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Chapter 509 - Military Parade 5

Emperor of Steel
     Chapter 509: Military Parade 5

    Once the Military Parade ended, the Gigants were placed for exhibition at the plaza for the general public, and Luke held a banquet for the nobles of home and abroad who came for the event.

    However, the banquet was very different from any other banquets which offered simple food, drinks and dances.

    It was because the banquet served as an academic conference of the wizards and the royal scholars of the Royal Katarina Magic Tower.

    "Look at this very carefully. This is the secret gunpowder that defeated the Grenada Navy."



    Once Zegal Soha dropped a small amount of gunpowder into a container filled with water, the water exploded.

    The nobles who looked at such situation were curious and then shocked.

    Throughout the banquet halls, such magical experiments and newly developed items were being turned into good attractions.

    Luke wanted to show off Symphonia's magic engineering skills with the opportunity.

    Meanwhile, some foreign nobles approached Luke and asked if Orion would be sold.

    "Your Majesty, I am Count Novel of Castia Kingdom."

    "Oh, Count Novel. Thank you so much for responding to our invitation. But what do you need?"

    "It isn't anything troublesome. I was just wondering if you would be willing to send us the new hero class Gigant which was released at the parade today."

    "Are you talking about Orion?"

    "Is the name of the new Gigant Orion, the giant hunter of ancient mythology? It goes quite well with it."

    Count Novel was able to determine the approximate performance of Orion.

    As a result, he was able to find out that Orion had a terrific performance of 3,700 fights and he wanted to buy it.

    If the purchase was successful, he would be given a strong presence in the court of Castia.

    "Huhu, well, it is quite expensive‚Ķ"

    When Luke indirectly refused to it, Novel's eyes flashed.

    He was confident that he would be able to pay any cost for it.

    He was a member of the central bureaucrats of Castia and had a considerable connection with the Minister of Finance. In addition, he also owned a large firm in the Kingdom.

    "Of course, it is expensive. Isn't it an Original Hero class Gigant, it is known to be a rare thing which can't be afforded right? But I'd like to pay whatever the cost, so please give me a chance."

    No other nations had ever sold a Hero class Gigant, a strategic weapon that was needed for the development of the nation.

    Therefore, the nobles who knew about it were sure that Luke would refuse its sale.

    But unexpectedly, Luke allowed it.

    And the price was a high amount of 1 million pesos.

    "Thank you. Thank you very much."

    After Count Novel went back with a happy face, Meister Mute of Royal Katarina Magic Tower went close to Luke and asked.

    "Your Majesty, are you really going to sell Orion?"


    "But Orion is the newest Gigant in the Symphonia Kingdom. Please reconsider this sale."

    It wasn't just Mute, but also Prime Minister Hans and Marquis Rogers asked.

    But Luke didn't sway away from his thoughts.

    Honestly, he had another purpose for the military parade.

    It was to prepare for Arsene, who was hiding somewhere in the Southern Continent developing his power.

    As Hwang Bo-sung said, Arsene's undead legion was bound to come to the Northern Continent in the future.

    It was informed that the Rhodesia Continent, whose power was diminished due to the war between the nations, couldn't prevent the disaster from happening.

    So he thought of selling his Gigants to the other nations which were acquainted with him and boost their power.

    Of course, however, he didn't intend to sell Orion just like that.

    The idea was to remove the tuning Helm, lower the core engine and sell a downgraded version with a reduced armor strength of 30 %.

    But even that alone would outperform any other Hero Class made by the top ten Magic Tower.

    "Your Majesty, please sell Orion to our Irea kingdom."

    "We want one for our Navarre Duchy too."

    When Luke said that he planned to sell, several nobles of the other nations approached him and announced their intention to purchase.

    "That might be difficult. Orion cannot be made a lot in a year. So, why don't you buy our Knight and Warrior class first?"

    In addition to Orion, Luke had other Gigants to sell. They were the Gaius and improved Stiletto.

    "Oh! The Gigants which were shown in the parade today?"

    In addition to Orion, other Gigant's movements and output seemed pretty nice.