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Chapter 149 – The Trial

Martial Peak
     Hu Jiao Er abruptly interrupted without letting her finish her sentence, “Did you think we approached you to squeeze secrets out of you??”

    She did not like how Yang Kai thought of them. [Does he actually think that we approached him with an ulterior motive? I thought he had a better impression of us.]

    Realising he enraged her, he decided to keep silent.

    Hu Jiao Er continues, “Since we will climb those steps together once they reach the ground, I will take it upon myself to be responsible for your protection should any problem occur. At the same time, you need to tell us everything you know. How does this deal sound?”

    “Protection?” Yang Kai looked at the girl with one eyebrow raised.

    “In your current condition, don’t you think you need protection?” Hu Jiao Er chuckled. “Well, I guess you could always find Su Yan to protect you. Although after you saved her, she seems to have been ignoring you these past few days”.

    Yang Kai did not argue. He was well aware that when the time came, they would have to move together, which means they might as well help each other.

    Hu Jiao Er snorted and pulled her own sister away from Yang Kai.

    After waiting for a whole day, the thing hidden in the sky was finally exposed and showed a complete picture of what was behind it. All the people that were waiting stood up and looked at the thing five kilometres away.

    Cultivators who were standing below watched a huge palatial construction emerge from the sea of clouds down directly in front of everyone. In front of it was a huge number of steps, which were so numerous that everyone thought that they would not be able to climb them.

    [Is the inheritance located there?] Yang Kai thought as his breathing became heavy.

    All the disciples of the three sects became anxious and excited at the same time. Although they did not have as much information as Yang Kai, they could all easily tell that this colossus building must hold great treasures. Now, everyone was just waiting for the flight of stairs to reach the ground so they can start climbing.

    Finally, under the attentive gaze of countless of people, the flight of stairs made contact with the ground. A loud pounding could be heard as the ground trembled. The clouds and objects in the sky then vanished into obscurity.

    The pounding and trembling continued for quite some time before settling down. The flight of stairs also stably landed on the ground.

    Suddenly, one scream after another sounded out and several hundred people rushed to the flight of stairs.

    Yang Kai also started to walk to its side. He was not as anxious as the rest because he knew from the Old Demon that obtaining the inheritance was based on chance and not speed.

    In front of him was a pure white figure. When he carefully looked at it, he noticed that it was Su Yan. The sleeves of her clothes were fluttering about as she moved. She was neither running like the rest nor taking a stroll like Yang Kai. Instead, she was travelling at a walking pace, emitting a noble aura.

    When she turned her head back to look at Yang Kai realising that his vision was locked onto her, her long eyelashes slightly vibrated as she opened her mouth to speak. However, no words came out.

    In the next moment, their vision was blocked out by the running crowd of disciples. Yang Kai’s flirtatious smile turned to that of sadness.

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    Meanwhile, the two beautiful Hu sisters came beside him once again with one on the left and the other on the right. They displayed winning, coy smiles that could even charm a ghost.

    Hu Jiao Er then spoke out, “Since I said that I will protect you, I will keep my word. You don’t have to worry. The both of us have already received an inheritance, so we will not compete with you on this one.”

    Yang Kai regained his composure when he could no longer see Su Yan.

    “Hey, you brat! I’m talking to you!” Hu Jiao Er angrily scolded Yang Kai because he completely ignored her.

    “Yes. I heard.” Yang Kai responded.

    Hu Jiao Er snorted and muttered to herself in a soft voice, “Like you actually paid any attention to what I said…”

    After walking for 5 kilometres, the three arrived in front of a lavish, green and golden jade step.

    In front of the gigantic flight of stairs was a dim screen of light. It faintly resembled multiple gates placed next to each other.

    The disciples from the three sects tried to find a way through the screen of light. Over time, the number of people that were present was reduced. The disciples were either going in groups or one by one into the gate of light, reducing the population at the bottom of the steps.

    The entire scene was extremely bizarre. Although there was a screen of light in front of them, they were able to see the flight of stairs behind it. How was it that when people managed to find a way past the screen of light, they were completely invisible? Did the screen of light consume them?

    Watching this scene, the Hu sisters could not help but back off with trepidation.

    “Yang Kai, where did they go?” Hu Jiao Er anxiously asked.

    Yang Kai shook his head, “I do not know…”

    Then Yang Kai arrived in front of the screen of light and placed his hand on it. As his hand passed through, ripples on the screen could be seen, but his hand completely disappeared on the other side.

    “Are we going in?” Hu Mei Er, who was less courageous than her sister voiced with fear.

    Yang Kai looked up into the sea of clouds and entered without scruple.

    Watching him enter, Hu Jiao Er ground her teeth. Holding her sister’s hand, she shouted, “Let’s go in as well!”

    Once they stepped through, Yang Kai was surprised to find that the place looked exactly the same from the other side. Numerous flights of stairs led up towards the sky.

    After looking around, he did not see anyone else’s trail. Yang Kai thought to himself and concluded, [each gate must have led to an independent space. It seems that the people who go through the same gate will stay together.]

    When Yang Kai turned back, the ripples on the screen of light completely disappeared. When he blinked his eyes, the screen of light also vanished.

