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Chapter 480 - Another Rakan Descendant Appears 4

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 480: Another Rakan Descendant Appears 4

    Kung! Grrrng!

    "What? What is this?"

    "Earth- An earthquake! Get to safety!"

    The mana's fluctuations were so strong and getting stronger that the ground began to crack.

    Count Rolex and the other wizards were surprised at the changes and took a few steps back from the center.

    ‘This, this is surely…'

    The Iron Knights who were in charge of guiding them recalled the time when Ferrero appeared from the tunnel of light.

    It was the same situation, however, this time it was a lot more intense.

    The trees around were collapsing and the ground shook.


    After a while, the tremors which seemed to have destroyed everything around subsided, the center began to show a tunnel of light.

    "That is it! Count Ferrero came from that!"


    At the words of the knight, Count Rolex couldn't believe it.

    According to the Emperor's words and his vision of the Imperial Palace, all those in the underground ruins were told to be gone.

    Moreover, it was difficult to think that someone would have entered the dungeon as the exit had collapsed.

    ‘Then, where is this connected to?'

    When Count Rolex was puzzled, someone slowly walked out of the tunnel of light.

    He seemed to be a southerner with long hair and beard.

    ‘Southern Continent man?'

    Count Rolex was shocked.

    He thought that it could be some guys from the Libiya special forces who infiltrated their ruins, but a sudden appearance of Southerner only confused him more.

    He who had numerous scars on her face and a prosthetic right arm was holding a silver-haired girl who was asleep.

    "Who are you?"

    "Where did you come from?! Answer me!"

    The knights jumped at the man and pointed their swords at the southerner.

    The man was looking around at the place, he looked at the knights, the words engraved on their armor and laughed.

    "Kuakk, hahhhha!"

    "What, what is with the old man? Him laughing is getting on my nerves!"

    "He isn't retarded, right?"

    The wounds on his neck seemed to have hit his vocal cords.

    Count Rolex asked his guards to hurry for the man.

    "Capture him! Don't kill him!"

    He had to figure out how that man had appeared from that tunnel.

    At the command of Rolex, the knights approached the elderly southerner.

    They were all confident in their skills, however, they were aware of the many different kinds of fighting techniques that southerners used.

    "Do not resist. Follow the instructions and gently…"


    As soon as the knight reached out to the steel prosthetic hand, the knight disappeared.

    He punched the knight, which made him fly distantly.

    It was evident from the knight's bloody body that fell on the ground that he died on the spot.

    "Dammit, this man!"

    "Attack him! All we need to do is stop him!"

    The knights who were angry yelled.

    However, the movement of the elderly was much faster than the sword the knights wielded.

    Each time the steel prosthetic moved up, down, left or right, a body of the knight flew or collapsed with limbs bent.

    ‘Fist Master!'

    A skill which could be compared to that of a Sword Master.

    Count Rolex, who recognized the man's skills, hurriedly used magic.

    He believed that his magic could hold down the man who was creeping everyone out with his Fist Master skills.