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Chapter 60 An Outside Concubine?

Lady Su's Revenge
     “Su Li was testing you last night,” Ling Li said in a calm voice. “If you didn’t get angry and start a fight last night, she might not have saved you, or brought you here.”

    Hearing this, Ling Mo involuntarily blurted out, “Master, is Su Li your concubine?”

    Ling Li’s face worked with surprise and he shouted angrily, “What!? Don’t ever say that again.”


    Ling Mo nodded obediently, but somehow he had a sense that the master was covering up something.

    The peerless enchantress in Yinmo Cult passed through his mind and the corner of his mouth spontaneously rose up. He really didn’t know… It was a pity that Su Li’s appearance couldn’t compare with that enchantress. As a person pursuing perfection, the master would probably choose the peerless enchantress over Su Li.

    “By the way, how did you find yourself here?”

    Ling Mo immediately became serious after hearing Ling Li’s question. He said in a low voice, “Master, after you went to the banquet that day, I led some men to the border and killed the enemy’s General before Second Brother Ling confronted the enemy, and the whole mission went extremely smoothly. I went to the border branch to find you after dismissing the subordinates, but I was ambushed. When I got rid of the assassinator, I looked for you and heard that the herbal medicine shop in Dasu Town was robbed, therefore, I came to find out what happened.”

    Ling Li said nothing after hearing that and fell into meditation. Ling Mo spontaneously kept quiet. After a while, Ling Li looked up and his eyes were a little red.

    “Take the men of the Xuelou Cult to the branch in Qinghe Province when you recover. If there are no traitors, hide yourself there. If there are traitors, kill them and keep that as a secret. Then come back and wipe out the border branch.”

    Ling Mo nodded without hesitation, because he lived as a sword to kill for the master!

    “Then...” Ling Li continued in a relaxing and a little gentle tone at once, “Go to the Dasu Town and investigate the Su House. I heard that Su Li was thrown out of the house. You go and find out what happened.”

    There was a hint of strange smile spontaneously appeared on Ling Mo’s face after hearing this.

    Master was really a double-faced man.

    Ling Mo left the valley three days later. Su Li didn’t care about his whereabouts, because Fang Yuan told her that the polished glutinous rice that was fermented had already began to produce wine.

    Su Li came in a hurry. Without even looking at Ling Li, she rushed into the storehouse and moved out the jars of the polished glutinous rice.

    Ling Li was curious, so he came over to find out what happened, and was told to give a hand to Su Li.

    A heavy fragrance of wine was floating in the air after the jars were opened. Ling Li was impressed and involuntarily asked, “Are you making wine?”

    Su Li gave him a meaningful look, but said with sarcasm, “Isn’t that obvious? Has the Hierarch Ling hurt his brain due to all the wounds?”

    By now, Ling Li was accustomed to her temperament. He judiciously shut up and didn’t ask again. However, he felt his heart beat faster.

    Only methods learned in a previous life could produce such a good wine! The winery’s methods in Dahan Country was by no means the same as this. Su Li was certainly related to his former world!

    Su Li ignored Ling Li, who was in a daze. She put a net on the barrel by herself, poured the fermented wine to the barrel through the net and sprinkled cold water on the wine. As tiny droplets of water spattered, her eyes gradually lost focus, and pictures one after another appeared in her mind.

    That man sat on a wooden chair and guided her to move the jars and poured the liquid out to make the best wine with a large variety of tastes.

    “Su Li, are you all right?”

    Su Li instantly woke up and saw the face of the man in front of her. There was less tenderness and more indifference on this face.

    “I’m fine.”

    Su Li took a deep breath and began to rub the rice with her hands until only the sweet ferment rice remained and the rice residue was dumped. Then the filter process started. There was a whole jar of thick wine left after the polished glutinous rice in all the jars were filtered.

    Ling Li voluntarily moved the jar to kitchen and poured the thick wine into the pot.

