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Chapter 168 - Lukes Wrath 3

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 168: Luke's Wrath 3

    In the office room of the Manor, Luke met with Pavel and ordered for a site for a new village near the Lamer city.

    "Are you certain about creating a new village? I know for a certain that the number of immigrants is growing around here…"

    "It isn't because of them. We need to be ready when the other men get here."

    "Are you referring to the fairies?"

    Pavel understood Luke's words as he talked to Victor a moment back.

    "Exactly. It will help our estates in numerous ways."

    To help Luke, there needs to be a lot of fairies on his side.

    And Luke had no intention of just keeping them by his side.

    He was going to get every one of them, the great blacksmith and warrior dwarves, the magical fairies and the quick, slender elves.

    "Of course that is a thing to consider, but I doubt it. They are all in the Republican, and they mislead the princess and made her disappear, haven't they?"

    Ravel and Victor and the other Volga attendants of Reina didn't initially know that Reina had opened the door to the Spirit World. If they knew, the old servants were bound to oppose it, so Reina decided not to say anything to them.

    Lately, Pavel had been feeling very down about the matter of Reina disappearing, but he was more resentful towards the fairies.

    As if it wasn't enough for the fairies to side with the revolution side of the Volga and ruin the nation, but now they made the whereabouts of the only remaining Royal family of the Volga unknown.

    "Not all fairies are Republicans. And they all joined hands with the movement only to survive." Luke tried to reason with him.


    "First and foremost, they took responsibility for their actions and have vowed to obey me."

    All the fairies were already out searching for the whereabouts of the princess, even before Luke had entered the manor.

    And Luke too knew it wasn't about them claiming the responsibility.

    Although they failed once, the fairies weren't giving up the hope to open the door to the Spirit World.

    Pavel was still dissatisfied.

    "I understand how your heart feels. I too feel very frustrated about it… but, I don't think that we can achieve what we want by excluding and hating them."

    "Phew… yes, that sure is very right." Pavel agreed.

    Anyway, to find out the princess, they needed the power of the Elves, who were very well informed over the continent, and specifically the Volga Intelligence which was operating around the elves.

    "Anyway, I believe you, Sir Pavel. I will leave the Kirillov co, and the matter of the fairies in your hands, along with the city of Lamer." Luke said.

    "Are you going back to Torlot Fortress?"

    When Luke got up from his seat, Pavel asked.

    "No, I'm not going back right away, I need to stop by Katarina."

    He had to talk things about the Gigant he captured in the last war.

    Luke wanted to leave them since he had come to the estates. It was better to keep them in some normal space than a subspace in his bracelet.

    Of course, in order to keep them there, Luke would have to tell Mute about the origin of the Gigant and the subspace bracelet that he wears, but he didn't have to worry as he thought of what he had to say.

    "Then I have a request from you. With the other elder people in the manor, please share them my will and persuade them."

    "Understood, you don't have to worry about it."

    Rather than just saying in a form of polite manner, Pavel truly wished the best for Luke.

    The reason why Reina chose to sacrifice herself was to get some comfort about Luke's well being.

    Sometime later, Luke reached the Katarina Magic Tower.

    Already being informed, Mute was waiting for him along with some other iron mages.

    "It has been a very long time. I'm very sorry for the matters surrounding Princess Reina." Mute greeted Luke.

    "There is no reason to talk about it. Rather…"