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Chapter 64 Meeting Again at an Unspecified Date

Lady Su's Revenge
     The sound of wind disappeared at a moment and there was a terrible silence.

    Looking at the dark eyes of the girl, Ling Li’s heart beat wildly. He was almost sure of the identity of the girl in front of him, but when he saw Su Li’s reaction, his hands and feet turned cold.

    Su Li’s eyes were gloomy and flashed a moment of confusion. After a moment of silence, she suddenly made a self-mockery that she couldn’t say clearly and that she didn’t know, “Who is Xue?...Who is she to you?”

    Ling Li was surprised. Was I wrong? He wanted to see any signs of pretense on Su Li’s face, but he was disappointed.

    Su Li burst out a series of low laughter. The calm tone of voice was brewing a magma-like rage, “I did so much, but you thought I was Xue…”

    Ling Li didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter. He coughed and said, “Don’t get me wrong. I just asked casually. If you are not, then forget it.”

    Before the words were finished, Ling Li saw that the girl threw something. He subconsciously took it and opened his palm. His face changed instantly. This was the Hierarch’s token that he had just given her now.

    Then, the girl spoke with a calm and peaceful tone of voice.

    “Presumably Hierarch Ling sent out the jade token with ulterior motives. Now that you know I’m not her, I can’t take the jade token either. Since you will leave tomorrow, you should rest.”

    Then Su Li smiled. She waved her hands decently instead of being moody and rude.

    “Let’s meet again at an unspecified date, Ling Li.”

    Then Su Li turned around without any reluctance and disappeared slowly in the valley path.

    Ling Li was in a trance and suddenly felt that he seemed to have lost something of great importance. He wanted to call Su Li back, but he racked his brains and had no reason to do so.

    She was just a beautiful young girl from a small family in the Dasu Town, and he was living a precarious life. He looked bright, but he walked at the point of a knife in his step…Why did he get her involved and put her in danger?

    “Maybe I shouldn’t think too much, and our tie has already ended.”

    Ling Li took a look at the jade token in his hand and silently put it away.

    Deep sighs were slowly disappearing from the night.

    The next morning, Su Li came in early, but Ling Li and Ling Mo had already left as expected. For Su Li, what happened over the month was just like a dream. The person in her heart had left without any traces.

    Seeing Su Li coming, Qu Qingning said regrettably, “That’s the Young Master of the Yinmo Cult. His personal jade token must have a great value. How foolish you are to return the jade token!”

    Su Li shook her head slightly and said, “Even if we took it, we wouldn’t need it. We’d better not do so.”

    “What you said seems to make sense.” Qu Qingning said and took out a wooden token and handed it to Su Li, “But Ling Li didn’t think so. Since you didn’t accept the jade token, he left this wooden token for you.” Although the function is not as strong as that of the jade token, it can also mobilize the people of the Yinmo Cult in the Qinghe Province.”

    Su Li squinted slightly and hesitated for a moment. Then she took the wooden token and put it away next. She didn’t say anything, turned around, and left the valley.

    Qu Qingning scratched his head and couldn’t help saying to himself, “I really don’t get it. What on earth happened between them?”

    After three days—

    A luxurious carriage passed by in a smooth official road.

    Ling Li put on the jade bone mask again. It could be seen through the cracks in the curtain that Ling Mo, who was controlling the carriage, wore a bamboo hat and grey sackcloth, which was a standard suit of a driver.

    “Master, we can reach Yunjing in two days.”

    Ling Li absently gave a gentle hum and touched his lips with his fingertips, as if there was still some residual softness on that day. He thought that he would not think of the girl when he decided to do so, but he found that even if he didn’t think of her consciously, he would occasionally remember the moody, slightly savage and petite figure in his mind.

    “I’m full of miscellaneous thoughts. Su Li, you have replaced Xue as my new obsession after only a month…”

    From the carriage, he heard another sigh, and Ling Mo twisted his mouth. After the master left the valley, he didn’t look normal. Was he infected by the mad girl?

    In his short life of more than ten years, Ling Mo had never had contact with such a woman. On the subject of knowing women, he was not as good as Ling Li. But the moody Su Li was a real mad girl in his eyes.

    But Su Li completely returned to her normal state on the second day of Ling Li’s departure. She was busy with her daily schedule. Unlike Ling Li, she knew more about what was going to happen in this life. She knew more about the urgency of time and couldn’t afford to waste time on sentimentality.

    It was worth mentioning that on that day when she detoxified Ling Li, she suffered from a great shock which caused several cracks in the bottleneck. Su Li saved herself from hard work for three days and broke through to the inborn first hurdle ahead of time because of these cracks. The impurities resulting from undergoing a complete change were discharged out of the body. Her bones were as bright as jade, just like the fine chalcedony. Soon, pure and flawless blood passed through her veins and tendons.

    Washing off the overflowing dirt, Su Li found that her skin had become more delicate and fairer. It was as smooth as cream and was cool and mild to touch.

    “Do I have flesh of ice and bones of jade?”

    Reflection flickered in Su Li’s eyes. It was said that the flesh of ice and bones of jade formed the essential physique pursued by every woman in the martial arts circle. With the help of this physique, women who practiced with feminine practice methods would inevitably get twice the result with half the effort.

    She struggled to explore by herself to the inborn hurdle in previous life. Sure enough, she didn’t get such benefits. Now she accidentally had flesh of ice and bones of jade, and still needed time to understand.

    After the breakthrough, Su Li had new insight into cooking skills, practice and medical knowledge. It was a gift from the heaven and earth. During this period, inspiration burst out continuously, and Su Li was extremely efficient in whatever she did.

