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Chapter 63 Are You Xue?

Lady Su's Revenge
     There was a horrible energy breaking out in the bamboo building strong enough to lift its roof! Su Li was the first one to get hurt. The blood spilt out from her mouth. But she still did not leave Ling Li and continued to pass more hot liquid.

    Ling Li tasted the blood. He was shocked and immediately stopped the energy.

    Su Li’s eyes could hardly open and she struggled to pass the last nostrum. Then she released her hand and completely fainted.

    Ling Li immediately hugged Su Li and his feeling was complicated. He remembered that he suspected Su Li had tried to kill him before. He felt guilty.

    At this time, there were some loud sounds.

    Qu Qingning and Ling Mo came first. Seeing Ling Li hugging Su Li, they were dumbfounded. What happened?

    Ling Li’s face was red and he struggled to explain, “When Su Li treated my injury, she accidentally hurt herself. Don’t think too much.”

    Ling Mo scratched his head and did not know where to look. He turned his head and saw Qu Qingning was also awkward. Both of them smiled forced smiles and said at the same time, “I’ll clean up the bamboo building! You go to clean up the yard!”


    Then, the atmosphere suddenly became more embarrassing.

    Ling Li snorted and left with Su Li in his arms. He said without looking back, “Both of you go to clean up the bamboo building!”

    In the room of the yard, Ling Li carefully placed Su Li on the bed and covered her with a quilt gently. Then he slightly wiped the blood on her mouth as his mind drifted far away.

    Over the month, he had suspected the purpose of Su Li’s detoxification many times. He did not expect that he was too narrow-minded and would ultimately hurt her.

    After he ran his cultivation, Ling Li was suddenly puzzled. Why did his cultivation break through to the inborn eighth hurdle?!

    Before he was injured, he reached the inborn sixth peak hurdle. How could he break through to the inborn eighth hurdle in just one month? As Ling Li remembered the poison which he had taken those days and every pain he had suffered from, he suddenly understood.

    His sight fell on Su Li’s sleeping face again and he murmured, “You did it on purpose. You intentionally helped me improve my martial arts through blood poison. But you didn’t explain anything.”

    Ling Li’s feeling was more complicated. Why would Su Li do so much for him?

    Seeing Su Li sleeping more and more peacefully and even smiling warmly, Ling Li was subconsciously jealous. What had she seen in her dream? She was so happy... She never smiled at me.

    Ling Li was fascinated and quietly stayed with Su Li. All of a sudden, he bent down and extended his hand with hesitation. He gently touched Su Li’s face like a thief.

    How smooth! She was only fifteen years old and was one year younger than me...

    As Ling Li was entertaining foolish ideas, he suddenly felt something wrong. He suddenly looked up and saw Su Li’s face slowly changing. She was more and more beautiful and dazzling as well as attractive...

    Ling Li was so surprised that his lips opened a little. He said, “This is... Nothing Unusual!”

    Ling Li suddenly grew angry. They had gotten along with each other for one mouth. But the girl never showed her true features! At the same time, he chuckled to himself. Was he the only one who had seen her true features?

    No! Nothing Unusual was an extremely precious disguise skill, and her poison skills couldn’t be self-taught. He was sure that there was an unfathomable master behind her. “But no matter how powerful her master was, he couldn’t be as powerful as me.” Ling Li thought.

    “Have I fallen in love with her?”

    Ling Li was a mess. His mood was worse than a senior.

    Ling Mo stood outside like a robot. He didn’t dare to peek at and he wouldn’t let anyone in. The energy just now... The master must have broken through to the inborn seventh hurdle. And he was only sixteen-years-old. The master really was a genius!

    After two hours, Su Li’s eyebrows twitched and her eyes were about to open. When Ling Li saw this, he immediately left the room.

    At the moment when Ling Li left, Su Li opened her eyes and sat up. She kneaded the area between her eyebrows.

    “I fainted.”

    Remembering what happened in the bamboo building, Su Li immediately got out of bed. When she went to the door and touched her face, she suddenly realized something and immediately ran the Nothing Unusual again. Then she opened the door to go out.

    When Ling Li heard the sound of opening the door, he immediately pretended to turn his head and said with a sigh of relief, “You finally woke up.”

    When Su Li saw that everyone was normal, she was also relieved. She asked, “How long have I been out?”

    “Only two hours. It is early now.” Qu Qingning replied while he kept looking at Ling Li and Su Li. “What happened just now? Why was the roof of the bamboo building lifted?”

    Su Li shook her head and said, “The final step of detoxification was a little noisy. Fortunately, it was successful. Ling Li, how do you feel now?”

    Ling Li was shocked and said immediately, “The poison has gone. I am sorry to bother you.”

    Such a tone coming from his master shocked Ling Mo, who knew his master very well. Had his master actually fallen in love with Su Li?

    Su Li nodded slightly and took out a black porcelain bottle from her waist. She poured out a black pill and said, “Take it.”

    Ling Li took over and took it without any questions. He did not want to disappoint Su Li again.

    After he took it, however, he saw that Su Li was looking at him in shock and asked, “Why don’t you ask me what it is?”

    Ling Li laughed loudly and said, “Is it still poison? I believe you.”

    Su Li’s expression grew more suspicious. Ling Li’s expression changed and he immediately felt anguished. It was the symptom of poisoning!


    Ling Mo pulled out his sword and pointed it at Su Li with a murderous look, “Hand over the antidote!”

    Qu Qingning immediately looked cold and stood in front of Su Li.

    Ling Li touched his chest and frowned. He couldn’t figure out why Su Li detoxified him just now but then asked him to take poison.

    Su Li was calm and put her hands on her back. When she saw Ling Li was so painful that he had bent over, she was still calm. If she wanted to succeed, she must pay the cost. In order to make Ling Li stronger, she had worked hard for a month and had spent 100,000 taels.

