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Chapter 212 – Answers To One’s Doubts

Martial Peak
     A day passes. A rested, neatly dressed Yang Kai walks out of the cottage.

    In the courtyard, the Sect Master stood under a plum tree, one hand behind his back, stroking his beard, motionless, gazing off into the distance.

    Yang Kai walked up, not disturbing him, then stood there, casually glancing around, observing the budding flowers adorning the tree’s branches, gently fluttering in the cold wind.

    One young and one old, both stood silently for one day and one night, until the buds had completely bloomed, only then did the Sect Master turn to him, kindly inquiring, “How are your injuries?”

    “They’re nothing serious.” Yang Kai grinned, “Should I call you Sect Master or Eleventh Elder?”

    Standing before him was High Heaven Pavilion’s Sect Master Ling Tai Xu and also the mysterious Eleventh Elder he had me that day beside the Coiling Dragon Stream.

    Yang Kai did not understand much about High Heaven Pavilion back then, so although he found that situation puzzling, he had not thought too deeply about it. It was only later after learning many things from his fellow High Heaven Pavilion disciples that he surmised the true identity of this Eleventh Elder.

    High Heaven Pavilion had no Eleventh Elder; however, this Ling Tai Xu was its eleventh Sect Master, a significantly talented one at that, his fame had reached far and wide, but because of the two disciples he received both failing him, there was now no Twelfth Sect Master.

    If more than ten years ago his two disciples had not suffered such bleak ends, Ling Tai Xu would certainly be much stronger than he currently was. For all his struggles since then, he could not break the shackles of the Immortal Ascension Boundary and ascend to a higher realm.

    Ling Tai Xu simply smiled, “Up to you!”

    Just as Yang Kai was about to open his mouth, Ling Tai Xu interrupted him, “I know you have many questions.”

    “Disciple asks Sect Master to explain!” Yang Kai said, figuring that Ling Tai Xu knew what he wanted to ask, there was no need for him to speak any further.

    Ling Tai Xu pondered, his expression one of someone reminiscing of long past memories, a good moment passed before he slowly spoke, his voice containing a hint of melancholy, “In this old master’s life, he had only received two disciples, the first was kind and forthright, the second was smart and cunning, if there were no accidents, these two would have become my High Heaven Pavilion’s twin pillars, leading it to never before seen glory. However, fate is impermanent, the second child’s desire for power was too strong, and he willingly fell into the Devil’s path, forcing this old man to end his life, for he could no longer be reasoned with!”

    Yang Kai listened quietly, he had previously heard this series of events from Su Mu, but now listening to the Sect Master recount them, he felt there must be a deeper meaning to this story.

    “The rumor outside is the senior disciple was killed, and the junior was sealed within the Coiling Dragon Stream, correct?”

    Yang Kai inquired.

    Ling Tai Xu chuckled, “This rumor is only half true. My second disciple was indeed sealed within the Coiling Dragon Stream, but the first did not die!”

    Ling Tai Xu proudly said, “This old master’s first disciple was called Yang Ying Feng!”

    Yang Kai could not help but shudder. A look of shock surfacing on his face, it was only after a long time that he gently exhaled, calming his mood. Suddenly, all the doubts that had troubled him for years had been answered.

    Yang Ying Feng, was the Yang Family’s Fourth Master’s true name, in other words, Yang Kai’s father had revealed his true name while he had been out for his life experience.

    It was truly unexpected, Yang Family’s Fourth Master really had come to High Heaven Pavilion during his years outside, and he had also been Ling Tai Xu’s first disciple, the unlucky senior brother the rumours said, had been killed by his junior.

    No wonder all these years his father had suffered from a serious illness, unable to advance his cultivation, he must have suffered from severe hidden injuries when his junior brother had fallen to the Devil’s path.

    No wonder he had told Yang Kai to specifically come to High Heaven Pavilion, it was all because of his former ties here.

    “According to the proper generation, you should call me Grand Master!” Ling Tai Xu smiled.

    “Disciple greets Grand Master!” Yang Kai somewhat reluctantly saluted.

