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Chapter 415 - Start of Counterattack 1

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 415: Start of Counterattack 1

    ‘Your skills are lacking, but you are excellent.'

    Reynard admired Baron Pasca for putting up his best.

    So, he decided to kill him without pain—a single strike.


    The moment the sound was released, the boomerang that flew toward Baron Pasca bounced off because of a giant sword that came flying in.

    "What, who did this?"

    Catching the boomerang, Reynard turned his attention toward the opponent that deflected his attack using a sword.

    And then it appeared, a silver and slender Gigant.

    And then, dozens of Gigants began to run in from a distance.

    ‘Dammit, he isn't an ordinary guy.'

    He wasn't sure who the man was, but he was able to stop something which was farther away from him.

    In addition, the silver Gigant, which was coming in, seemed to have a high performance.

    "I will make you regret entering my land without permission."

    A heavy voice flowed out of the silver Gigant.


    The riders, including Baron Pasca, survived. It was their Lord. Luke was the one who was riding the silver Gigant.

    He wasn't expecting him to come since they informed that the forces would take longer to come and support them.

    But he couldn't help but be glad when he heard his Lord's voice.

    ‘I am glad I wasn't too late.'

    Luke had met up with the refugees heading to the north along with his Rakan Knights.

    When they heard that troops led by Baron Pasca were trying to fight the enemy vanguards, they lead the knights down the road.

    They were a little late, but they were glad to arrive before all of their allies were killed.

    "Save our allies! Kill those bandits!"

    "Yes, Lord!"

    As soon as Luke's orders fell, the riders of the Rakan Knights aboard the improved Stiletto and the new Knight class Gigant, Gaius, which were mass-produced in the Katarina Magic Tower. They began to rush toward Milton's Gigants.

    The Hero class Gigant, Avenger, wasn't finished yet, so Luke was riding Gaius when he attacked.

    Luke, who recovered his sword that he threw a while back, began to unfold the Gold Sword and wielded it toward Reynard's Anubis.

    Kwang Slash!

    Along with the sound, strong golden trajectory kept falling on Anubis.

    "Kuek, so this is the Warrior Rakan's Gold Sword!"

    Reynard avoided the attacks that came in one after the other.

    In terms of the Gigant, he was riding a Hero class Gigant, Anubis.

    However, the opponent was too strong.

    Luke was a Rune Knight, who could go against a Sword Sage, and was learning the second part of the Gold Sword that he had learned in the Song Empire after fighting with Arsene.

    ‘Kuek! This is tough! Maybe if I fought along with hyung… No, even then, it might be difficult for us to win.'

    He ran toward the commander of the Rakan Knights, Philip.

    Being a complete Sword Master, he was on a Hero class Gigant, Orion, which he got from Luke.

    "Lord, leave this one to me!"

    "It is disturbing. Don't let him go, Sir Philip."

    "Just as Lord said, I won't."

    The attacks spread quickly, while he was still recovering, and the attacker changed.

    Not being able to deal with Luke, he ran away and went straight to Philip. Reynard wasn't able to handle it.

    ‘It can't be. I-it's getting annoying, I need to get out of here.'

    Most of his friendly Gigants were defeated.

    Reynard, who hesitated, decided that he wouldn't be able to fight against them and took something out.


    "Hahaha! How is my attack… What?"

    Philip, who stabbed into the chest of Anubis, pulled out his sword only to be confused.

    He had clearly pierced into the cockpit, but he couldn't see blood spill out.

    "What happened?"