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Chapter 264 - Strike 2

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 264: Strike 2

    ‘Who is swearing at me?'

    Vladimir Rekov, the president of the Volga Republic, felt very tickled when he was working with Duke Dimitry.

    Slightly touching his ear lobe, he asked Dimitry.

    "So, the fairies in the fortress aren't moving?"

    "Yes, your majesty. There are a huge number of meeting happening among them, and an increasing number of sources have been sent to each of the kingdoms to gather outside information."

    "Maybe they are moving out to help out this Republic?"

    "Then, Sylvia would have already reported to us." Stated Dimitry.

    "My my… in the end things are happening like this."

    Rekov closed his eyes and gulped.

    That was when Dimitry looked around for a while and asked with a low voice.

    "Should we see for their movements through it?"

    The president had a secret that the world didn't know about.

    That was none other than he who could see the future.

    The people around the president thought that he had a great hunch, but his closest person, Dimitry, was different from them.

    He knew that the president had the foresight to see the future, even though it was all blurry and just fragments, he could see the future.

    Rekov's ancestors were shamans with powers, who kept their skills a secret after being rejected and suppressed by the denominations of El Kassel.

    From one generation to another generation, the family had worked for the king and the nobles, and when his grandfather was destroyed, his entire family went scattered.

    His grandfather before death had a very ominous prediction of the fate of the newborn prince.

    ‘The prince was Pytor II, who will later become the exiled king.'

    After going through a hard childhood, Rekov encountering republican ideas turned into a hardcore republican.

    At that time, the boiling blood of the young Rekov had just 30 comrades to depend on.

    But even then, they started the republican revolution and fought strongly against the king's army.

    They had encountered numerous crises in the process, but he managed to break through with his ability of foresight which he had inherited from his ancestors. In the process, the number of comrades began to increase.

    Dimitry too was one of those who joined the revolution process.

    Although relatively late when compared to the other comrades, his active help had played a huge role in the success of the revolution.

    "Did you see any signs of rebellion?"

    "No, not a rebellion. I always see something in my dreams, the fairies are getting ready to do something very extraordinary…"

    Various fairies were gathering to perform some kind of a ritual.

    At the end of those rituals, the world began to change with a bright light.

    Huge clouds covered the sun, and auroras were glistening in the night dark sky all around the continent throughout day and night.

    The night was changing into daytime and the day into night, but no one knew when the time was changing because of the unchanging darkness.

    "I think that whatever they are trying to do isn't just on the Republic, but for the entire continent." Said Rekov.

    "They are trying to make a contract with the Devil king by summoning him from the Devildom, right?"

    "Well, they could be doing that. But whatever the case, I don't know anything more than that."

    No matter how well he was able to see the foresight, he wasn't able to see it whenever he wanted.

    It was like a dream at night or an illusion right before his eyes, but they were always blurry and fragmented.

    And Rekov was the only one who could solve things seeing that great insight.

    It was definite that the fairies were doing something tremendous to the continent, but without any substantial evidence he couldn't just reject them, after all, they were one of the three pillars of the Volga Republic.