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Chapter 128 - Visit from the Enemy 5

Emperor of Steel
     “Phew, I thought that we were all done because of you Lord.”

    After leaving the barracks, Philip was wiping his sweat.

    “Then you should just stop following me.”

    At the words of Luke, Philip jumped out.

    “No, if an escort doesn’t follow you then who will? I just literally meant it.”

    Luke walked towards the Fortress, listening to what Philip had to say. He turned back to look at the Republic’s army.

    The reason why Luke had visited the enemy camp so recklessly was not just to give faith to surrender.

    It was also aimed at seeing enemy positions with his own eyes and to see what the enemy was doing and what problems they might have to encounter.

    ‘I don’t know about uniformity, but the types and specifications of the weapons are different. In addition…’ Thought Luke.

    While his way to the commander barracks, the unified forces which had to currently attack the Fortress were nowhere to be seen.

    ‘Did they pick up any local manor? If they are using that, it might be helping their operation.’

    While Luke went back into the Fortress, Tyron was confronted by a man.

    A Dark Elf’s blood, an agent from the Republic Intelligence service.

    He hid in the dark and overheard the conversation and he told Tyron,

    “It would be better not to believe their words.”

    “Why?” Asked Tyron.

    “That man Luke, it was true that he had been dragged into the battlefield because of the Emperor, however, he doesn’t seem to be the one to give up and turn himself in.”

    “Is there any reason for that?” Asked Tyron.

    “Of course I do. In the Battle of the Kingdoms, in the southern part of the empire, the Rakan family had recently turned the tide of power and won a huge victory. Without any significant amount of assets and land, they suddenly stood out in the south.”

    “You aren’t saying this without any foundation, right?”

    At the question from Tyron, the agent nodded and added something which might be meaningful,

    “It isn’t just that, but he is with the former Volga royal family member. It is known that he isn’t in a normal relationship with princess Reina.”

    “Those are the truth?”

    “Yes, the last time the intelligence service tried to kidnap princess Reina, the mission ended in failure, and in the report, it was written that Luke de Rakan had interrupted their mission.”


    “We don’t need to even think about the relationship between them as he directly went to rescue princess Reina, right? And a man who has given his heart to Reina isn’t likely to surrender to us, her enemy, right?”

    “Well, that is something that I have no information about, sir.” The Dark Elf responded.

    Unlike Peter II, whom Tyron had personally known, princess Reina had never spoken ill or acted politically to the Volga Republic.

    And since there was news about the princess looking after the refugees even in the other land, there was a high level of admiration and love for the princess of Volga.

    Therefore, many had argued that it would be advantageous for the Volga princess to be brought back to her land and treated as an actual royal family member.

    Tyron too agreed with that.

    “But we should be wary, just in case he is trying to deceive us again.” Said Tyron.

    “Then, what do you plan to do with the commander?”

    “If he repairs the broken walls and the armory weapons, he is deceiving us. It means that he is ready to continue the battle with us. However, without much change, it would be a little foolish for us to miss the chance to attack the Fortress which had no dynamic damage.”

    “Are you going to keep a lookout and cope with him?”

    “Is there any need for us to hurry? It is more important for us to bring out the Northern Empire than to attack one Fortress that is in our way.”

    Tyron spoke that and changed the topic.