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Chapter 172 – Flattery

Martial Peak
     “Old man,” Yang Kai raised his hand to signal ‘stop’. “Keep quiet.”

    Yang Kai’s brows creased. He did not know what the old man feared, but he knew that it must have had something to do with the Cultivators that are arriving soon.

    After a wait that seemed to last an eternity, the footsteps came to a halt and what remained was the creaks and knocks from the worn-out door. The loud, sudden bang caused Xiao Yu to wake up. Trembling in fear, she immediately jumped to hug her grandfather. Meanwhile, Yang Kai’s face turned icy cold.

    (Silavin: Yang Kai show them the one-two! Bastards dare to scare Xiao Yu!)

    “Old Geezer! Open up the door!” A voice from behind the doors angrily shouted.

    “Don’t you know that opening the door for guests is basic courtesy?” A second voice added on.

    The Old Man supported his granddaughter in his embrace as an angry and indignant look flashed across his face. However, he knew very well that he was powerless. Opening his mouth to comfort the little girl in his arms, he muttered in a soft and low voice, “Xiao Yu, don’t be scared. Xiao Yu. Don’t fear. Your grandfather is here… your grandfather is here. Don’t be scared.”

    The leading person on the other side of the door was obviously not a patient man. Realising that the Old Man had no desire to open the door, he directly kicked it down and allowed the sea breeze outside to engulf the room, replacing the heat inside.

    “You Old Thing!” One of the crazed men came rushing in, “You’re courageous. To think that you actually dare lock us out! Let’s just see if I can resist stabbing you to death!”

    “What are you here for?! LEAVE!” The Old Man protecting his granddaughter yelled in protest. “Her father and mother have both been taken by you! Isn’t it enough that you have left the two of us forsaken out here? Why can’t you just leave us alone?”

    “Hey now, old man. Just what kind of crude rubbish are you spouting? We simply invited them to go to Red Cloud Island as guests to enjoy a lavish life. Now that they miss you, they specifically asked us to fetch you to them. Don’t you wish for your whole family to reunite once again?” The speaker came in through the door with a huge grin plastered onto his face. However, when he saw Yang Kai, he began to stare at the youngster with vigilance. When he could not manage to find any trace of Yang Kai being a Cultivator, he assumed that he was an average human being and left the boy alone while asking himself, [did this family have so many people in it?]

    (Silavin: My god! That old man just said that they have two people left! Can’t you even process that this guy is an outsider?)

    The Old Man began to cry out, “This type of fortune is something we ordinary families cannot enjoy. Could you two be so kind as to bring this child’s parents back? She misses them very, very much.”

    “You Old Thing! You are being too unappreciative!” one of the men barked. “As long as you follow us back to Red Cloud Island, you will reunite with them! What are you shrieking and crying about?!”

    Ever since these two Cultivators entered the room, Yang Kai had been listening and gathering information. Red Cloud Island was owned by the Red Cloud Sect. This Sect was not worth mentioning to High Heaven Pavilion since it was a Third Rate Sect.

    Yang Kai was unaware of the reasoning behind their need to capture them. However, from the conversation, he could at least understand that this was not the first time here.

    [The old man had said before that Xiao Yu stopped speaking after something happened to her family. He should be referring to this matter.]

    Normally, Yang Kai would never pry into someone’s personal business. Even when he helped Cui Er, he just wanted to repay her for her caretaking. Yang Kai could not sit idly by as the kind girl and her grandfather get threatened, especially after the kindness they showed him. Their actions filled Yang Kai with gratitude, and Xiao Yu, the pure and honest kind girl touched his heart.

    Although the two men were in the Qi Transformation Stage, they were lacking in skills to fight. Yang Kai was confident that he could beat them with relative ease. However, the area they were currently in was not suitable for a battle. Furthermore, with a Sect behind them, he did not wish to further implicate the old man and Xiao Yu. He decided that he needed to form out a well-thought out plan.