    Suddenly, Ling Li felt that the pain had receded like tides. He returned to his original state in a moment. There was no sign of poisoning.

    Ling Mo was stunned too and he slowly took back his sword. His mouth twitched uncontrollably. Su Li was a real prankster.

    “You cheated me again.”

    Ling Li dried the sweat and smiled bitterly. After getting along with Su Li for a month, he was still at a loss as to her intent. Whenever he thought he had learned Su Li’s purpose, he would be proven to be wrong. He had never felt such uncontrollability in this life.

    “I did not cheat you.”

    Su Li slowly put away the black porcelain bottle and said, “What you had indeed was acute poison stronger than blood poison. It was your body that detoxified the poison.”

    After Ling Li heard the words, he said nothing. After a long time, he uttered five words dubiously, “Physique impervious to all poisons?”

    “You exaggerate,” Su Li said cooly, “It works for ninety percent of poison at most. If you have a strange poison, you have to come to me personally.”

    “It turned out that this was the reason why you asked me to take the poison.”

    Ling Li’s sight became more and more complicated. He had guessed wrong once again. It turned out that she had improved his cultivation passingly. The real purpose was the magical physique.

    All the people in the martial arts circle wanted to have the physique which was impervious to all poisons. If it could be possessed by someone, his viability would be improved a lot. Ling Li also looked for the method of practicing such physique. But he failed. He did not expect that he had realized it with the help of Su Li.

    “Do not look at me in that way. I just do not want to see that someone who I have saved with lots of efforts was poisoned again.” Su Li smiled and said, “That would be a great insult to me.”

    Ling Li touched his chest. He had a narrow escape this month and got too many benefits from Su Li. He did not know how to thank her.

    Was she compensating him to such an extent because what she had done in her previous life?

    Ling Li was struggling and kept silent for a long time. Finally, he did not ask but took out a delicate cyan jade token from his arms and put it in Su Li’s hand. He said, “If you meet any difficulties, go to any Tianya House with the cyan jade token. You can use all my servants freely.”


    When Ling Mo saw Ling Li gave the token to Su Li, his face immediately changed and he was about to speak. But he was stopped by Ling Li’s glare.

    Su Li looked at the cyan jade token and was lost in thought. She saw half of it from her disabled husband in previous life. In this life... it was complete.

    Even if she couldn’t find him, it was good to keep it as a souvenir.

    Thinking of this, Su Li put away the token. She said with a nonchalant look, “You still have some conscience. If I did not have food to eat someday, I would exchange it for money.”

    Knowing Su Li was joking, Ling Li was able neither to cry nor to laugh.

    Ling Mo was helpless. In his opinion, Su Li certainly didn’t know the power of the token. Otherwise, she would not be so calm. It was the token which could dispatch all the members of the Yinmo Cult, the Xuelou Cult, and the Tianya House!

    The status of the jade token was the same as the Hierarch!

    This was the only one!

    Since Ling Li said he would leave tomorrow, Su Li did not go to the Baicao Tang but cooked many delicious dishes in the yard. All the dishes were so delicious that Qu Qingning and Ling Mo could not stop eating.

    Ling Li picked up a piece of chicken with chopsticks but it was difficult for him to swallow. When Su Li saw this, she grew sadder.

    Ling Mo did not notice the abnormality of the two persons. He fully joined in the food eating competition. Although he was distinguished now, he was, at heart, still a little beggar who seized food from a wild dog when he was young. How could he waste such delicious dishes?

    “Don’t seize food. Save some for me!”

    Qu Qingning felt like weeping but had no tears. He enjoyed wealth and honor from an early age. He had never seen such a situation. Finally, he just ate a little before it all ran out.

    Putting down the bowl and chopsticks, Su Li got up and went to the door. She turned back and said, “Ling Li, come out with me.”

    Ling Li became stiff and slowly got up.

    Was it the time for a showdown?

    He was emotionally in turmoil but managed to calm down. He went out with Su Li.

    “What happened to them?” Qu Qingning was confused, “It seems that the situation is bad for Fang Yuan. It is obvious that if Ling Li falls in love with Su Li...”

    Qu Qingning was gloating and immediately remembered the girl he lost in the war. He fell into a deep melancholy.

    The wind outside the valley was cold and there were signs of winter.

    In the blink of an eye, it had been nearly one year since the rebirth of Su Li. Under her control, the situation was now completely different from that of her previous life.

    Ling Li looked at the stars and sighed inside. He came to this world unknowingly 16 years ago.

    “What do you want to ask?”

    The wind blew her hair. Su Li turned back and her expression was inexplicable. Ling Li felt the inexplicably firm temperament of the girl.

    “I’m afraid that if I ask, you will be angry.” Ling Li shrugged his shoulders and jokingly said, “Perhaps you get angry and poison me again.”

    “I have no money.”

    Su Li stared at Ling Li and said honestly, “All the money was spent on your physique. I have no money to poison you. Rest assured.”

    Ling Li remembered that Su Li had tens of thousands of silver.

    He was stunned for a moment and suppressed his throbbing. He took a deep breath and said, “A long time ago, I killed many people to protect one girl. In order to help her cement her position as the head of a family, I was willing to give it all up. She also could make wine. The osmanthus wine was my favorite. She could also cook well. All the dishes... were my favorites.”

    Ling Li was getting immersed in memories but did not find that Su Li’s look was growing colder.

    “She could also refine poison and only a few people could detoxify it. Finally, she personally poisoned me. I didn’t know what I had owed her and what kind of resentment she had in her heart. I don’t know whether she has come here with me or not. I have gradually suspected your identity since I met you.”

    Ling Li raised his head and faced Su Li. He asked, “Are you Xue?”