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Chapter 458 - The Capitals Disaster 3

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 458: The Capital's Disaster 3

    "And the Libiya Kingdom's dynamics?"

    Count Voltas, who just reported to Emperor Rudolf regarding the war, nodded his head at the Emperor's question.

    "Yes, Your Majesty. It was strange, but the monsters are spreading across the borders. Perhaps, the Vers we used the other day is working."

    "Kuekk. Looks like it worked well."

    Honestly, until hearing back the official report, Rudolf was concerned that their plan was unsuccessful.

    It was because his troops hadn't returned.

    ‘Hmm, maybe they couldn't get back to us because they were exposed to that disease and collapsed right there. It was said that it was a terrible disease.'

    Voltas spoke to Rudolf who was deep in his thoughts, "I heard that it was quite serious, and they are adding new troops in the border forts. At this opportunity, for us to move… it would be impossible, right?"

    "Obviously. As the disease will spread to us, we can crack open a border and send them some medicines and potions telling them that I sent them."

    ‘He must be glad.'

    It wasn't like Voltas didn't know Rudolf's thoughts.

    Even when using the disease, Rudolf wanted to kill nobles and the people too, and when the situation turned favorable to him, he would use it.

    Perhaps, once the relief supply arrived, the people of Libiya and the nobles would feel grateful for the Emperor.

    Also, there was no way that the people would know that the Emperor was the one who spread the disease to them.

    "Anyway, can we relax and watch the situation? Well, there is Luke in the south."

    "Why don't we use the disease over there too?"

    At Voltas's question, Rudolf shook his head.

    "It will be too difficult to send it in. The troops in the south are handled a lot differently than ours."

    The door of the office opened wide, and Marquis Kepler, the Meister of the Imperial Magic Tower, came rushing in.

    "Y-Your Majesty! We are in trouble!"

    "What is it?!"

    Rudolf frowned. However, he was shocked when he heard what Kepler had to say.

    "Vers is spreading in the capital."

    "W-what are you talking about?! Why would that spread in the capital?"

    The Emperor, who got up from his seat, immediately grabbed the neck of Kepler.

    Vers was clearly handed to the best agents and were pushed into the Libiya Kingdom.

    However, the epidemic was spreading to the capital?

    "Kuek! T-that... We aren't sure why. In the process of extracting the disease bottles and transferring it over here, we are checking if maybe a wizard got infected…"

    "Shut up! Are you sure that Vers is the disease that is spreading throughout the capital?"

    He wondered if they were mistaking another disease for this epidemic.

    However, Marquis Kepler nodded with a pale face.

    "The symptoms include a high fever, and at the rate in which the disease is spreading, it is clear that it is Vers."

    "This thing!"


    The Emperor, who was angry, hit the table with his fist.

    The hard marble table in front of him got smashed.

    However, that didn't seem to relieve his anger. The epidemic wouldn't stop.

    Shortly after, the other heads entered the Imperial office.