    “I beg you two to free her parents. Please, let them reunite.” The old man choked up with emotions and began to sob, kneeling down and repeatedly kowtowing on top of the bed.

    “Old Geezer, you have a gift for maddening people!” The Red Cloud Sect’s Cultivators opened their foul mouths to taunt, preparing to take their first step to start an assault. However, before anything could happen, Yang Kai interrupted them.

    “Boy, who are you?!” The Red Cloud Sect’s Cultivator roared but this was a question he held back on asking since they were busy with the Old Man.

    Yang Kai spoke with a smile on his face, “I am their distant relative.”

    “Distant relative?” The speaker looked at Yang Kai with eyes filled with doubt and interrogated him. “So, what is the purpose of your visit?”

    Yang Kai answered, “My business outside had just gone bankrupt so I sought shelter here. I could not have possibly imagined that my mother’s sister’s husband’s mother’s married sister and her husband had been taken by the Red Cloud Sect. I had admired the Red Cloud Sect for such a long time. I’ve always felt that the Sect was my calling but I did not have the means to join. Now, as though heaven had given me my wish, you two were delivered to me. Please, would you two be so kind as to accommodate and lead me to Red Cloud Island?”

    Yang Kai’s tone was extremely and unusually humble. He also appeared to be a little nervous, leaving the two Red Cloud Sect Cultivators dumbstruck. [To think that there are people actually willing to go to the island! Is this boy an idiot or is he just insane?] The two men squinted their eyes as they stared at Yang Kai doubtfully and silently.

    Yang Kai quickly made himself seem embarrassed, “Sirs, I have just arrived at Sea City today and I’m somewhat short on money. But rest assured, if I manage to get into Red Cloud Sect, I will definitely return the both of you the favour as my Fellow Brothers of the sect.”

    [Is he actually trying to bribe us?] The two Red Cloud Sect Cultivators looked at each other in confusion. They have been going around trying to abduct innocent people. From their experience, they were certain that Yang Kai was simply an idiot, judging by how his response has been so different from their other abductees.

    [But, if he is willing to come, why doesn’t he just use the normal means to join?]

    [Why would you announce that you were from somewhere else so willingly? Strangers from foreign areas are people that those in Sea City love to push around.]

    Yang Kai looked at them anxiously while his heart pounded vigorously. Although he had no idea what they do to normal people, this was the only way to save the old man and his granddaughter.

    [If we are going to take away the old man and the little girl, why don’t we also take in this capable young man?]

    After the two men stared at Yang Kai, they suddenly laughed and patted his shoulders, “Good, good. Your heart already has Red Cloud Sect in it. How could we possibly be cruel enough to deny you from joining? Besides, you seem rather young and sturdy, not to mention smart enough. If you decide to practise martial arts, you will certainly be a rare talent. In the future when you rapidly climb up the path within the Sect, make sure you never forget the favour the both of us have provided.

    “I can’t forget. I definitely will not forget.”

    The three of them looked at each other and laughed, while the two Red Cloud Sect Cultivators criticised Yang Kai as a fool. On the other hand, Yang Kai thought those two as idiots. Staring at them was the old man and the little girl, trembling on top of the bed.

    Only after a long time did Yang Kai restrain his laughter and spoke, “Sirs, is it good enough to bring me over to the Red Cloud Sect? Bringing an old man and little girl to travel along will just hinder us.”

    Naturally, this issue was the most pressing for Yang Kai. If they were not willing to let them off, Yang Kai would have no choice but to slaughter them here and now. After all that nonsense he spat at them, he had to ask this question. Of course, Yang Kai had thought of the situation before acting. He was well aware that the Red Cloud Sect was capable of sustaining itself due to human labour. Regardless of gender or age, so long as they were human, they could contribute. Now that they have Yang Kai as their new recruit, there was no need to take the old man and the little girl. If they were to lose their lives during the journey, it would just be unlucky.

    Listening to Yang Kai’s logic, one of them nods, “Mhm. You make a point. That old thing keeps rejecting our kind intentions to reunite them with their family anyway.”

