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Chapter 246 - Move Out 3

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 246: Move Out 3

    Belfair was originally the 103572nd subordinate of the Vampire King, Leviathan, among all the demons he had under him.

    That was why he was considered low.

    He was close to being a Sword Master, but being a low ranking demon, he wasn't so strong compared to other demons.

    As a result, when the demon summoning magic had appeared, he didn't hesitate to go to earth.

    Earth, also known as Middle-Earth, was dominated by humans, but he was told by the higher demons that there were only a few that he had to fear.

    However, the warlock who summoned him wasn't just an ordinary one. Rather, he was battering the demons and taking their abilities and Magi.

    Luke, who managed to overpower Belfair, made him into a slave.

    He thought that there was going to be no one who could be wilder than that man, but that problem didn't end there.

    "I... I am training a demon who is known to be strong since their birth, and master did ask you to practice."

    And he wasn't just practicing any normal sword skills.

    He was being taught the sword of Rakan—Silver Sword. It was a sword skill used to kill warlocks and demons.

    ‘Dammit, they should be spreading the sword skills of the Devildom here in earth. Why would they let go of such things?!'

    However, Luke knew nothing about the Blood Sky Sword or the Sky Breaker Sword, which was being thought in the Devildom.

    Eventually, he was made to practice the Silver Sword, which Belfair learned, diligently.

    He didn't have the chance to be lazy. His master put him at point-blank range.

    "If you don't manage to meet my expectations even after two years, I'll send you back to Devildom, with you being the betrayer of your own people."

    It was Belfair who helped Luke beat the demons Luke had summoned several times since the Naga incident.

    He wouldn't be left alone so easily if the demons knew that he betrayed his own men.

    ‘Maybe I will be thrown into the hot fire or will be made to live in pain forever.'

    He wanted to avoid that situation, which was why he was forcing himself to practice the Silver Sword.

    "Even then, thank goodness the results are good."



    When the silver light flashed on Belfair's Blood Shock, the giant manticore threw up blood.

    The manticore was a creature that had a lion's body, a human head, bat-like wings, and a scorpion's tail.

    It was known to be extremely ferocious and had a strong skin enough to bounce off steel swords. They had deadly poison.

    Maybe a Sword Master might have a chance, but it was too tough for the lower demons to deal with such opponents, but it fell down with Belfair's blow.

    "This sword skill is really great. This is certainly worth the trouble."

    Belfair smiled and looked at the Manticore's head.

    Two years ago, when he first learned the Silver Sword, he thought he was going to die.

    Because each time he opened up the Silver Sword, which had a bit of Holy Sword incorporated in it, the divine energy and the Magi in his body collided causing terrifying pain.

    At that time, he wanted to slap someone or break things, but he couldn't stop practicing because of Luke's warning.

    The intense pain shredded his entire body until it felt like his body would burst.

    Until recently, the pain had bothered him day and night.

    But a while back, when he wanted to relieve the pain, an unexpected thing happened.

    He seemed to have developed a resistance to the sun and divine power.

    The demons could work in daylight, but they were affected by the sun. They would feel a tingling and hot stabbing pain on their bodies, which was why many demons preferred to be active at night.

    Belfair belonged to the vampire clan, which was a typical nocturnal demon.