took a breath and regained his smile, “I haven’t told you my name yet. My name is...”

    Su Li waved to stop the youngster. The youngster looked a little stiff. His name was a great secret, but Su Li stopped him from telling her his name twice today.

    As he was thinking about it, Su Li took out a white porcelain bottle from nowhere and poured some liquid like clear water on the dead man in the black robe.


    After the liquid like clear water ran, it immediately was like strong acid corroding everything. In the blink of an eye, it melted the half head of the man in the black robe, revealing the white bones.

    “Ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

    Suddenly, the man in the black robe opened his eyes and harshly screamed. However, the poisonous water quickly eroded his eyes and throat. The sound vanished.

    The body without the skull kept shaking for a long time and finally stopped. Then, it was slowly melted, even not leaving clothing and articles.

    The youngster swallowed saliva and saw Su Li putting away the porcelain bottle with a brilliant smile on her pale face.

    “I heard that the Blood Refining Hall has a method of suspended animation which can withstand one lethal attack. Turns out this was true. You can tell me your name now.”

    The autumn wind brought a little bit coolness to the youngster and blew into his heart. He felt inexplicably warm. If Su Li hadn’t been here, he would have died after the man in the black robe used the suspended animation method and got out of trouble.

    “My name is Ling Li. Ling is from Ling Tian (soaring to the skies), and Li is from Li Bie (separation).”

    Su Li smiled and squinted eyes like a crescent moon. “Ling Li, I like this name.”

    The childe who had a pale face was so familiar, like him in the previous life.

    The face of the youngster grew red immediately.

    Because of the hard fight, Su Li and Ling Li came to the Bamboo Building after midnight. Ling Li had no energy, so he was carried by Su Li on her back. When Fang Yuan, who heard the sound, came out and saw Su Li all bloody, he was greatly frightened, and said “What happened? Su Li, are you okay?”

    When Ling Li saw Fang Yuan, he squinted his eyes and recognized that the latter was from the Poisonous Insect Clan.

    “I’m fine. There was a heavily poisoned patient in the Baicao Tang. I can only make the antidote in the Bamboo Building.”

    Su Li said and touched the wound on her forehead with smile. She then said, “I fell down and grazed my forehead. It is just a minor injury.”

    Fang Yuan was distressed. He quickly helped Su Li lay down Ling Li and did not look at Ling Li once because he felt that there was an inexplicable hostility in Ling Li’s eyes.

    “Su Li may save a person who will turn out to be troublesome...”

    Fang Yuan secretly sighed but still helped Su Li carry Ling Li on his back to the second floor and placed him on a bed.

    Looking at the bottles and jars in the house and smelling the unique fragrance of a maiden, Fang Yuan had a reddish face and he said, “Do you need help?”

    He was talking about Ling Li. He looked at Ling Li in bloodiness and saw some brown blood.

    Su Li smiled and shook her head, “You can go to sleep.”

    Fang Yuan thought that Su Li must have treated a lot of wounded people like Ling Li at the Baicao Tang in her daily life and couldn’t help scratching his head. He said, “I will not bother you. You can make up the antidote securely.”

    Then he closed the door. However, he called Qu Qingning up to search outside together rather than go to sleep. Su Li suddenly brought back an unidentified person which may lead to catastrophe in the valley.

    They did not know that the two inborn seniors who could destroy everyone in the valley had been buried in the wilderness by Su Li.

    At this moment, the atmosphere in the room on the second floor of the Bamboo Building was inexplicably awkward.

    Ling Li lay on the white bed, smelling intermittent fragrance. He knew it was Su Li’s bed, so his face became redder instantly.

    At this time, Su Li brought a basin of water at the bedside. She tore his rags. Ling Li immediately got panicked and sprang to the cabinet base like a monkey. He was tongue-shy as a young married woman, “You... What are you doing?!”

    He had been a man for two lifetimes and had never been so embarrassed. He was being forced to be undressed by a female after they knew each other for only a day!

    Su Li looked unhappy and frowned with a cold voice, “You are covered with blood. If you don’t listen you will lose your abilities!”

    Ling Li instantly froze. After a long time, he lay down accepting fate just like a robot. He seemed like a fish on the cutting board.

    He certainly heard the words of the man in the black robe. If he did not get detoxified, he would probably lose his cultivation. Besides, Su Li said that she was sure she knew how to make the antidote.

    If he could recover his prime abilities, this shame would be nothing.

    Su Li picked up the towel and wiped the thick chest of the youngster. Her gaze was ineffably tender. It was as good as in the previous life. In the previous life, she also wiped his body like this... Husband.

    After an hour, Su Li finally cleaned off the blood from Ling Li. Innumerable wounds of knifes and swords were revealed. Ling Li had been lucky to escape from dozens of killers in the border branch.