    Ling Tai Xu stared into his eyes, not moving, giving a light chuckle before saying, “You blame me for turning a blind eye to you even though I knew your identity, allowing you to suffer such bitterness, right?”

    “Somewhat.” Yang Kai replied. During his first three years in High Heaven Pavilion, he really had suffered. The world had been a cold lonely place. But he was not too concerned about the hardships he had suffered because in the end he really had no ability. How could he blame others for his own ineptitude? The troubles he was born with were his own, why should anyone else take care of them for him?

    “If you wish to blame this old master, you should first blame your Yang Family’s Fourth Master. This old master still has some grievances with him.” Ling Tai Xu grunted.

    Hearing this, Yang Kai could not help but shrink back slightly. He was not a fool, how could he not understand the meaning of Ling Tai Xu’s words?

    The Yang Family direct disciples were just like cuckoo bird chicks, people who stole from others and gave nothing in return!

    While Yang’s Fourth Master was here, he had certainly received much care from Ling Tai Xu, but after all that hard work and dedications for ten full years, his efforts were simply preparing wedding clothes for another. If his second disciple had not fallen to the Devil’s path, Ling Tai Xu would still have had some hope, but his first disciple turned out to be an ungrateful wolf from the Yang Family, while the second had become a Devil, making all of his efforts akin to scooping water with a woven basket, a complete waste which left a knot in his martial heart, leaving him unable to break past his own bottlenecks.

    In other words, Yang’s Fourth Master had a great deal of responsibility for the problems in Ling Tai Xu’s martial heart.

    As the saying goes, the debts of the father would pass to his son! Yang’s Fourth Master owed much to Ling Tai Xu, how could Yang Kai avoid taking responsibility?

    Thinking quickly, Yang Kai hurriedly wore a smile, “Respected Grand Master should put down his burdens; that Yang’s Fourth Master was indeed too much, but you should not stoop to his level.”

    Ling Tai Xu’s mouth twitched, seeing Yang Kai’s face change so fast, he couldn’t help but sneer, “My disciple was such an upright youth, how did he manage to raise such a sly brat?”

    “A man must be flexible.” Seeing his expression, Yang Kai understood that was just joking and not truly angry.

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    Ling Tai Xu sighed, slowly recounting, “My disciple was not a liar, in fact, three years after his entry, he told this old master his true identity, and that one day he would have to leave High Heaven Pavilion. He had wanted this old master to understand and be prepared.”

    Yang Kai nodded firmly, immediately sucked up to him. “Grand Master should rest assured, when junior one day returns to the Yang Family, he will definitely teach your ungrateful disciple a lesson.”

    Ling Tai Xu smirked, seemingly wanting to laugh, but eventually he managed to hold back.

    “On the day you came to High Heaven Pavilion, this old master received a letter from your father, and the reason why I did not specifically care for you was also at your father’s request, because he said in the letter that your cultivation aptitude was extremely poor, and his only wish was for you to safely pass your ten year experience at High Heaven Pavilion so you could return to the Yang Family unharmed.” Ling Tai Xu explained calmly.

    “Do you know why you were unsuited to cultivate?” Ling Tai Xu asked.

    “Father said I was born this way.” Yang Kai frowned.

    “Yes, because he had been seriously injured, and for many years was unable to heal himself, it eventually resulted in you being born with a congenital defect.” Ling Tai Xu nodded as he watched Yang Kai carefully, “One’s innate talent is supremely difficult to change, but now you are able to cultivate, your talent is also astounding and your strength has risen rapidly. This old master does not know what profound opportunity you encountered nor will he ask, just swear to me in the future, in addition to your parents, you will not discuss it with anyone.”

    Yang Kai repeatedly nodded, although this was his first time meeting and talking openly with this old Grand Master, Yang Kai could still feel his heartfelt concern and care for him.

    “In fact, if you were just an ordinary person, this old master really would not have appeared before you; you being alive would simply be enough, even if you had to endure hardships and bullying, you would still be able to survive, but now both your qualifications and cultivation have soared, so leaving you on your own would be negligent of this old master. The day before, you making so much noise was also to draw this old master out was it not?”

