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Chapter 59 Advent of Ling Mo

Lady Su's Revenge
     After a while, the last patient left happily with a medicine package in his hands. Su Li waved at the cool young person and said in a gentle voice, “Come here, I will apply some medicine to your wound.”

    With his eyes gleaming, Ling Mo walked over to sit across from Su Li. He didn’t lift the clothes off his shoulders. Instead, he asked, “Have you ever saved a young person who was about the same age as me half a month ago?”

    Su Li’s stopped grinding the medicine and looked up at Ling Mo for a moment. Suddenly, she smiled and said, “What’s your relationship with that young person? What does it matter if I saved him and if I didn’t?”

    Ling Mo tightened his pupil and said coldly, “Take me to see him! It will only bring you a fatal disaster if our relationship is exposed! You are only a doctor, so don’t ask what you should or should not do.”

    Su Li’s smile gradually faded away after she heard that and her eyes grew colder than Ling Mo’s. “Fatal disaster? I remember that you wanted to kill me for a long time. If I kill your master, it is only right and proper that he pay me for your life, right?”

    Su Li changed her expression slowly to her original appearance when she said that.

    Ling Mo’s look changed dramatically, and he stepped away instantly away from Su Li. He asked with obvious intention to kill, “You killed the master?”

    Su Li cleared her nails slowly and smiled, “His body was covered with blood when he came here. He was seriously injured by knives and swords, and his legs were broken. There was even strange poison flowing with the blood in his body and he was about to die. If I didn’t kill him, he wouldn’t have survived by himself. Why are you angry with me?”

    “I will kill you!”

    With his eyes turning to bloody red in an instant, Ling Mo drew the sharp sword from his waist, and directly stabbed at Su Li’s face.

    Meanwhile, the blood gushed out from Ling Mo’s shoulder and wet his chest instantly!

    Su Li tilted her head and easily avoided the sword. Ling Mo was shocked. Then Su Li’s index finger gently tapped the front end of the sword.


    There was a continuous humming sound in the air, and a tremendous force was passed from the front end of the sword. Ling Mo’s wrist trembled violently and his wound cracked deeper in his shoulder. He couldn’t hold the long sword any more, and it fell to the ground and produced a whine.


    Ling Mo was very angry, the enemy who killed his brother was in front of him but he could do nothing. If he were in the peak period of his strength, he wouldn’t have dropped his long sword!

    All of a sudden, Ling Mo rose his head, spitted out a mouthful black blood and fell to the ground. As Su Li slowly approached, he was unable to hold on to his indomitable tenacity and he passed out in an instant.

    Su Li picked up Ling Mo with one hand and threw him beside the door, then shook her head and cleaned the ground.

    There were troubles, one after another, since she had saved Ling Li. Although this young bastard was obviously poisoned, he managed to hold enough breath to start a fight.

    “Well, I will save this young person’s life for his sake.”

    After clearing up the room, Su Li picked up the long sword and carried Ling Mo to run all the way to the entrance of the valley, then she started to support him with hands.

    Fang Yuan and Qu Qingning vigilantly walked out when they heard the noise, they thought Su Li would not come to the valley at this time.

    When they walked to the entrance of the valley, the two were stunned to see that Su Li, once again, had brought back a young person. Where did Su Li abduct this seriously injured person? Did he come to her like Ling Li?

    When they walked to the bamboo building, Ling Li who blocked his own cultivation heard the noises. After opening the door, he saw the young person brought by Su Li, and his face changed dramatically in an instant.

    “Ling Mo!”

    Ling Li walked to them in a hurry and asked tensely, “Where do you find him? How is the injury?”

    The large bloodstains on Ling Mo’s chest, the wounds cut through the shoulders and the crisscross scars across his whole body made Ling Li’s knuckles whiten. And there was a trace of panic on his face which was usually calm.

    Su Li’s heart passed a hint of discomfort when she saw Ling Li’s look. Then she said shortly, “He will not die. Fang Yuan, move him to the yard.”

