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Chapter 208 – Before Trying to Beat Someone’s Dog, It’s Best to Know Who the Owner Is First.

Martial Peak
     “200,000 silver coins is a great sum, are you still not satisfied?” Bai Yun Feng’s brow wrinkled, somewhat unhappily staring at Yang Kai. Up till now they had bought a lot of these martial skills, but never was there such a high price tag, if they had not heard that this martial skill carried extraordinary power, how could they have been so generous?

    [This little brat doesn’t know how to appreciate kindness!] Bai Yun Feng thought to himself, he was the Bai Family’s young master, even if this martial skill really was worth 200,000 silvers he should still happily sell it to me for 100,000!

    Seeing that Bai Yun Feng was getting frustrated, Dong Qing Han decided to add fuel to the fire, still pretending he did not know Yang Kai, he joined in, “Kid, this Young Master will also bid, 200,000 silver coins plus one bottle of the Dong Family’s exclusive Profound Yuan Pills, how about it?”

    Bai Yun Feng and Fan Hong both turned surprised looks towards Dong Qing Han, they had not thought he would actually offer up a bottle of Profound Yuan Pills Xuan Yuan, that was an Earth Grade Mid-Rank Spirit Pill. Although the grade was not high, the effects were absolutely outstanding. Using it as an auxiliary when one cultivated would allow one to gain more with less effort.

    [Does this martial skill really have such a great value? Yes, Dong Qing Han and Yang Kai had talked a lot before; he certainly has some understanding of the martial skill, so he is willing to offer a bottle of Profound Yuan Pills.]

    “Two hundred thousand, plus a Common Grade Low-Rank artifact!” Fan Hong immediately raised his bid.

    Dong Qing Han frowned, “Brother Fan, you should not compete so ruthlessly.”

    However, before Fan Hong could speak, Bai Yun Feng cut in, “Brother Dong must be mistaken, this martial skill has extraordinary power, since we all want it, naturally we have to use some means, and any price we are willing to offer is fair. 300,000 silvers, plus a Common Grade Low-Rank artifact, but it will be a defensive artifact!”

    When Fan Hong heard this, he simply smiled, “Brother Bai is truly enthusiastic.”

    This price, even he did not dare to offer up. He had not thought Bai Yun Feng would be so decisive.

    Dong Qing Han also laughed, “Since the Brother Bai is so determined, then this Young Master will not fight with you, it would only let me suffer.”

    Bai Yun Feng laughed, cupping his hands, “You’re too humble! For this opportunity, I will surely make it up to you both!”

    These three people offering such a price seemed quite satisfied. Looking at them would make one believe that this Star Mark martial skill already belonged to them, completely disregarding Yang Kai opinion.

    Yang Kai frowned, lightly saying, “When did I say I would sell this martial skill for such a price?”

    Bai Yun Feng’s face suddenly went stiff while Fan Hong was also stunned.

    “300,000 silvers, plus a Common Grade Low-Rank defense artifact should be more than enough to offset the cost of your martial skill. You might not know this so I will warn you first. Being too greedy will cause you to lose everything.” Bai Yun Feng expression dimmed and his voice became somewhat cold and threatening.

    Cao Zheng Wen, who was standing behind Bai Yun Feng, also sneered as he said, “Yang Kai, not giving some face is too shameless. The price Young Master Bai offered is already more than fair, what more do you want?”

    Bai Yun Feng opened his paper fan, crossing his legs. Looking towards Yang Kai, gently fanning himself, showing his utter disdain and contempt.

    Dong Qing Han continued to muddy the waters, deliberately saying, “Oh? Perhaps you want to join one of our forces?”

    Bai Yun Feng and Fan Hong frowned, thinking that this might be a possibility.

    The two people hadn’t finished considering before Cao Zheng Wen interjected again, “Young Master Bai, this person had come to High Heaven Pavilion for more than three years but had only cultivated to the Tempered Body Third Stage, forcing him to become a High Heaven Pavilion Trial Disciple. His qualifications are mediocre at best, and is doomed to have no future. The Bai Family recruiting him will only bring shame, Young Master must think twice.”

