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Chapter 269 - Waking 3

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 269: Waking 3

    Near the Albertville lord’s manor.

    There was a group of figures lurking on a hill that was overlooking the city at a glance.

    One of the two people who were leading the group surprisingly was Baron Vante.

    He looked anxiously at the woman who was looking at the Lord’s manor.

    “Lady Scarlet, are you sure about this?”

    “Yes, with no strength to protect, I have given up on the estates, but I plan to get my father’s revenge done.”

    “But, the new lord isn’t such a bad man. Wouldn’t it be better to give up on revenge and find a way to live the rest of your life?”

    The lady was Scarlet, the daughter of the former lord, who was leading the group.

    She was wearing a leather armor that fitted to her slender figure and a huge bow behind her back.

    At the age of six, she learned the skills from her father by the age of 10, she went to a nearby forest to lean archery from an Elf whom she met in the forest. And by 18, she turned into a Bow Expert.

    Eight years later from that time, she was the top Bow Expert.

    The reason why such a lady hadn’t joined the rebellion with her father Suleiman was because of her own beliefs.

    The ambition of Marquis Suleiman wasn’t coveted, and the rebellion was unlikely to succeed.

    Nevertheless, her father, who had always been overwhelmed by his familiar acquaintances, had led the knights and the Gigant’s forces to the capital despite her opposition.

    He made it look like a triumph was going to come if he advanced towards Bless, but he was defeated by Arch Duke Gregory.

    In the meantime, her father died.

    “Where in the Holy Empire can the remnants of the rebels live? And I don’t like the thought of living in another nation leaving behind my hometown.”

    When the news of the rebellion failing had come, her half mother and half brother along with the family retainers and knights had fled the territory.

    Loyal retainers and soldiers like Vante had remained, but the number of them was less than 300.

    It made no sense for them to fight a thousand troops brought in by the new lord.

    Nevertheless, she had come to the place to complete her mission of taking revenge for her dad.

    “If you don’t want to come, Sir Vante and the others, you can go out.”

    “Phew, lady, you are my master now. How do you expect me to turn a blind eye when I know it is going to be dangerous? Since I have already aged a lot, I don’t think that I can be much help to you, but I will be there for you.”

    The other retainers too nodded their heads.

    Seeing that, the lady couldn’t help but close her eyes.

    Nobody would have blamed them if they decided to run away from her, but they stayed beside her all the time and protected her, she couldn’t help but feel thankful.

    Taking back her tears, she gave out the orders.

    “Everyone attack!”

    It wasn’t long since the new men had gone there, so the lady had the advantage of making damage by the time the new lord is alerted.

    Hopefully, by the time the news spreads, they manage to take down the new lord.

    Scarlet’s eyes shone as bright as the blades, accepting every possibility with confidence.

    After releasing the curse from Hwang Bo-sung, Luke went to bed to sleep but was soon awakened when Philip entered to report an urgent matter to him.

    “The enemy has invaded?” Asked Luke.

    “There wasn’t much invasion since Hwang Bo-sung was nearby, but it looks like we have taken some damage.”

    The stealth enemy was reported to have attacked the stables and the munition warehouses located on the outer side of the manor.

    The surprise had worked well as dozens of horses had run away and the warehouses got burned down.

    Hwang Bo-sung, who was walking around without sleeping in for the night, witnessed the scene.

    Surprised, he swept the enemies in a hurry.