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Chapter 416 - Start of Counterattack 2

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 416: Start of Counterattack 2

    Pung-! Pung-! Bang!

    Kwang! Bang!

    By the time Luke had defeated the vanguard Gigants of the Milton Kingdom, a fierce battle was taking place in the Lamer city.

    "3rd, 15th, and 28th artillery!"

    "Do not step back and keep shooting!"

    "There is a fire on the east street! Please support with some fire-fighting men!"

    Shortly after the first battle, including Pavel and the residents, the soldiers and the entire city of Lamer was busy without break.

    The Grenada Navy, which had attacked villages and towns on the south coast, began to attack the Lamer city three days back.

    Duke Nathan divided the fleet into half, and alternately attacked the Lamer city, and Count Fernando attempted to siege with the soldiers leading the Navy.

    And as a response, Pavel formed a firm defensive line with the Unicorn Knights who were sent in from the teleport gate, and the Gigants were brought out from the arena.

    "Today, we will surely take it down!"

    Thud Thud Thud!

    When Fernando's Gigant jumped over the city wall after walking over his allied Gigant's like stairs, Hwang Bo-sung's Puppet blocked his way ahead.

    From the very beginning, Hwang Bo-sung attempted to subdue the men by using the Three Star God Martial skills.

    Bang! Kwang!

    "Euk! They are still coming!"

    Fernando clicked his tongue as he avoided getting attacked.

    The wood giant in front of him had a rider, and the power of it was as good as a knight class.

    After he was overpowered, Fernando stepped back a little and stabbed the knee and wrist joint of the Puppet with his large Estoc which was in his hand.

    It was a weakness that he had grasped for the wood giant.

    Puk! Puk!

    And the attack was successful.

    However, as if the hit was less than expected, the wooden giant which staggered for a moment began to come back at him.

    ‘No way, who is he? How can it move even with the joints damaged?'

    Fernando, who had no knowledge of the Puppet, stepped back and frowned.

    Although he was riding a knight class Gigant and not a Hero class Gigant, he never thought that he would have to deal with a strong rider until he met with the Marquis of Rakan.

    However, his sense of pride got broken right from the beginning.

    It was because a never-heard wooden giant which appeared along with the Unicorn Knights and Fist Master who could control it.

    ‘Dammit, should I aim where the magic stone is, in the chest or cockpit? No, what if even that doesn't work…'

    It was when Fernando was biting his lips and trying to figure out his opponent.

    A man yelled from behind.

    "Count Salizar! The fleet signaled retreat!"

    "What? Already?"

    When the siege was turning sluggish, it seemed like Duke Nathan signaled for a retreat.

    Fernando was forced to stop his attacks and retreat back mumbles, "can't help it. All forces, retreat!"

    The land battle units which were under his commander were very similar to a low tide.

    Fernando stared at the wooden giant before jumping back on the wall.

    "They are retreating! Chase them!"