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Chapter 130 – One’s own plans

Martial Peak
     The four people was done resting for a while now. They were all waiting for Yang Kai to get back. Meanwhile, Nie Yong was whispering to himself, cursing Yang Kai.

    After Yang Kai arrived, Lan Chudie took a deep breath. Her gigantic chest expanded, till the clothes around them stretched to its extreme limits. She looked at all the member and asked “Is everyone done?”

    (My god! Those are some big and hard tits…)

    “Yeah!” Nie Yong said excitedly.

    “Then we will do it again.” Lan Chudie turned her vision to Yang Kai. “Do you want to change roles?”

    Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s no need. After the first attempt, I already experience the dangers and I’m confident in surviving now.”

    He was not willing to battle with those stone statues. After all, hitting them with his fist would also injure him.

    “Alright then. Looks like we will be depending on you again.” Lan Chudie smiled while she schemes.

    Whenever she smiled, Yang Kai had a vague feeling that it was a gift for someone venturing into danger.

    (Wow… Her smile is a gift? WTF?)

    If she was smiling to Nie Yong, it was for encouragement. However, this was not the case for Yang Kai.

    Without delving too much into it, Yang Kai ran back to the area to lure the stone statues.

    This time, although Yang Kai did his task perfectly, the group messed up. When it was time to lure two away, they were blocked by another stone statue. Dealing with three stone statues confused their positions and nearly cause some casualties.

    After those three were dealt with, Yang Kai came back with two more and they were also quickly destroyed.

    Even after the incident, the group’s moral was high. They had managed to receive two stone babies!

    Now, the group has managed to collect four stone babies. With just one more, the group can finally distribute amongst themselves.

    Yang Kai was filled with excitement. After all, the thing he most lacks in combat was finally going to land in his hands. Naturally, he wished for them to be already able to divide the Martial Skill Technique.

    Over the next few days, the group repeated the same process. They would lure, then battle, and then rest for half a day before starting again.

    Unfortunately, after destroying their 30th stone statue, they were unable to receive any stone babies. Each time they looked forward to searching the rubble remains, they were all excited, to only end up with a disappointed expression.

    What’s worse, each time Yang Kai lured them, it became increasingly harder to isolate two from the group. Likewise, the stone statue’s strength also strangely increased.

    There was one time where Lan Chudie and the rest tried to isolate two of the stone statues, to only be chase by numerous stone statues. They ended up being only capable of fleeing before regrouping again.

    As they continued their attempts, the situation gets harder. The whole thing quickly becomes increasingly dangerous. However, the fifth stone baby did not appear. Finally, the group had a discussion.

    “If we continue on like this, we would definitely have some kind of incident.” Nie Yong spoke with worry in his voice.

    Zuo An spoke in a low voice. “Now, we only have four sets of Martial Skill but five people. If we don’t continue, how do we divide?”

    Everyone was silent. Nobody would be willing to let go of a Martial Skill. After all, they had worked so hard for these past few days just thinking about obtaining one Martial Skill themselves.

    Nie Yong thought of an idea and smiled at Yang Kai lightly, “ Lan Female Apprentice had said it before. We will allocate the treasures based on contributions. Since Yang fellow apprentice is the weakest out of us four, then, shouldn’t you resign your rights to the Martial Skill Techniques?”

    Yang Kai sneers at Nie Yong.

    Nie Yong continued, “Naturally, Yang Fellow apprentice also worked hard and we must compensate you with some money?”

    Zuo An’s brow wrinkled but did not speak. After all, he also supports this proposition.

    Naturally, Du Yishuang supported Yang Kai, “How is that fair! Like any of us have enough money to compensate for a Martial Skill Technique!”

    Yang Kai continued to sneer. Although he was looking at Nie Yong, at the corner of his eyes, he was secretly looking at Lan Chudie, waiting for her response.

    Lan Chudie’s decision will decide Yang Kai’s following actions from this point on.

    As expected, Lan Chudie kept silent, causing Yang Kai to sneer even more.

    After a moment of silence, Lan Chudie said, “We will try one more time to see if we can obtain another one of those stone babies. It is not good that one of us is left with nothing. But, I will guarantee that is we cannot obtain another stone baby, I will go back to school and do everything in my might to compensate!”

    Her words seemed to be addressing toward the group but Yang Kai knew that it was meant for her-self.

