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Chapter 105 - Torlot Fortress 1

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 105: Torlot Fortress 1

    Luke's party had come out of the Northern Command office and visited a supply unit which was nearby.

    When the list had been signed by the Count, the nice looking unit head had loaded the supply unit into the trailer.

    "Why don't you just change into your Empire military uniform right here? If you are dressed in plain clothes, you'll just look like any other spoiled noble." Said the supply unit head.

    ‘Hmm, he definitely isn't saying anything wrong.', thought Luke

    Luke decided to accept the advice of the supply unit head.

    In order to hurry up and hold onto the Torlot Fortress which was known to be a mess, it was necessary to make a strong impression from the very beginning.

    Luke went to the dressing room and returned wearing a dark blue empire military uniform. Philip and Erwin too upon getting insisted changed into the uniform.

    The two were private escorts, hence they didn't have to wear the emperor's military uniform, however, they just obeyed the orders of Luke.

    Erwin wore a hooded wizard coat with a uniform color.

    However, soon a small disturbance had occurred.

    "That, that wizard is an elf!"

    The supply unit head's eyes went wide as he saw Erwin's ears stick out from her hair.

    "So what? You think that she is a mole of the Volga?" Asked Luke.

    "No, I wasn't implying it like that…"

    "Do not worry, she has been working in our estate for a very long time." Luke said.

    When Luke confidently stood up, the supply unit's head went silent.

    It was a part of the concern, it wasn't like the nobles didn't have any other race beings as their family workers.

    In the case of spies, nobles who would recruit dwarfs from the mines or the suits who were taken for the training would be dragged into the intelligence department of the Imperial office and will be investigated.

    Once the trailer was made ready, Luke hit his palm with his fist looking for something that had to be on the list.

    "Uhmm, there need to be magic stones which have reached the end of their life, right?" Asked Luke.

    "That is why I sent someone over to the Gigant shop, but where are you going to use it?" Asked the head.

    "I heard that if the magic stone is grinded and mixed with the gunpowder, it would explode in higher range. It will be useful to protect the fortress." Replied Luke.

    "Hmm, that information that you got seems like gold." Responded the head.

    The supply head's unit handed over a bunch of magic stones that were reaching the end of their life.

    They were the kind of products which wouldn't sell for enough money, so he thought that it would be better to use them by making an acquaintance of a noble.

    Luke, packed the dead magic stones and left for Torlot Fortress.

    The horseman who had been driving the carriage until then, after dropping them in a safe distance, had returned back to the estate in the wagon, while Luke was moving in the trailer.

    "Lord, are you going to regenerate the magic stones like you did in the past?" Asked Philip.

    And Luke nodded as an answer.

    No matter how much he tried to make sense, the condition of the fortress seemed to be worse than his imagination.

    Which was why he planned to use the dead magic stones by regenerating them and placing them into the Gigants or to build a defense circle.

    "You regenerate the magic stone?"

    Erwin asked with a doubtful look.

    "Yes, there is something like that. You'll be surprised to see that." Responded Philip.

    When Erwin smiled a little as Philip was talking to her like she didn't know how to do it and there was Luke who was lost in his thoughts.

    ‘Yes. This time I can use ‘that'.'

    The warrior class Gigant Achilles which had been captured in the last battle.

    He personally put it into the bracelet subspace where he stored his golems.