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Chapter 89 - The Lichs Identity 1

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 89: The Lich's Identity 1

    A deep valley in the north of the Volga Republic was a large and magnificent Magic tower made of black rock.

    The name was Dark Moon.

    It was the same name as an organization, and there were hundreds of warlocks and their apprentices.

    Even if they were warlocks, the Magi presence made them look very devoted.

    Eyes shining with curiosity and strength, it wasn't just chaos and madness in there.

    There was a Meister's room on the top floor of the Dark Moon tower, where warlocks had gathered.

    Even though it was late at night, Meister and a warlock were having a serious conversation in a brightly lit room.

    "He uses dark magic and knows Erenes?"

    "Yes, according to the dark elf Hyrun's words, and what I understood, it is so."

    At the answer of the warlock, Meister Johas swallowed his spit.

    "Khum, then he should surely be related to Saymon."

    A few days ago, they heard some news from their ally fairies.

    The young Lord of Rakan Viscount in the Baroque Empire maybe progressing the work of Saymon's.

    At first, everyone thought of it to be a joke.

    Over 500 years ago, the first person to beat the warlock was the warrior Rakan.

    But could his descendants among all the other warlock's choose to follow the powerful and famous Saymon's path?

    It sounded as absurd as a Kobold being a 9th circle healer.

    The problem, however, was that there could be a possibility, which was why their disciples were sent to investigate it in secret.

    "Wasn't there much talk about his belongings disappearing right after the death of Saymon?"

    After Saymon's death, the warlocks of the Darkness Magic Tower tried their best to hunt down his belongings.

    There were many books and materials of Saymon which had disappeared, including the black magic book that he always carried around.

    At that time, Rakan and the other humans could have found the items and eliminated them, whatever it was, the warrior seemed to have destroyed them secretly.

    "Send elders right now to the Rakan Estate and recover the belongings of Saymon, right away!"

    Seeing Johas whose face had turned red with anger, Suha tried to calm him.

    "Please calm down, Meister. Upon hearing the report from Hyrun, Erenes has said that he could be a descendant of Saymon."

    "Saymon's descendant?! That guy just learned everything from Saymon's diary and his black magic book. We are the only true descendants of the Black Sage, Saymon!"

    The Dark Moon was the descendant magic tower of the Darkness Magic Tower, which had been built by the warlock Saymon himself.

    Barely managing to survive from the hands of Rakan and the human's allied forces, they struggled a lot in strengthening their roots for a long time, they once again appeared during the Republic revolution of the Volga Kingdom.

    Of course, only a few government officials knew their appearances.

    In whatever the situation they were, they almost regained their past status as a Darkness Magic Tower.

    Meister Johas was an 8 circle warlock, and the Magic Tower had as many as 20 elders with 6 and 7 circles.

    They were very confident that with their current power, they could fight the Veritas Magic Tower, and that they wouldn't lose in a one-on-one match.

    "Furthermore, Saymon had been alone all his life. And he never raised any disciples of his own. So after him what? How can Sir Erenes?"

    "Ah, even if what you say is true, it is better to follow."

    The Dark Moon had a constant relationship of come and go with the fairies, and there were few warlocks who were either fairies or mixed-race fairies.

    If the fairies had heard the words of the Meister, they would surely have gone against him.

    "Huh, you don't want me to say anything regarding them? Isn't it a bit too ridiculous. Anyway, investigate and then we'll deal with him."

    "Understood, Meister."