    Without feeling too much concern about it, Yang Kai placed his foot on the first step of the flight of stairs and clenched. His brows wrinkled as he felt his body suddenly suppressed.

    “What happened?” Hu Jiao Er asked after seeing Yang Kai’s expression.

    “Come here and try for yourself.” Yang Kai spoke gently.

    The two sisters did not hesitate and went forward. Both of them walked around to the sides, finally lifting their feet and placing them on the first step.

    “How do you feel?” Yang Kai asked.

    “There is energy invading my foot.” Hu Jiao Er replied.

    “It is hot energy!” Hu Mei Er continued to elaborate.

    “This is probably a test.” Yang Kai showed a faint smile which was completely different from the two Hu sisters’ expression. He had discovered that this energy was Yang attribute energy!

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    By revolving True Yang Secret Art, Yang Kai could absorb the energy from the platform. Thus, instead of damaging him, the platform was actually fuelling him!

    TLN:( Damn hacks man.)

    This was entirely different for the two Hu sisters. For them, they would need to direct Qi to resist the Yang Energy from burning their feet.

    “If this is a test, then it is too easy. This level of energy is too weak to do much.” Hu Mei Er could resist the energy penetrating her foot with ease.

    “Don’t underestimate this test.” Hu Jiao Er looked at her sister. “The steps here may not contain a lot of energy but could we say that for certain about the steps on top? It is likely that the higher we go, the more energy we will have to resist. This will probably last until we can resist no longer…”

    “Let’s not be hasty and jump to conclusions. Let’s test it out.” Yang Kai took another step, and another step, till he reached the fourth step.

    Meanwhile, the two sisters followed behind.

    After walking without rest for more than a hundred steps, they had discovered that Hu Jiao Er’s prediction was right. The higher they went, the more Yang Energy drilled into their foot, and the more Yuan Qi they had to use to resist it.

    After a whole day of endless climbing, the two sisters could not help but bottle up their complaints about the hardships they had to face.

    On the other hand, Yang Kai was enjoying his time climbing the steps. By climbing his first hundred steps, he had managed to acquire one drop of Yang Liquid and stored it within his Dantian.

    After their three-hundredth step, Yang Kai and the Hu sisters could tell that they were starting to slow down. Since they had to resist the Yang Energy, the Hu sisters felt their whole body slowly turn stiff. However, it was still not strong enough to stop them.

    It was surprising that Hu Mei Er managed to pass through their three-hundredth step with relative ease. This was despite her cultivation level being only Initial Element Stage 2.

    Once they passed the four hundredth step, the toll on the sisters was becoming obvious. The two of them would need to about three breaths to climb another step. Not to mention, they were already starting to perspire.

    On the other hand, Yang Kai was still extremely relaxed. However, instead of chatting with the girls, he was more concerned about this test. It was unlikely that the test only consisted of climbing stairs. That would be way too easy. He suspected that unknown dangers lurked somewhere and was trying to remain alert.

    At their four hundred and ninetieth step, the two sisters looked towards Yang Kai, who had a face full of satisfaction. They were convinced that the boy was simply putting on a strong front. How was it possible for him to pass through these steps and still be so joyful? These steps were extremely tiring to climb. To think that they even swore that they would protect him. The irony…

    Yang Kai looked at them and proposed, “Let’s take a break first.”

    “No!” Hu Jiao Er clenched her teeth and took a step in front of Yang Kai.

    Once Hu Jiao Er climbed up ten more steps to the five hundredth step, she suddenly fell. Fortunately, Yang Kai was quick enough to pull her back to a lower step.

    They looked at each other and Hu Jiao Er said in surprise, “It changed!”

    Yang Kai’s brows wrinkled but he did not bother to question her. He took a step up to the five hundredth step and could feel that the energy penetrating his foot was no longer that of Yang Energy, but ice cold.

    The sudden change must have startled Hu Jiao Er, causing her to fall.

    “Is this also part of the test?” Yang Kai had a weary smile. He had hoped that the steps were all going to deliver Yang Energy. In this case, being a Yang attribute cultivator makes it easy for him to arrive at the top of the stairs. However, now with the energy changing to that of cold. it was drastic enough to be an opposite of the Yang Energy.

    When the cold energy drilled into Yang Kai’s body, the boy had two choices. He could either revolve True Yang Yuan Qi and resist the energy or he could revolve True Yang Secret Art to build up this cold energy into his bones. Regardless of the technique he chose, he would need to use up his Yuan Qi. However, the latter was definitely going to take a bigger toll on him.

    If Yang Kai did not have so much Yang Liquid within his Dantian, he would have chosen the first option. With a reserve of more than 100 drops of Yang Liquid, he would be able to use True Yang Secret Art without much worry.

    When the boy started revolving True Yang Secret Art, he allowed the cold energy to penetrate directly into his Golden Bones. With the circulation of his Yang Yuan Qi, he resisted the cold energy from spreading throughout his body.

    “Let’s go.” Yang Kai turned around and smiled at the two sisters, showing the way forward.

    Hu Jiao Er was irritated by Yang Kai and whispered to her sister, “Why is he being so smug?”

    Hu Mei Er bitterly smiled back, “He isn’t…”