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Chapter 395 - A Breath-taking Situation 2

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 395: A Breath-taking Situation 2

    Emperor Rudolf's guards' operation on the Western side went smoothly.

    The nobles of the west were overwhelmed with the news of the Western Army's defeat and the death of numerous nobles and elite knights.

    The first few estates opened the gates to the Emperor and greeted the man themselves.

    However, the Emperor, who was already set in annihilating the noblemen, executed all the surviving noblemen.

    In the beginning, a few mansions were smashed, and that provided a chance for the nobles to escape.

    They had no thoughts of protesting against the Emperor.

    The only troops they had left were the knights and guards for their personal security.

    And to fight the Emperor with such troops was like going against a dragon with a kitchen knife.

    As a result, the estates were deserted and the noblemen flee to other places.

    And the Emperor's army, which didn't have a war to fight, was divided into several groups and began to take over the empty lands. Their goal was to reduce the amount of time taken to occupy the western region.

    However, small problems began to arise.

    Units sent to take over the empty estates began to get attacked by unknown enemies.

    "What did you say? The troops of Baron Lisbane got annihilated?"

    "Yes, Your Majesty. It was informed that they have been attacked by large scale monsters."

    When he heard that they were attacked by monsters, it seemed like that was a possibility that could happen once or twice.

    And since it was a civil war, not much attention was given to the monsters.

    In addition, it could be that the troops, which had gone over, would prioritize the land over subduing monsters.

    However, all the reports stated that monsters were the reason, and the reports of the Gigant troops, which were pursuing them, were the most uncommon.

    "It could be for the normal guards, but the Gigant troops lost against the monsters too?"

    "It wasn't the monsters that fought with our Gigant troops, but Gigants with a dragon crest on their breastplates."

    The one who answered Rudolf's question was Count Voltas.

    Right after the Western Army was taken down, Voltas returned to his original position because of the contribution he had done for the Emperor to win his war.

    "What did you say? A dragon crest?"

    Emperor Rudolf was shocked.

    In the Baroque Empire, only the Imperial family could use the dragon crest.

    That was to emphasize that the Imperial family was of a dragon lineage. It was an unwritten rule although not a law.

    And so, families that had similar legends in their lineage would change their crest into a Wyvern or a Drake.

    "Who is that bastard who stole the Imperial's crest?!"


    The Emperor, who was enraged, hit the marble table with his clenched fist only to shatter it into a million pieces.

    Seeing that, each of the commander of the unit, who was gathered there for a meeting, trembled after seeing the energy that was coming out of Rudolf.

    If Rudolf hadn't controlled himself immediately, there could have been around 5 to 6 men who had died from a heart attack.

    "P-please calm down, Your Majesty. According to the reports submitted by the military's intelligence, the Gigants that were attacked were presumed to be from the neutral territories of the west."

    "The neutral ones? Why would the neutral nobles do this?"

    The Emperor never thought that the neutral lords would even think of going against him.

    Of course, right after the ‘Blood Ceremony', there were quite a lot of nobles from the neutral side that had joined the Emperor's side, and there were those neutral nobles who joined into the noblemen's group because a few of their family members died in the parliament.

    But that being said, Rudolf didn't turn the neutrals into his enemy. It would have been plain foolish of him to only increase his enemies.