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Chapter 475 - Aether Monument 3

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 475: Aether Monument 3

    Luke, who stepped away from the Watcher, fell into a vortex.

    As the surroundings made him dizzy, his eyes were shut, and his head was heavy.

    But it wasn't as painful as the time he touched the Aether monument.

    When he was able to adapt to an extent inside the vortex, his eyes saw something.

    ‘You… Katarina!'

    Around 500 years back, when she was doing chores in the Veritas Magic Tower, she was there, Katarina, handing Saymon a handkerchief with a smile.

    It was his first encounter with her.

    The memories kept passing. The next thing he saw was the time he fought with Rakan.

    Again, the confrontation with Rakan, Luke's enemy, made him feel displeased.

    As he frowned, a strange sight unfolded in front of his eyes.

    It was a beautiful half-elf dressed in a uniform of armed knights.

    "Princess Sophia, where is this place?"

    "Well, I believe that this is the place where Goddess Belize has led us to rest."

    ‘Princess Sophia? The last princess of the Libiya Kingdom?'

    The one known to have disappeared from the temple—the place where Luke's party stood.

    However, the place where they stood seemed to be different from Rhodesia Continent.

    It was like the Southern Continent.

    Nor surprisingly, a few moments later, thousands of the southerners flocked to them, a young man in golden armor reached out to the princess.

    The moment, Sophia held his hand, the landscape changed again.

    This time, the place was the same one he had seen a moment ago, the large monument.

    And their faces seemed familiar to Luke.

    It was Jo Won-rak, the 3rd crown prince he met in the Song Empire, and Zegal Hui, the general of Eorim Army.

    "This is the place where Emperor Qin Chong and Empress Taifu met 500 years ago, right?"

    "Yes, the Empress was said to be a fairy who came to earth because of the will of the heavens. The officers, who wrote the history, probably didn't want to write down rumors or unverified facts, but she was definitely someone with extraordinary powers."

    "If only one had one percent of her power, if we could only get her power…"

    "Yes, countering the forces would be a lot easier."

    Judging from the clips he was seeing, Empress Taifu was Princess Sophia.

    If the scholars of history knew it, they would be very shocked.

    The immediate lineage of the old Libiya royal family, which was thought to have been killed in the Rhodesia Continent, flowed to the far Southern Imperial, Song.

    "This… What happened there?"

    "Your Majesty, what is going on?"

    "The ones who broke into the dungeon are alive, and they are in the closed ruins' side!"

    Suddenly, the landscape changed to Emperor Rudolf and Count Voltas.

    From the outrageous magical three-dimension view in front of Rudolf, Luke figured out who woke up the little stone dolls.

    However, Luke paid more attention to the progress of the video than the artifact.

    First, it displayed the past, and now it was showing the present.

    ‘Then, will the future be shown?'

    The future was a time that couldn't be fixed on what was seen.

    The future changed according to changes that happened in the present.

    However, some believe that at the moment, a decision has already been made about the future.

    Usually, the priests believed that great fates were already decided by God's will.

    However, they insisted that the destiny made by a man was merely a decoration carved by God for his big picture.

    ‘I don't know what is true and what is not. But…'

    Once again, the view in front of Luke changed.

    Kuakk! Kuk!

    The ruined image of a huge city.

    Black rain pouring down from dark clouds, rotten corpses everywhere, and bizarre screams.

    Thousands of men… No, tens of thousands of men.

    ‘They are Undead. Surely, they are zombies and ghouls, right?'

    Leading the zombies and ghouls was a Lich and a Death Knight.