    After applying ointments to Ling Li, Su Li felt tired. If she made the antidote in this physical state, she couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t make mistakes. Thus, she applied some ointments on her forehead and turned around:

    “I will help you test the poison tomorrow. You can go to sleep for now.”

    Then, Su Li closed the door and went away lightly. Ling Li looked at the dim light in the room. His whole body was cool and the wounds no longer burned except that his veins were in slight pain. The poison in his body had been suppressed and wasn’t causing disorder.

    “I don’t know if Ling Mo has gotten the news...”

    Ling Li sighed and closed his eyes. In his mind, he saw Su Li’s wound on her neck, her weak figure guarding in front of him and unyielding appearance fighting desperately for him.

    They did not know each other at all. What was the reason for risking her life to save him?

    The next morning, common people in the Dasu Town saw the ruin of the Baicao Tang and worried about the safety of Su Li. However, Su Li usually appeared at night. They could only help Su Li clean up herb cabinets, waiting for her to come back.

    “How conscienceless is it to steal silver of the Baicao Tang!”

    “Hateful thief! Since you dare to steal herbs of the pharmacy, you better be careful of getting some disease!”

    “... I hear that the Nanjiang Country is very chaotic recently. Did the refugees from the Nanjiang Country do this?”

    “Alas, how chaotic!”

    Let the speeches among common people pass. At the moment, Su Li was answering questions about her forehead injury.

    “Second Miss, what is this injury on your head?”

    He Shi looked at the calico covered on Su Li’s head and was distressed, “If a scar is left, you will not be beautiful.”

    Su Li touched her forehead and smiled, “It doesn’t matter. I just had a fall. It is a minor injury and will be better after two days.”

    “That’s good.” He Shi breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I hear that there is a new powerful female doctor in the Baicao Tang. Miss, you can go here and maybe you won’t have a scar. However, I heard that the Baicao Tang was robbed. I don’t know if the female doctor is safe.”

    Su Li’s eyes flashed and said, “I will go at night.”

    After dealing with matters of the Baicao Tang, Su Li immediately returned to the valley. She saw that Ling Li was lying on a wicker chair in the yard. It seemed that his injuries were much better because he was able to walk.

    “Hierarch of the Yinmo Cult, Childe Li...”

    Su Li muttered and walked over. As early as the previous life, she should have known that the disappearance of the Yinmo Cult and the appearance of her disabled husband happened at the same time. The Hierarch of the Yinmo Cult certainly committed treason. The imperial court dreamed of destroying all evil influences in the martial arts circle. She was called a She-Devil in her previous life and bore the consequences.

    When Ling Li saw Su Li coming in, he turned his head and smiled revealing two small sharp canine teeth, “You are here.”

    If the smile was seen by those from the Yinmo Cult and the Xuelou Cult, their eyes would pop out of their heads. The Childe Li, who usually only smirked, sneered, and smiled evilly, had actually smiled warmly and softly?!

    Su Li gently replied and saw that Heidan and the little beggars were stripping to the waist and doing martial-art squats in the yard. There was no sign of Qu Qingning. Heidan looked at Ling Li from time to time even with a bit of worship.

    “Are you teaching them Xuangong?” Su Li inquiringly asked. Ling Li chuckled and nodded, “Because of what I owe you, I know I had to do something for you.”

    Su Li turned cool. She said with a cold voice, “Do you think that I saved you to get something in return?”

    Ling Li revealed his stunned expression and didn’t know how to reply. Before he opened his month, Su Li already snorted and walked away from the yard. He was chagrined and chased her at once.

    Heidan looked at them and laughed, “Boss Ling is definitely interested in Sister Li!”

    Some people replied, “Humph, we all know it. We are not idiots!”

    “Yes! Boss Ling’s life was saved by Sister Su Li. Of course, he should pledge to marry her!”

    These little beggars took it for granted, but Heidan showed sense and said, “We are in trouble. If Sister Li likes Boss Ling, what about our Big Brother?”

    “Yeah, our Big Brother doesn’t have a wife, either!”

    “ Don’t forget that there also is Boss Fang!”

    “Wow... It’s messy. Let’s leave them alone.”

    The group of little boys was twittering. Qu Qingning, who was hiding outside the yard, heard these and suddenly became angry. These stupid boys were ignorant. The youngster brought back by Su Li seemed only a little older than them, but his breath was unbelievable. He only saw the kind of breath on his family elders.

    If he fought with the youngster, he would not need more than one move for the youngster to become seriously injured.

    “What is the background of the youngster brought back by Su Li? He is actually a Young Master! Is he a prince?”

    Qu Qingning only felt a bit of toothache. There were the genius maiden who was skilled in both poison and medicine, the young patriarch of the Poisonous Insect Clan, as well as the Young Master in this small valley. It was a little scary.