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Chapter 232 - The Dream Comes True 2

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 232: The Dream Comes True 2

    A few days before the messenger had arrived in the area.

    Two voices could be heard from the palace of Bless.

    One was the voice of an old man who was opposing the voice of a stubborn young woman.

    "I am definitely going to go there!"

    "That is a battlefield, and you don't know what can happen over there. What if there is a trap over there, what about the country which is looking for its only Pope?"

    Constantine was suddenly troubled because of Veronica III, who from the day before was stubborn on her thoughts.

    Moreover, it wasn't just her going there to consolidate the soldiers.

    Veronica had told him that she would go meet Duke Ferrierd to negotiate and stop the war if possible.

    The reason being that she didn't want the war to be the reason for the people's suffering.

    ‘Dammit, all this is because of what Osram had taught to her!'

    Constantine was definite that Osram had started to distort the truth and placed the wrong information in the brain of the naive pope.

    Recently, Veronica III was very active, enough to say that she was literally changing by every moment.

    Unlike the past days, she wasn't listening to his words and started to think for herself, little by little.

    In addition, her intellectual level too had increased, and her speech alongside her actions too have been different from before. Times when the gentle puppy-like eyes began to burn with hope and faith.

    "If it is so dangerous, then the paladins will protect me. And I heard that there is a God's Warrior over there. Would I be in danger if there is a God's warrior near me?" Asked Veronica III.

    "That, that is…"

    "Wasn't it the regent's words? That I am an angel, God's apostle. If I am an apostle of God, then I need to meet the God's Warrior."

    "That, that is true indeed."

    When the word about God's Warrior had come out, Constantine couldn't help but go silent.

    He never had thought that he wouldn't be able to disagree with the girl's words.

    ‘I can't do anything anymore. If I don't allow her, she is sure to run away…'

    The harder he was with her, the worse his relationship was turning out.

    Constantine decided that it would be better to give the lady what she wanted and in exchange, he would use it to strengthen her political power towards the people.

    "Fine. Let's go to the front line for an inspection."

    As Constantine agreed, Veronica's face lit up. She jumped up from her seat and hugged him for a long time.

    "Thank you, grandpa."

    "Well, you need to go to such places… now stop it. If Arch duke Gregory sees this, he will yell."

    After finishing the discussion, Constantine went out of the room saying that he had to prepare for the inspection which she wanted to go.

    After Constantine resigned from the room, Veronica wasn't able to sit down. Her heart kept on pounding, there was only one figure which was going on in her head.

    ‘I will be able to meet you now.'

    For Veronica to suddenly insist on going over to the frontline of the soldiers, there was a reason.

    God's Warrior Lev.

    When he saved Eisenberg from the ruins, she lost consciousness while performing a mass in the cathedral.

    That was when Veronica had a dream.

    The platinum-haired man, whom she had seen in her dreams before and the one she knew as Luke de Rakan.

    What surprised her was what happened after waking up.

    From the conversation between her maids, the captain referred to as Lev, flew to the sky with just one Gigant and stopped the Meteor Stike.

    How was that even possible?