    Su Li looked at this scene in a trance and there was an impulse in her heart. She wanted to tell him everything and live out her life with him in the valley.

    But she knew that all this was nothing but a delusion.

    They would have no reason to be in touch after she healed Ling Li’s wounds. She could only help him to become an emperor in secret. They would never meet again in this life. It was her fate that she should go back to hell, and there was no need to take him with her.

    “You boil it and pour it into the porcelain drum after it is boiled.” Su Li said in a little trembling tone, and she took another deep breath and restored her thoughts, “There are dry osmanthus and sugar in my bamboo room. You should know how to do it.”

    She left the valley ignoring the look of Ling Li’s shocked face.

    “It’s really you, Xue.”

    Ling Li looked at the thick wine in the pot and didn’t move. He wanted to catch up with Su Li and ask her why she killed him in the previous life. However, he still couldn’t pluck up enough courage.

    Su Li didn’t return to the valley for days. She had already tried out the new poison. The remaining medicine packs were placed on the table according to corresponding days. As long as Ling Li was not a fool, he would take the medicine on time.

    One day, Su Li came to the Baiwei Building, but she didn’t see the cringing Shopkeeper Wu as usual.

    “Miss, Shopkeeper Wu caught a cold and is completely bedridden. I’m thought that it would be inappropriate for me to send the account book.” He Shi came over to tell her reason and smiled embarrassedly with a hand on his head.

    There were many chief cooks in the Baiwei Building, however, He Shi still ranked number one among them. It was not only because he was the first man who went and sought refuge with the Baiwei Building, but because he had used Su Li’s cooking skills in the past half-year’s operation to make great progress in his own cooking skills. He could even cook the precious Beggar’s Chicken all by himself.

    He Shi only told Su Li the secret and didn’t inform the Su House. He vaguely knew the attitude of the Su Family towards Su Li. He regarded Su Li as a master. Therefore, he chose to stand on Su Li’ side and felt discontent towards the Su Family.

    “Then I will send it by myself. I haven’t been home for a long time and don’t know how father is doing.”

    Su Li sighed and He Shi spontaneously felt sad in his heart. Su Li was an excellent woman, and it was a pity that she was born in a ruthless family. Unfortunately, he was incapable of changing Su Li’s destiny and could do nothing but feel sorry for her.

    Su Li sat in the carriage without emotions in her heart. The carriage stopped in front of the Su House. Su Li’s look already returned to its usual gentleness, and she walked to the Su House.

    Su Li was stopped by two strange guards before she could step into the Su House.

    “The owner ordered that miscellaneous freeloaders were not allowed to enter the house anymore!”

    Su Li seemed to be frightened and she retorted with white face, “Who are you? I am the Second Miss of the Su House. Why haven’t I seen you before?”

    The guard standing on the right sneered and the words he said were full of smugness, “Of course we know Second Miss. We are all guards of Old Lady Su. Second Miss, please leave. The old lady ordered that you are not allowed to come back to the Su House during this period!”

    Su Li’s body slightly trembled and she stepped back several steps with unfocused eyes. Even the account book in her hands fell to the ground.

    Seeing the account book, he picked it up instantly and said, “You are sending the account book, then I will deliver it for you. Second Miss, please leave!”

    Tears welled up in Su Li’s eyes, and a drop them splashed on the ground. The left guard couldn’t bear to see that and he wanted to step aside. However, he was warned by the right guard with a wink. The right guard whispered, “Don’t forget how Xiaojiu and others were thrown out of the Su House!”

    The left guard was stiff and immediately stopped moving. Looking up, he could only saw the back of Su Li who was climbing into the carriage.

    Su Li wiped away tears and quickly returned to indifference after entering the carriage. Fang Yuan, who was driving the carriage, heard the quick recovering breath of Su Li and he couldn’t help asking, “Why are you doing this? With your achievements in the poison, isn’t it a piece of cake to deal with the Su House?”