    Originally, she enjoyed this state, but she found it was wrong a month later because all the books collected by her master had already been read by her.

    Qi Xianqing also foresaw that the departure would not be too long, so he left many books for Su Li to read by herself. However, he misestimated Su Li’s progress in Xuangong.

    Just then, Nanny Li suddenly rushed in from outside and said happily, “Miss, good news!”

    Su Li came to her senses, and tried to ask in details. There was another figure behind Nanny Li. It was Su Huanli that had not been seen for a long time.

    “Li, is it okay to live in the Baiwei Building? Sorry for what you have suffered.” Su Huanli’s tone was very warm and he felt ashamed. He said, “I come here today to send you the admission letter.”


    Su Li looked puzzled and said, “Daddy, what admission letter?”

    “Look, we still don’t know when Mr. Qi will come back. I’m also afraid of delaying your study. You might as well go to the Muyang Girls’ School in the Muyang Town to study. That’s the best girls’ school in the town nearby! The teaching conditions are only a little worse than that of the Qinghe Province.”

    “I see.” Su Li nodded, and she looked a little moved, “Unexpectedly, you take your daughter’s business seriously when you are so busy. Thank you so much.”

    “Ha-ha!” Su Huanli laughed when he heard the words and said, “Don’t get busy thanking me. It’s your grandma’s idea. Maybe it’s because she was ashamed of driving you out of the house last time. Today she took the initiative to mention you to me. It really surprised me!”


    Su Li nodded lightly, and she knew the old lady’s nature. She would never make such an arrangement with good intentions and there must be a trap waiting for her.

    “I am afraid that you will delay the business of the Baiwei Building, so I specially prepared a speedy carriage for you. Zipei will go with you. You two could look after each other.”

    Su Huanli behaved in a way that Su Li couldn’t refuse it at all. She didn’t know what guarantee he had gotten from Mam Su-Cui.

    Su Li accepted the admission letter, and thanked her father with a nod. Su Huanli was glad to leave, and he didn’t expect that it would be so easy. Fortunately, he got some land of the old house from his mother.

    After Su Huanli left, Nanny Li walked quietly into the room, and she was not happy. Feeling worried, she said, “Miss, since it is the Old Lady’s order, I am afraid that there is a trap in it. You must be careful about everything.”

    Su Li took a look at Nanny Li, and sneered in her heart. Even Nanny Li could easily see it. Su Huanli preferred to pretend to be confused and that he was really her good father.

    With this in mind, Su Li smiled and said, “As it happens, I have read almost all the books Mr. Qi left for me. It’s good to go to the Muyang Girls’ School. Don’t think too much, nanny. The school gathers girls from scholarly and respectable families. It won’t be so dirty. Rest assured.”

    “Is that so?”

    Nanny Li looked confused. Since she was not educated, she immediately believed it somewhat when the miss said so. She murmured in a low voice, “The Old Lady unexpectedly did a good thing, and I can’t believe it.”

    Zhu Yan, who nourished the fetus in the Su House, was also indignant when she heard of the news. She went to see Mam Su-Cui in a hurry.

    “Mother! I can understand that you arranged the girls’ school for Zipei. Why did you arrange this for Erya?”

    “Yes, Grandma!” Su Zipei said. She looked unhappy and said, “Grandma, you said that you would not let Erya feel better. Why did you spend money sending her to the girls’ school?”

    Mam Su-Cui smiled happily and touched Su Zipei’s little head. She said, “Act like the madam and miss of a respectable family. Learn to deal with things calmly. I have arranged things in the girls’ school. Naturally, I have my own arrangements.”

    Mam Su-Cui’s look was solemn and she said, “I didn’t expect that in a short period of six months Erya had become a talented girl in the mind of the people in the Dasu Town. When I went out, I kept hearing that the Second Miss of the Su Family was so talented and beautiful. I couldn’t easily trouble her in view of her reputation; otherwise, it will affect the Su Family.”

    Su Zipei’s eyes brightened and said, “So, you arranged for her to go to the girls’ school. If she makes a fool of herself in the girls’ school, it will be easy to handle!”

    “Zipei, how smart you are!”

    Mam Su-Cui smiled happier, as if she could already see the embarrassed look of Su Li, who was set up by her.

    The next morning, the carriage to the girls’ school was stopped at the entrance of the Baiwei Building early. Su Li took the Dictionary of Dahan with a pitch-dark cover. Without anything else to take, she got into the carriage.

    Su Zipei had been waiting in the carriage for a long time. When she saw Su Li come in, she couldn’t help but snort. When she saw the black cover in Su Li’s hand, she immediately sneered and said, “Second Sister, why do you still use the dictionary? It has been dyed black with ink. It’s better to throw it away for another one.”

    Then she proudly raised the book basket beside her, which contained a brand-new and shining Dictionary of Dahan. It was the latest edition of the dictionary she had just bought.

    Su Li smiled and shook her head. She said, “Thank you for your concern. I’ll use this one. Although the cover is black, the inside is not polluted. No matter how good the cover of your Dictionary of Dahan is, you will never finish reading it.”


    Su Zipei grew pop-eyed with great anger and scolded in a shrill voice, “Su Li, don’t be arrogant! The girls’ school was arranged by grandma for me. You’re just my maid. When you go to the school later, remember to hold the book basket for me; otherwise I will not let you in the gate of the school!”

    Hearing the words, Su Li did not speak. It seemed that Su Li didn’t refute Su Zipei because the former was scared.

    Seeing the scene, Su Zipei instantly smiled again. Even if you were good at cooking and writing, you were fooled by me. I will definitely embarrass you when you are at this school.