    “This is our last chance. Yang Fellow Apprentice, note that our intentions are good.” Lan Chudie stood up as she looked towards Yang Kai. “Yang Fellow Apprentice, you must be exhausted.”

    Yang Kai did not lookback at her and nodded, setting out to walk towards the stone statues.

    Realizing his desolateness, Lan Chudie’s pupils flashes through a light apology but quickly vanishes.

    After repeatedly doing the same thing, Yang Kai was already familiar with the task and could carry it out with ease. However, this time, he had other plans.

    As usual, he lured all the hundreds of stone statues back to the ambush point. Lan Chudie and the others would then take the opportunity to lure two out of the group but this time, it was different.

    Lan Chudie’s complexion changed “Nie Yong, lure two of them out!”

    “Why me?” Nie Yong shouted, startled.

    Du Yishuang coldly ridiculed. “Did you not say that baiting them was an easy task? Since Yang Kai could lure a hundred, what are two stone statues?”

    “Who said that it was easy?” Nie Yong cursed. However, he did not have the means to oppose the will of these two females. Without a choice, he went out to attack two stone statues and lured them out of the group. Once they were lured out, he ran back hastily.

    Although they had planned on luring out only two, Nie Yong accidentally lured out three. This made matters difficult but after experiencing combat for a while, they would now be able to beat three stone statues.

    While the four people were fighting, Yang Kai routed back, close to the combat zone. He climbed on top of a stone pillar to look behind him to find that there were still some stone statues chasing after him.

    So far so good. Yang Kai exclaimed in his heart as half of his plan was already made successful.

    Yang Kai had the idea of luring all the stone statues back to trap Lan Chudie and others while they were fighting. However, Yang Kai changed his plans as he did not wish to be too evil.

    With three stone statues, it would take the group a longer time to defeat them. That was good enough already. All Yang Kai needed was to delay them. Else, the group may figure out his plans.

    Either ways, Yang Kai would not do this if he could trust the others. Since Lan Chudie is too realistic and cares for herself, more than the group’s well being, Yang Kai could not place faith in her to make matters fair for himself.

    If they did not obtained a stone baby, Yang Kai would definitely not get anything in return. She would definitely lead the group out of this area and give the excuse; we tried.

    Hence, he only had himself to depend on.

    For the past few days, Yang Kai had been wondering, why are these stone statues chasing after them? Perhaps, deeper within the area, they were protecting something!

    This thing should be more valuable than any kind of Martial Skill that the stone statues contain.

    This may only be a guess but it is worth it to try.

    Yang Kai directed the horde chasing after him, further from the center. After having a distance away from the area, he revolves his True Yang Yuan Qi within his body and produced flames at the bottom of his foot. Hastily, he ran back to the area where the stone statues rest.

    This time, his speed was incomparable to his normal running speed. Unfortunately, these methods of usage of True Yang Yuan Qi cannot be considered to be a Martial Skill. They can only be considered as a skill.

    However, there was a downside to using True Yang Yuan Qi. It was too consuming. In just a short 7 minutes, Yang Kai’s meridians dried up.

    Fortunately, using 1 Yang Drop manages to completely restore his meridians.

    (Ok, hold on! Let’s do some math. Currently he has 70 drops, which means he can run for 490mins = 8 hours and 10 minutes!)

    After consuming four Yang drops, Yang Kai finally returned to the stone statue’s area.

    When he went deeper, the flat grassy floor turned into concrete. Without much time till the stone statues all return, Yang Kai did not take much time to check every area for safety.

    Hastily, he ran deeper to check if his theory was right. Finally, he saw it. At the center of the area, there was a gigantic pit. Around this pit and inside were guarded by stone statues that seemed to be more aggressive than the ones he normally bait around.

    That’s it!

    Yang Kai knew that this place was extremely dangerous and became more cautious. He quietly and slowly walked closer to the pit. In his experience, once he approaches too close to these stone statues, they would start moving. However, he could not fight them right now. The group of weaker looking stone statues could come back and surround him while he fought.

    As Yang Kai slowly walked closer to one of the stone statues as he moved towards the pit. However, he was shocked to find that they were not moving.


    Yang Kai continued to probe the stone statue, to make sure it was safe. However, no matter how close he got to it, the thing did not respond. Thus, Yang Kai grew more courageous and tried to weed out trouble. Without allowing these things to start moving, Yang Kai revolved his True Yang Yuan Qi and fiercely pounds onto the stone carvings; Aiming to destroy it in the shortest span of time.