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Chapter 402 - Second Half of Gold Sword 5

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 402: Second Half of Gold Sword 5

    "Dammit! That bastard!"

    Clang Clang!

    The Hwang Bo clan, which had a manor in the center of their clan, kept sounding with curses for several days.

    It was Hwang Bo-kwang. He had been making a mess in the room.

    He had been showing signs of nervous breakdown ever since the masked men and Gwan-chang had returned from their failed invasion.

    The reasons were many.

    Well, they failed to assassinate Jo Won-rak and went on a raid that almost wiped them all out.

    In addition, all the forces passed to him by Arsene were lost.

    And the most troubling thing, the most irritating and frustrating thing.

    ‘Hwang Bo-sung, that brat is still alive! He came back alive!'

    When he heard from Gwang-chang, Hwang Bo-kwang thought that he might have gone crazy.

    With the truth known, he couldn't just fall and become brokenhearted just because the former successor came back.

    The previous chief of the Hwang Bo clan had completely lost motivation to talk, so he would never speak out.

    But there were still many elderly men in the clan who followed Hwang Bo-sung, and he had a lot of friends in Kang Ho.

    "Kuek! That leech! Why didn't he just die? Why does he have to come back here?! Why?!"

    There was a young man who was secretly watching Hwang Bo-kwang, who was screaming out in anger from the ceiling.

    He had infiltrated the masked men warriors and entered. He quietly passed through the pavilion before entering the warehouse that was at the corner of the manor.

    There were men who were waiting for him back in the warehouse.

    "You have come, second master."

    "I am sorry. Did you wait long?"

    The man who entered the warehouse was Hwang Bo-yun—the famous son of the Hwang Bo clan.

    He was known to enjoy his alcohol, women and gambling.

    "Did you figure out what the first master is up to?"

    Hwang Bo-yun, who served as the manager for the manor in the past, smiled and said, "Zegal clan has twisted them, so he isn't sure how to rectify it."

    "Hmm, surely they would…"

    Hwang Bo-yun's party was very secretly yet actively keeping an eye of Hwang Bo-kwang and were keeping their eyes open on what was happening outside the clan.

    Although it was all unknown to the world, Hwang Bo-yun was the head of the Haomun, the largest organization in the Kang Ho region.

    Hwang Bo-yun had naturally gotten involved with her because his mother, a former prostitute, was an intelligence agent in Haomun.

    And in fact, he was just pretending to spend money on his worldly desires to avoid being under Hwang Bo-kwang's radar. He was also doing that to strengthen his position in the Haomun.

    And his investment, which began with his ambition of becoming the head of Kang Ho's top intelligence organization, wasn't in vain.

    Thanks to that, it was possible to build a considerable network of information, and Hwang Bo-kwang in many ways, when it came to a fight against the forces of Moorim, the government and the Imperial.

    If things were released in hurry, they would disappear quickly too.

    "He will surely secure something with the Zegal clan, but my brother will not stand getting pushed."

    "I think so too. Whether to cut tails or make the other religions cover the charges, he will surely."

    At the words of Jin Cheon, Hwang Bo-yun nodded.

    He already knew that Hwang Bo-kwang would make himself look like he was a victim.

    "That is all okay… Sung is alive."