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Chapter 400 - Second Half of Gold Sword 3

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 400: Second Half of Gold Sword 3

    A few days later, thousands of Eorim troops had arrived at the Zegal clan.

    Even though it wasn't known clearly, the troops were all flustered to know that the Zegal Clan had been relentlessly attacked.

    As a result, as soon as they arrived, they checked the comfort of Jo Won-rak and wiped out the concerns of their hearts.

    "General, we are very sorry to have reached so late."

    The lieutenant general who had led the Eorim troops knelt in front of Zegal Hui and apologized.

    Instead of scolding the man, Zegal Hui asked him.

    "Did the information reach you very late?"

    "Yes, Senior General too was very angry with it."

    "Did you figure out the reason?"

    "It was said that there were way too many telegrams flying into the Imperial Palace, so it took time to confirm it."

    At the response of the lieutenant, Zegal Hui didn't seem to understand.

    It was natural for the Imperial Palace to have numerous telegrams flying in. in addition to the military communications, there were also constant reports of the local officials and the spies at home nations and abroad sending information.

    However, in the case of Eorim troops, they were treated as the priority unit for the well-being of the imperial, and because there was a separated Zen user when it came to contact, so such an excuse wouldn't work.

    ‘It is clear that someone had intentionally delayed the contact. Perhaps, the one who had a part with those who attacked us.'

    Zegal Hui decided to get back to the Imperial palace and find out more about it.

    That was when a lieutenant talked to him.

    "But we heard that you were injured, are you alright?"

    "Yes, it was thanks to the grace who suddenly came for me."

    During his stay at the Zegal Clan, Luke healed Zegal Hui and some of the surviving men of Eorim.

    He absorbed all the Magi in their body with the help of Black Bind.

    "I will go and tell my goodbyes to the Grace. In the meantime, please have the 3rd crown prince ready for departure."

    "Yes, General."

    It was possible that the masked men would aim for the 3rd crown prince once again, but this time there were thousands of elite Eorim troops ready to save him.

    ‘But even then, we can never be too careful, we might need to pick up a soldier and ask him to play the role of the 3rd crown prince.'

    Zegal Hui, who was thinking about the possible obstacles in their journey, left the lieutenants and went to Luke's resting quarters.

    Luke, who in the front yard of his quarters was holding a wooden sword and struggling with Hwang Bo-sung.

    Grrrng! Kwang!


    It was a training match with a wooden sword and bare hand, but the noise which came from their clashes wasn't normal, because both of them were trying to grow stronger.

    ‘Surely the fist and skill of Hwang Bo-sung are great. But the sword skill of the Grace is hardcore.'

    Zegal Hui was more interested in Luke's sword skills than Hwang Bo-sung's martial skills. He too was a man with a sword, but there was a reason for it.

    ‘I think I have seen it beforeā€¦'

    Even the first time he met him, when he saw Luke cut through the Lich with the Gold aura, it wasn't like seeing something unfamiliar.

    It didn't seem to be used the way he thought.

    And at one point, he was surprised to see Luke's sword change.

    ‘T, that is..!'

    That was when it struck him.

    25 years back, Zegal Hui, who newly appointed to the Eorim troops, had witnessed a match.

    The main ones of the match were Lee Yong-mu the Red Dragon King and Yeon Ga-ram, who was known to be the Absolute Master of the sword in Kang Ho.

    At that time, Zegal Hui was completely fascinated with Yeon Ga-ram's unknown swords skills.

    In particular, he wasn't able to forget the man who had defeated Lee Yong-mu.

    ‘There is no mistake! That is the Gold Light God sword. How did his Grace know of that?'

    The Gold Light God Sword was known in the Kang Ho region and was only taught to the swordsmen of that region.

    However, it wasn't sure as to how Luke, from the northern continent, was using it.


    While Zegal Hui was in doubt, Luke was attacked by Hwang Bo-sung and fell down on the ground.

    "Master, what am I supposed to do if you show a gap?"

    "Tch, that was a mistake. I guess I shouldn't have done that in that situation."

    Luke was demonstrating the Gold Light God Sword, well, the second part of the Gold Sword to be exact.

    However, he still wasn't able to deal with the Fist Master, Hwang Bo-sung even with his freshly acquired sword skills.