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Chapter 444 - Lukes Coronation 1

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 444: Luke's Coronation 1

    The news of Luke's proclamation spread everywhere at a quick pace.

    "Marquis Luke is finally getting crowned?"

    "Now he will turn into a Majesty. That was why the nobles and administrators are dying out of work."

    The establishment of a nation wasn't just a matter of deciding on a name for the nation or claiming their individuality.

    By holding the coronation ceremony and inviting guests from home and abroad, it was seen necessary to show the nation's founding was solid and recognized by the others too.

    And the bureaucrats were already busy enough preparing.

    However, Hans and the other retainers who served the Rakan family for a very long time didn't know how hard it was to prepare for the founding.

    On the day when the preparations for the founding were underway, magic communication came for Luke.

    It was Reina.

    During all this time, he was very busy and because of that, he only exchanged letters with her, and Luke was happy when he got to converse with her.

    "How have you been?"

    -Uh, I am doing fine. Sir Luke too looks happy and healthy.

    ‘Have been well? Her face looks a bit lean…'

    As Luke saw, Reina had suffered a lot recently.

    Because of the tricks of Nanas, Luke had disappeared and after going to the southern continent he immediately returned for war, and he caught up with the Milton Kingdom.

    She asked to help him while sending her Holy Imperial army right away.

    However, Luke refused.

    If Reina would have sent troops to other nations without cause or reason, she would face political backlash.

    -By the way, I heard that you were declaring the founding?

    "We are. The retainers wanted it, and I thought that it would be a good idea to establish the nation in my way."

    Luke's willingness to go with the wishes of the retainers was because he thought that his men would be more open to his ideas and hopes in the future.

    In the process of preparing for the founding, Luke also worked on the legal systems, which included matters of slavery, the prohibition of racial discrimination, and the status systems.

    It was his intention to formally put it under the national law which he couldn't do during his time as Marquis.

    There was also a plan to improve the land system and make civil construction projects and to create jobs for the poor.

    In addition to that, he intended to increase the position and the status of the aides who had public trust. Only then would it be possible to strengthen kingship and the rule of the nation.

    "I don't know if this got you, but I have decided to name the nation as Symphonia."

    -Symphonia… it goes well for the word which Sir Luke is pursuing.

    She knew the meaning of Symphonia.

    Reina nodded her head, and having something in her mind, she spoke.

    -By the way, what is Sir Luke's thought about hosting the coronation?

    "You mean, you yourself?"

    At Reina's offer, Luke was shocked.

    The coronation ceremony could be held by one a high priest or an archbishop.

    So Luke had entrusted his coronation to Priest Maron, who was in charge of Marquis Rakan.

    But Reina, the Pope of the Holy Empire, wants to do it herself!

    That was totally unexpected, and if known, the continent would be in a mess.

    It was the same as announcing that the Holy Arthenia Empire has accredited to the founding of Symphonia, and that was like claiming the two nations had a strong relationship.

    Maybe if Rudolf found it out, he would be more upset.

    "It sounds good for me, but will it be alright for you to come here?"

    What Luke was worried about was Reina's identity.

    If it went out that he was in love with her, the authority of the Pope would get hurt.

    Even if that didn't happen, high priests and nobles, including Constantine would try to cut down her authority.

    Rumors continued to spread that the Holy Pope of the Empire, Veronica III wasn't an angel, but a princess from another nation, the princess of the Volga kingdom.

    If that was it, it would have been fine.

    Rumors were inflated that she was in love with the Marquis and had already spent the night together, and as a result of rumors spread by Nanas' men, opposition increased.

    "I don't think there is any need to deliberately do this…"

    -It is fine. I know what Sir Luke is worried about. However, my position here isn't easy enough to be shaken by those.

    Honestly, when Luke was busy with civil war, Reina was extremely criticized ad condemned by the opposition.

    She wasn't an angel but a witch who stole the power to rule.

    And listening to those words, Reina spoke back.