    Just as he had finished speaking, Yang Kai suddenly flicked his wrist and shot the glass of wine in his hands forward, splashing it directly on Cao Zheng Wen’s face.

    Everyone’s face at the table underwent a steep change. Especially Bai Yun Feng, his expression was extremely ugly.

    “Yang Kai you court death!” Cao Zheng Wen was furious, he tried to attack, but was stopped Bai Yun Feng.

    “Little brat, if you want to kick a dog you must first consider his master.” Bai Yun Feng glared at Yang Kai, his eyes shining a dangerous light, “If you do not give me a satisfactory explanation today, you should never expect to leave here.”

    “An explanation?” Yang Kai remained indifferent, “My martial skill is of the Mysterious Grade, is this explanation enough?”

    After this remark, everyone’s face was shocked again, even Dong Qing Han was also stunned.

    Mysterious Grade!

    Everyone had guessed that Yang Kai’s martial skill was extraordinary, but they had never imagined it was Mysterious Grade.

    Even the first-class forces like the Dong Family, Bai Family, and Purple Fern Valley only had a few Mysterious Grade martial skills, and any one of these was a closely guarded treasure of their Sects. If one was not a future pillar of the force they were absolute unable to cultivate it.

    “Are you serious?” Dong Qing Han’s voice was trembling somewhat, violently cursing inside, [If I had known it was a Mysterious Grade Martial Skill, I would have seriously tried to acquire it. Since he’s my cousin, trading for this martial skill might not have been impossible but now these two idiots Bai Yun Feng and Fan Hong also are involved here, this matter isn’t going to be easy to resolve.]

    “In the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, my cultivation had only reached Initial Element Seventh Stage yet one strike could wound a sixth-order Monster Beast, what more about this martial skill’s rank do I need to say?” Yang Kai said dismissively.

    These few people’s breathing became rapid, and their looks towards Yang Kai, which before were filled with contempt and disdain, now were shining with greed.

    “On top of the price I offered you before, you may also join my Bai Family as a disciple.” Bai Yun Feng took a deep breath and decisively offered to accept Yang Kai as a disciple. Allowing him to join in exchange for a Mysterious Grade martial skill, the Bai Family was definitely earning big; as for Yang Kai’s treatment once inside the Bai Family, that would be up this his own qualifications.

    “I will also accept you as a disciple on behalf of Purple Fern Valley, and guarantee you a good practice environment.” Fan Hong also hurriedly offered.

    “I have no interest in joining any of you.” Yang Kai was too lazy to spend any more time on them. “If you want my martial skill, you will have to offer up a martial skill of the same grade!”

    Fan Hong frowned, his expression turning ugly, “You want to learn my Sect’s secret skills?”

    “One Mysterious Grade skill for another, everyone gains, isn’t that fair?” Yang Kai looked at him and grinned.

    Bai Yun Feng sneered, “Impossible, if we traded our family’s secrets they would no longer be secrets, in addition to the Bai Family’s direct disciples, no outsiders are allowed to cultivate them.”

    “Then we have nothing to talk about.” Yang Kai got up and started walking.

    “Want to leave?” Bai Yun Feng’s look changed, sneering again, his hand reached out to block Yang Kai’s path, “If you don’t hand over that martial skill now, you’ll never leave here again.”

    Unable to reach a deal, he now intended to simply rob him. A no-name High Heaven Pavilion disciple was really nothing in his eyes.

    “Fuck off!” Yang Kai could see he was going to make things difficult, attempting to block his path, so he no longer hesitated; throwing out a ferocious punch.”

    Bai Yun Feng coldly snorted, meeting his fist with a palm.

    A loud bang was heard as a burst of Yuan Qi swirled, the cabin suddenly being torn apart.

    *Whoosh*, several figures leaped out from inside.

    Dong Qing Han, Bai Yun Feng, Fan Hong, Yang Kai, Cao Zheng Wen and the other High Heaven Pavilion disciple all became serious.