    Fang Yuan nodded and was going to move him, Ling Li shook his head and said, “Let him stay with me—”

    “If I say that he will stay in the yard, then he will stay in the yard!” Su Li’s voice suddenly rose to a higher pitch, and she said coldly, “Ling Li, don’t forget that I am the owner of this valley!”

    Ling Li narrowed his eyes slightly, stood up immediately and confronted Su Li, “I will stay with him in the yard then, and you take the bamboo building back.”

    Su Li suddenly smiled with anger, “You can go with him then. I won’t stop you and I will not detoxify the poison in your body!”

    Ling Li’s face darkened. “That’s alright. If you won’t detoxify the poison for me, then I will take him away.”

    Ling Li moved to carry Ling Mo on his back and prepared to leave the valley.

    Su Li said leisurely, “You don’t cherish your own life, I have nothing to say. However, there is poison in Ling Mo’s body as well. If you leave, he will be dead within a day, and don’t blame me for not reminding you of that.”

    Hearing that, Ling Li completely stopped his movements, and the air was still for a moment. A breath of inexplicable horror slowly emanated from him.

    Fang Yuan and Qu Qingning hummed unanimously, and there was a hint of astonishment in their eyes.

    It was a force that only senior with inborn hurdles can master!

    Ling Li was really a senior with inborn hurdles, and a supreme youngster!

    Su Li looked pale. She clenched her silver teeth and there were tears welling up in her eyes. It turned out that in his heart she wasn’t even as good as Ling Mo.

    “If you use your cultivation, I will never care about you again!”

    Hearing the tearful her voice in a stubborn tone, Ling Li was stunned and turned back. He saw tears in Su Li’s eyes. He loosened his hands and forced a bitter smile.

    What was I arguing for with this girl...

    In the end, Fang Yuan successfully placed Ling Mo in the yard. Su Li came with a drug in her hands to cure his wounds. However, she didn’t treat him carefully. Although Ling Mo was in a coma, he couldn’t help but groan. Helping with the cure, Fang Yuan’s eyes were twitching after he saw that.

    Su Li’s temper was getting harder and harder to guess since Ling Li came here.

    Outside the house, Ling Li, Qu Qingning and other people sat together. Ling Li worried about Ling Mo so much that his eyes told everything. Although Ling Mo was only a page boy he picked up when he was a child, he had always treated Ling Mo as his brother. If anything bad happened to Ling Mo, how could he go back and explain to the other brothers?

    “Don’t worry!” Qu Qingning comforted him, “Su Li’s medicine skill is very good. She even saved your life, let alone a young person.”

    Ling Li only slightly nodded without saying anything, but Ling Mo’s bloody wound on his right shoulder cut through by a spear appeared from time to time in his mind.

    Heidan and others were also there, whispering.

    “Miss Su is so strange today, and she got mad for no reason!”

    “In my opinion, Sister Su Li is obviously jealous!”

    “What? Jealous of whom?!” A group of blockheads all looked at Heidan who had just spoken.

    Heidan smiled slyly and whispered, “Who can it be? It must be Boss Ling. Didn’t you see Boss Ling was nervous about that young person? Sister Su Li must be very jealous, therefore, she got mad.”

    “Wow, that actually makes sense!”

    Qu Qingning and Ling Li’s ears were so keen that they could distinctly hear their whispering. Qu Qingning’s face immediately turned dark. He turned back and shouted, “You bastard, how can you gossip like that? Get out of here immediately, and hold your tongue!”

    Heidan opened his eyes wide. He didn’t expect that everything he said would be heard. He took a group of errand boys out of the yard in a hurry.

    “Haha, those blockheads are talking nonsense, don’t take it seriously.” Qu Qingning turned back with a hollow smile on his face. Though he thought that Ling Li always looked cool, he hoped Su Li would never like him!