    Su Li laughed and said, “That’s boring. If I only wanted this, why bother to come back...”

    Fang Yuan’s heart was full of doubts, “Come back?

    What does that mean?”

    They had promised not to investigate each other, but now Fang Yuan wanted to know what the previous life was like for her and then he would have liked to help her to vent her anger!

    Putting aside this matter, let’s talk about the other.

    In the Jinyuan Court.

    Zhu Yan and Su Zipei were immediately informed of Su Li’s departure, and they laughed out after hearing that Su Li shed tears, “Hahaha, mother, this method is really effective. I remember when Su Li was thrown out that day, there wasn’t even a drop of tears in her eyes, I actually thought that she didn’t care.”

    Zhu Yan leisurely touched her stomach and said with a smile on her face, “It’s merely a petty advantage. You should have a more long-term vision. It will better after we have thrown her out of the Su House.”

    “I see, mother!” Su Zipei turned her eyes and whispered, “Mother, do you have any good ideas?”

    “Well, you go to Witch Tang again and do these things...”

    Su Zipei’s eyes lit up and she said, “Great! Grandma will force father to marry Su Li off after listening to Witch Tang. Then, Su Li will have to stay at Dasu Town and cannot go to Yunjing! Mother, you are so brilliant!”

    Zhu Yan felt content after hearing her daughter’s compliments. She reached out her hand to scrape Su Zipei’s nose and said, “Go now and be careful not to be seen.”

    “I know!”

    Su Zipei changed into inconspicuous clothes and sneaked away from the back door of the Jinyuan Court. She didn’t see a shadow immediately follow her when she left the Su House.

    After half an hour, Su Zipei smugly returned to the Jinyuan Court. She thought that no one knew it and confidently went to her mother to claim merits.

    Ling Mo, who was in the dark, gave a cold hum and left.

    In the valley, Ling Li held a pot of osmanthus wine and half lay on the cane chair. It was such a sunny day that he had narrow his eyes comfortably.

    A breeze blew on his face at this moment.

    Ling Li still closed his eyes and said, “You are back. How is the thing going?”

    Ling Mo stood firm and saw the wine pot in the master’s hand. He shook his head and smiled. He didn’t expect master to drink wine in such a leisurely and carefree mood. It seemed that the blood poison in his body was no longer a problem.

    “Master, Zhao Ming really did hide in the branch of Qinghe Province. I have already killed him and a few traitors there. In addition, the border branch has been wiped out and the new branch candidates are still waiting for your decision.”

    Ling Li hummed an ok, then he sat up immediately and opened his eyes, and Ling Mo seldom saw he was so serious. Then Ling Li asked, “What do you find about the matter of Su Li?”

    Ling Mo remembered what he saw in the daytime and he thought about it silently. He wanted to look for an expression that wouldn’t make the master angry, but it turned out that he could find nothing. Then he sighed and said, “The situation with Su Li does not seem to be that...”

    “What?!” Ling Li sat straighter while he himself didn’t noticed it yet, “Tell me about it and do not miss any details.”

    Ling Mo felt strange and finally he told Ling Li all what he saw and heard.

    Ling Li simultaneously bit his lips like he had some difficulties in breath after hearing Su Li’s suffering since childhood. The scene when he first met Su Li appeared in his mind again, and it turned out that her life wasn’t as great as it first seemed.

    In contrast, how happy was I in this life!

    “I also heard that the First Madam of the Su House, the mother of Miss Su Li, bought off a witch to say that Su Li would affect her brother’s life. Old Lady Su believed her and they threw Miss Su Li out of the Su House. Zhu Yan was still unsatisfied, so she bought off the witch today and came up with a more extreme idea.”

    At this point, Ling Mo looked at Ling Li’s angry face and continued in a light tone, “I think Miss Su Li will be forced to marry an old and ugly beggar before long by the Old Lady Su. Su Li will never have a chance to rise again!”