    Yang Kai sighed loudly, “I did not expect the one to appear would be Grand Master, I had thought that at most, one of the five elders had some past relations with my father.”

    Ling Tai Xu chuckled, “It’s not surprising you could not understand, your father sent you here first of all for your protection, but also because he wanted to solve the knot in my martial heart. He is still too honest, thinking this old master’s bottleneck was born because of him when in fact, this old master never really blamed him.”

    Hearing all this, Yang Kai simply sighed, unsure of how to comfort him.

    “Well, have your questions been answered now?” Ling Tai Xu laughed as he smiled at Yang Kai.

    “En.” Yang Kai responded somewhat embarrassed; after many days of pondering on his own, unable to understand, this brief conversation had finally enlightened him.

    “Good, then it’s now this old master’s turn.” Ling Tai Xu suddenly said.

    “What questions does Grand Master have?” Yang Kai looked at him slightly puzzled.

    “Your aura!” Ling Tai Xu’s face became serious, “During your battle the day before yesterday, I witnessed your breath become bloodthirsty and violent, not any less than that year’s second disciple. This old master will only ask you once, have you stepped onto the Devil’s Path?”

    “No!” Yang Kai decisively shook his head, he also knew once that activating his Golden Skeleton would cast this strange phenomenon would occur, quickly displaying this profound martial skill again.

    His Yuan Qi bursting out, Yang Kai’s cultivation surged from Separation and Reunion First Stage directly to Peak Separation and Reunion Boundary, his energy swirling about, filled with a dense evil aura.

    His murderous atmosphere became thick like he wanted to slaughter all living things in this world, leaving only one person left.

    Ling Tai Xu stared deeply into Yang Kai’s eyes as if he wanted to peer straight into his soul.

    “Take out your sword!” Ling Tai Xu commanded.

    Suddenly, a crimson sword appeared in the hands of Yang Kai. With the Asura Sword in hand, his murderous air became so heavy it felt like it alone could take one’s life.

    This artifact from the Asura Sect seemed to have a close relationship with Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi; thus making Yang Kai himself, seemed as though he had some kind of innate connection with it. Thus, they both complimented each other’s strength, like the sword was one with him and he was one with the sword, two entities but one body.

    Ling Tai Xu stared at Yang Kai, carefully feeling the changes in his body and his emotional fluctuations. Over time, his solemn face gradually began to relax as his vigilance also dropped, immediately being replaced with shock and confusion.

    After a long time, Ling Tai Xu nodded slightly.

    Yang Kai stored the Asura Sword and dispersed Unyielding Will, returning to his natural state.

    “It has all the appearance of a Devil’s practice, yet it is not.” Ling Tai Xu frowned, “Is your mind constantly aware?”


    “Strange, with such a violent bloodthirsty aura, even if it was this old master, after a long exposure it would undoubtedly draw out my inner demon and warp my mind. How can you not be affected at all?” Contemplating, Ling Tai Xu suddenly thought of something, “Of course, your secret art is a pure yang cultivation technique. Such Yang Qi is simply the nemesis of the hostile Yin aura; the Yang Qi in your body must prevent you from falling to the Devil’s Path.”

    Finished speaking, Ling Tai Xu was again surprised for a moment, these two forces were contradictory, how could they perfectly coexist in a single person’s body?

    Thinking again for a long time, although Ling Tai Xu wanted to know what amazing method Yang Kai was using to simultaneously use both these different types but he eventually refrained from asking.

    Lifting his eyes, Ling Tai Xu continued, “During the battle two days ago you made too much of a commotion, and now many know you possess a powerful Mysterious Grade martial skill. I’m afraid you will encounter a lot of trouble in the near future.”

    “That is… I was planning to travel outside and avoid the limelight.” Yang Kai had long thought about this.

    Ling Tai Xu laughed, “Where can you go to avoid it? For the time being do not run out, just remain in the Sect.”


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