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Chapter 260 - The Battle 1

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 260: The Battle 1

    The grand banquet hall of the empire, with godly yet subtle music.

    One of the most prestigious places in the Holy Empire, and it had been closed down since the former pope had been declared ill.

    And such a place, after four years, was holding a huge party, and numerous nobles participated in it.

    The purpose of the banquet was to celebrate the victory, but a lot of nobles and priests who weren't involved in the war had gathered there too.

    Before the banquet could pick up the pace, the early arriving nobles gathered and talked with each other.

    The older nobles gathered among themselves of the same faction and began to drink wine while boasting about their strong and long-lasting friendship, and the priests—instead of alcohol, drank tea and talked about common interests.

    "Uhm Uhm, did you know that Arch Duke Gregory has begun to engage himself in the domestic affairs?"

    At the question of a noble, the one next to him immediately answered.

    "There have been a lot of talks about that. At the award ceremony which happened in the morning, Archbishop Constantine didn't even make a sound."

    "However, even if Archbishop Constantine has been the regent of the Pope, hasn't Arch Duke Gregory been in the Empire for a longer time?"

    "Obviously. The Great Arch Duke Gregory is honored and respected by numerous paladins of the Holy Empire, and hasn't ever been beside the Pope, right? Until now, he had been very ignorant of politics, but if he decided to get in, then Archbishop Constantine and the Marius faction would get pushed out."

    "This this, standing in line?"

    "And with that mercenary, captain Lev. Knowing that he had the skill, Arch Duke quickly recruited him."

    "I know!"

    As the middle-aged nobles were talking about the new change in the Empire's politics, the young nobles boasted about their spirits and youth.

    "Is that really true, Baron Peron?"

    "It is, lady. You should have seen the enemies scattering like ants when I stood in front of the Alvera Seige with my sword in my hand and shouted at them."

    "Oh my!"

    "That is really brave!"

    As the nobles in their late 20s who participated in the war began to spit up their saga's, the eyes of the ladies around went wide.

    Luke, standing in the middle of the grand hall, laughed at the scene.

    ‘I thought that this banquet was going to be a bit different as it was being held in the Holy Empire. But not much different.'

    There was no way he couldn't have felt disappointed.

    The banquet place godly, and solemn, almost like the one held at the Baroque Empire.

    The music was more serious, and there were no nobles who were either drunk or acting presumptuously.

    ‘It looks like everything is the same apart from the place we live.'

    If it wasn't for Reina, he wouldn't have gone there. Those who were jealous of him kept staring at him.

    As expected, there were quite small groups of people who were jealous of him.

    "Kyak! That one, isn't he the captain, Lev? The one who broke down meteors falling from the sky."

    A man who recognized Luke asked when a noble in front of him snorted and said.

    "Huh, ridiculous story. He must have definitely done something."

    "Right. They must have firmly mistaken it."

    Most of the nobles who didn't take part in the war were trying to slander Luke's reputation.

    They weren't going to believe stuff which they hadn't witnessed with their own eyes.

    But there were a few, like Count Marcus who knew but distorted the story.

    "What good would it do to give a land? Things like that should be handed down to the men who know how to handle it. But to hand it over to people who don't know about anything other than weapons, they won't even care…"

    Whether Marcus grunted or not, Luke was there waiting for Reina to make an appearance.

    Right when he was getting bored, Luke decided to bully the bat which was on his shoulder.