    “He is old. I would ask that you two Fellow Brothers forgive him.” Yang Kai smiles.

    “Since you have decided to join Red Cloud Sect, we cannot return too late. We shall depart now.” Since the two Red Cloud Sect Cultivators had completed their task, they impatiently wished to leave the small and depressing room.

    “Can you two please leave first, I need to say goodbye to them.”

    “Just hurry up.” The two Cultivators had bought into his story completely and proceeded waited outside. Once they left, Yang Kai slowly stepped to the side of the bed and looked at the shivering old man and little girl.

    The old man was an astute person. Moments ago when Yang Kai was speaking to the Red Cloud Sect Cultivators, he dared not make a sound, fearing that he would give away some information. Even now, he was still quaking with fear as he spoke, “Little Brother, why?! Red Cloud Island is not a place for human beings.”

    Yang Kai smiled faintly, “Old Sir, you don’t have to worry. I’ve already thought it through. Did you actually forget that I’m a Cultivator as well?”

    The dull eyes of the old man had sparkled after he felt a slight sense of relief.

    Yang Kai placed his hand into his chest pocket and took out a bag of money he had collected from the deceased martial artist the other day. He placed it in the old man’s palms and urged, “Early tomorrow morning, leave Sea City with Xiao Yu. Make sure to go as far away as possible.”

    After speaking his piece, Yang Kai caressed the top of Xiao Yu’s head before turning around to leave.

    (Silavin: Noooooo! I want more Xiao Yu!!!!)

    When the sound of footsteps gradually disappeared, the old man in the room opened the bag in his hand and quivered. [One.. one hundred and twenty..!]

    Uncontrollable tears began to flow out from the Old Man’s eyes. He pulled Xiao Yu to make a bow and deeply urged her, “Xiao Yu, being a human being means one must be grateful! Make sure you carve the appearance of that Elder Brother into your mind. If you ever meet him in the future, even if you have to work as his servant or die for him, you must repay this debt. Do you understand?”

    Xiao Yu nodded enthusiastically. Her face was not flustered with fear or excitement. Instead, it was visibly tranquil.

    Outside of the room, Yang Kai went off with the two Red Cloud Sect Cultivators. He was looking for an opportunity to kill off these two men, but the situation was more than what he could have anticipated. Apparently, the Red Cloud Sect Cultivators were supposed to set out tonight. Furthermore, the whole group totalled up to be twenty people with a True Element Boundary Cultivator acting as their leader.

    Under such circumstances, Yang Kai could not possibly stand a chance. This True Element Boundary Cultivator was unlike Zhang Ding, who was injured and weak at the time Yang Kai fought him.

    For matters to escalate like this, Yang Kai was not startled; since they only thought of him as a normal human being. So long as he is patient enough, he will find an opportunity to escape.

    Once they gathered at the seashore in front of the three steamships, the two Cultivators gave Yang Kai no further attention. Like the flip of a coin, their attitude had completely changed. Now, they were condescending and cocky, frequently sneering as though they were taunting him. It seemed as though they were saying, ‘You fool! You have joined an evil Sect!’

    Of course, Yang Kai no longer bothered himself with them.

    Through the passage of time, more and more people gathered in front of the steamships. The flow seemed to never end. These were civilians; people were either shedding tears or cursing angrily. In front of such a spectacle, the Red Cloud Sect members ignored them as though this was a common sight.

    The people gathered here were of both genders. Most of them were beggars, while the rest were fishermen. However, there was not one person present who seemed to have a wealthy background. Thus, it was painfully obvious that the Red Cloud Sect were only targeting poor people. Since they were powerless, it was easy to bully them without fear of them revolting.

    When it reached dawn, the captives that were gathered totalled up to be thirty.

    The Cultivators, under the order of the True Element Cultivator, rushed back onto the ship. Before the day ended, the steamships hoisted their sails and left the shore.

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