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Chapter 481 - Aether Induced Coma 1

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 481: Aether Induced Coma 1

    At the meeting point of the south of Nemesis, Luke and his party met and hurried to get to the Symphonia Kingdom.

    "Although not as much as the southwest road to the Libiya Kingdom, the southern highway passes through the Baroque Empire. Yet, with just slight suspicion arising on us, we will get arrested right away."

    Philip nodded as soon as Henry spoke.

    "We need to go across the mountain or forest."

    "Yes, but if we are moving there, we'll get noticed, so it will be better to move into different groups."

    Henry, who handed the information, returned to Nemesis with 3rd group.

    The plan continued to spy the Baroque Empire for the future time.

    Based on the information Henry gave them, the party headed for Symphonia Kingdom.

    Avoiding the Baroque Empire army, they used the trails in the mountains and rested during the days and moved during the night.

    Belfair transformed into a bat and led the party while looking ahead for enemies or obstacles.

    It was on the third day of their movement to the south.

    They rested in an unknown forest.

    "Haa, what is this…?"

    "That is right. I never thought that His Majesty would turn out like this."

    The knights looked at Luke and couldn't believe their eyes, they saw Luke who was unconscious on the stretcher.

    Honestly, the operation was a success.

    To draw out the attention, the 3rd group carried out their acts of terrorism in Nemesis, and the 2d group which picked Count Ferrero's family completed the mission without any casualties.

    However, the problem was with the 1st group, in which everyone was considered to be the strongest.

    Luke touched the monument and fell into slumber.

    "Why isn't he awake yet?"

    At the question of Scarlet, Erwin who was looking at Luke's body sighed out of frustration.

    "I am not sure. He hasn't gone any better despite the fact that I am using healing magic since the moment we got here."

    Sometimes, Knights and wizards come across the mana runaway.

    It didn't matter if one would learn to control the runaway themselves, but in severe cases, the person's consciousness would be lost.

    However, even in those cases, the outstanding wizard or priest could overcome the crisis.

    It was because of their auras or mana rattle with divine magic or healing magic so their situation could be stabilized.

    However, the condition seemed to be different with Luke.

    Even though Erwin had been healing Luke for a dozen times, his body didn't seem to accept it.

    The mana treatments wasn't getting absorbed into the body, but rather, it was bouncing off.

    ‘There is a little which might bet taken in, but…'

    The energy arousing from Luke's body resembled a light fresh green hue which was the same as Zenith village.

    The energy which felt from Princess Reina, on her first visit.

    ‘Holy Pope is said to have the power of Aether. But does Aether harm people? And did His Majesty get Aether from some place? Was it the monument in the underground ruins?'

    When Erwin was thinking about all those, Scarlet seemed worried.

    "Of course, we are not going back like this, right?"

    While she was mumbling, Philip jumped up.

    "Lady Scarlet, how can you be so disrespectful? Should I tell his Majesty everything once he wakes up?"

    "Ah, no I just…"