    “You dare attack me!” Bai Yun Feng’s anger exploded and his expression went grim. In that brief confrontation, although he did not suffer, he also had not suppressed Yang Kai, not to mention his surprise that the other’s Yuan Qi was obviously only at the level of a Separation and Reunion Boundary First Stage, but was actually able to repel his blow.

    “Young Master Bai, please consider your dignity, he is not worthy of you dealing with him, let me punish him in your stead!” Cao Zheng Wen instantly volunteered himself. Yang Kai had poured drink on him, letting him lose a lot of face; naturally he wanted to seek revenge for this. Moreover, he was now a member of the Bai Family, this was a good opportunity to express his loyalty and show his worth.

    As long as he beat down Yang Kai, relieving Bai Yun Feng’s anger, in the future would he not gain more benefits?

    Bai Yun Feng nodded coldly, “Break his hands and feet, let him know what the consequences of insulting this young master are. A no-name disciple from an insignificant Sect. How dare he be so impudent?!”

    “Young Master rest assured, I have long wanted to teach this little shit a lesson.” Cao Zheng Wen sneered endlessly, staring at Yang Kai from only ten feet away, he said, “Junior Brother Yang, do not say that I am not a merciful senior, I will give you an opportunity, as long as you now kneel down, and beg while knocking your head to the ground a few times, maybe Young Master Bai will spare you, or at least lessen the bitterness you must eat.”

    Yang Kai looked at him dismissively, “For just another man’s pet dog, you sure talk big.”

    Cao Zheng Wen turned red, then blue, “Young Master Bai has shown me great courtesy, what’s wrong with following him now? Even the Sect Elders did not say anything, what qualifications do you have to accuse me?”

    “You know your own actions, why should anyone else point them out for you?”

    “This Elder Brother was once your Senior, and did not want to make life too difficult for you, but since you choose death, do not blame me for being ruthless!” Cao Zheng Wen took a deep breath, holding down his anger, running his Yuan Qi, no longer bothering to speak, preparing to execute his movement skill to charge towards Yang Kai.

    But before he could take a single step, a figure appeared in front of him. In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had crossed the ten feet gap between them and was now right before him.

    Cao Zheng Wen was stunned, immediately becoming serious, desperately throwing a palm.

    But Yang Kai readily blocked, resolving his attack with a single move, his fist instantly striking as his Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast exploded out.

    Taking a direct hit, Cao Zheng Wen face went white as his chest caved in, frantically falling back to resolve the strength of Yang Kai’s punch.

    He barely managed to open the distance between them, but the raging influx of True Yang Yuan Qi suddenly burst inside his body.

    Three muffled thuds could be heard as Cao Zheng Wen spat arrows of blood from his mouth.

    One strike! This change startled everyone present.

    Cao Zheng Wen’s cultivation, although not much significantly stronger, was still at the Separation and Reunion Boundary Fifth Stage. But he was forced to vomit blood after only a single punch from Yang Kai.

    Although this strike was a devastating martial skill, Yang Kai’s outrageous speed alone was truly shocking.

    Cao Zheng Wen apparently had not dreamed that Yang Kai had become so tyrannical as he constantly coughed up blood, and now, before he could even recover, Yang Kai had already rushed up to him again. Greatly panicking now, how could he possibly resist? After only a dozen more rounds, he once suffered a heavy blow.

    The crisp sound of bones breaking emanating from his chest, the unbearable pain caused Cao Zheng Wen to drip with cold sweat.

    Yang Kai remained ruthless and indifferent, continuing to attack Cao Zheng Wen. The onslaught only lasted a short time before Cao Zheng Wen was completely suppressed, unable to fight back.

    Not long after, Cao Zheng Wen’s vision blurred, suddenly taking a kick from Yang Kai he flew up, crashing onto the ground several feet away, unable to get up again.

    He was not dead, but it was unknown how many of his bones were broken. It was enough to leave him bedridden for at least several months.