    Ling Li nodded calmly, but the calmness in his heart was disturbed. In his mind, he thought of the inexplicable quarrel. The picture of Su Li’s tearful eyes became clearer.

    That young girl had shown a very abnormal emotion towards him since they met each other. Did she really know me, and is she really... Xue?


    At this time, the sound of the door opening interrupted Ling Li’s thought. Su Li walked out with an indifferent face. She glanced at Ling Li who was about to speak but said nothing and she said nothing and turned away.

    It’s really embarrassing...

    Fang Yuan shook his head and sighed, he said the words that Su Li didn’t say, “Su Li already cleaned up the poison in Ling Mo’s body, and the veins in his shoulders have been connected. But he was so seriously injured that he should rely on his own cultivation and rest for three or four days to fully recover.”

    Ling Li was relieved, and he quietly returned to the bamboo building, and only saw Su Li who looked tired was testing poison for him again.

    Ling Li was deeply impressed and stood behind Su Li. After a long-time he said softly, “I’m deeply sorry for my behavior. He is a brother who means a lot to me...and thank you.”

    Su Li’s paused her movement, and the anger in her heart disappeared in an instant after she heard the two words the arrogant man said. She pretended to hum coldly, however, the corner of her mouth could not help but lift upwards.

    Ling Li stood behind her and couldn’t see her face. He scratched his head after hearing the cold hum. He had never been alone with a woman in his previous and present life. How could he know that Su Li was in a good mood at the moment?

    It was late night. Ling Li could not fall asleep. He got up and saw Su Li, he couldn’t help but suggest, “It’s too late to go back today, so you’d better sleep here tonight.”

    Su Li didn’t move for an instant, then she turned around, opened the bamboo door and left without even took a glance at Ling Li.

    Ling Li became even more confused, then he suddenly came to realize that Su Li might have misunderstand something. He merely wanted her to stay in the yard...


    The boundless darkness lasted for an unlimited time, Ling Mo opened his eyes with great effort, however, the vision he saw was unclear.

    Was here the hell?

    He remembered the scene of being in a coma in front of Su Li.

    His sight was blurred for a moment, but it was suddenly clear. Ling Mo finally saw clearly what he saw. It is... a roof.

    Am I still alive?

    Ling Mo was stunned. He had no strength to fight back, and Su Li had no reason to let him live.

    Suddenly he saw some dim figures walked to him. He managed to looked around and immediately saw a row of boys who were blinking their eyes. It seemed that they were no more than eight or nine years old. The clothes they put on were very clean and tidy.

    “Is he awake?”

    Heidan pointed to the face of Ling Mo and asked, the blockheads behind him suddenly nodded all together, and then Heidan knocked the young person’s head.

    “What are you waiting for? Go and get the big brothers!”

    A group of boys immediately left with loud noises.

    Big brother?

    Ling Mo was full of doubts. Was he saved by the leader of an organization?

    After a while, a figure rushed into the house like a phantom. Ling Mo immediately widened his eye after he saw the person. He dared not to believe it and shouted, “Master?!”

    Ling Li breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Ling Mo was able to speak. He said with a smile, “Take it easy, you lucky bastard. It’s all right.”

    “But yesterday...”

    Before Ling Mo finished his words, Heidan interrupted, “Sister Su Li carried you back. You were nearly dead and Sister Su Li saved your life. Boss Ling would already have been dead if Sister Su Li didn’t save him.”

    “Brat, you really do say anything!” Qu Qingning heard Heidan’s clamor as soon as he came in, his face turned completely dark and he went after Heidan to beat him.

    Ling Mo was completely confused at the screams of Heidan.

    What the hell was going on...

    After the farce ended, the other people left, and the master and servant talked. Ling Mo revealed everything about last night.

    Ling Li was in silence again after heard that and he said a moment later, “Zhao Ming is from the Blood Refining Hall.”

    Ling Mo’s look changed, and he immediately figured out the reason why Su Li helped him.