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Chapter 220 – Who Will Become the Cicada?/ Who Will be Hunted?

Martial Peak
     Fighting with the two lightning wolves was very difficult and dangerous since his strength was at the Separation and Reunion Boundary third stage and he did not dare to use his full strength. Therefore, Yang Kai repeatedly encountered situations where he turned danger into safety by a hair’s breadth; similar to walking a tightrope where he would lose balance then stabilize miraculously. Just a short moment of carelessness could mean the two Monster Beasts rip him apart.

    Fighting with the two Monster Beast and killing them through hurting them little by little consumed almost an hour, and Yang Kai was finally able to kill them with the last of his strength.

    Fresh blood flowed from lightning wolves’ bodies and scars, numbering at least seven or eight, covered Yang Kai’s body as well. The wounds left on his body by the wolves were cuts, bruises, and in some places even torn off bits of flesh. Overall, he looked very miserable.

    Those wounds were not camouflage, but actual wounds and injuries. After all, a fourth step Monster Beast was also equal to a Separation and Reunion Boundary martial artist, and Yang Kai fought against two at the same time. This was quite a commendable job and he could be very proud of himself.

    Nevertheless, the hidden person was also very patient and quietly watched the fight between Yang Kai and the Lightning Wolves, neither making an appearance throughout the fight nor at this moment.

    Yang Kai breathed in large gulps and moved to a side quietly, then sat on the ground and started to rotate his merit law, waiting calmly for the condensation of blood beads from the wolves.

    Perhaps Yang Kai’s play was too realistic and the hidden person finally made his move after carefully confirming the surroundings.

    Yang Kai heard the blatant rustling of footsteps.

    Yang Kai opened his eyes and a hint of killing intent flashed in them.

    Looking up, he saw not far away, three figures staring at him haughtily. They were three men who wore dark red gowns and looked like they were taking a stroll.

    The man leading them was giving an unusually loud and harsh laugh while looking at Yang Kai’s expression with interest.

    Yang Kai showed a look of panic, his eyes filling with hatred and unwillingness. He slowly got up and looked alert.

    Three men winked at each other, then surrounded him.

    “What’s the meaning of this?” Yang Kai licked his day lips and asked in a quivering voice. This small action showed the fear in his heart.

    “Your words are quite interesting!” the man who laughed before looked at Yang Kai, “What we mean, can’t you see it?”

    Yang Kai frowned then said, “Several friends, if you want these two blood beads, you can freely take them and please don’t embarrass me anymore.”

    That man gave a cold smile, “those two blood bead are just nonsense. Don’t you know that when a person dies they also condense a blood bead that is higher in quality and grade than the Monster Beasts’ blood bead? And for that, we want your life.”

    Yang Kai said with sigh, “Friends, don’t you think it’s going too far? I am a disciple of High Heaven Pavilion, and if you kill me they will send someone to hunt you for sure.”

    “Hahahaha!” That person, upon hearing this, gave a laugh, “If we were outside, we would have been wary of the sect, but here, even if you die, no one will know that we killed you!”

    With that man’s voice, Yang Kai replaced his panicked face with a cold and murderous look. His Yuan Qi gushed out from his body to his right arm where it became a thin blood-red blade that quietly aimed at the man trying to get behind him. Without giving him time to react, Yang Kai sliced through his neck.

    These three were also very careful, starting to surround him instead of immediately attacking him. After all, their strength was not much higher than Yang Kai and was yet to reach True Element Boundary. However, they were confident in their strength; as a single person attracted his attention, the other two were surrounding him.

    Yang Kai had long been aware of their petty actions and just feigned ignorance.

    When the warrior was close enough, Yang Kai suddenly moved behind him and was able to kill him with a surprise attack.

    With the sudden attack, the three people became shocked and the man whose back was now facing Yang Kai did not have any time to react. When the blood-red blade sliced through he only felt a little heat, but when he touched his neck, warm liquid flowed out without control.

    Yang Kai was like the wind, the blade condensed from the Yang liquid cut through that person’s neck and with the help of his home made movement skill he was just like a wild cheetah, rushing in front of the second person.

    This man countered hurriedly, and with a loud voice, his whole fist began to shine in the golden light.

    Yang Kai directly pierced the blade of his condensed Yang liquid through the middle of the fist.

    With a pitiful yell, blood flowed from his fist. While the pain distracted him, Yang Kai moved near his body and ruthlessly struck his abdomen.

    This attack was like a wave as a lot of Yuan Qi poured into his body; he immediately became pale, accompanied by a muffled sound as his mouth became bloody and he staggered back.

    Yang Kai was like a spirit, elegant and light in his movement. Jumping to his opponent’s shoulder, Yang Kai sandwiched his head and suddenly turned in a half circle.

    With a crack, the second warrior’s neck was broken.

    In this sudden fight, he had killed two out of the three, while the remaining one became rooted to the spot due to shock. It was only after Yang Kai floated to the ground that he recovered.

    “You…” The warrior was confused and shocked, frightened by the sudden change of the situation, as well as Yang Kai’s ruthless and brutal attack.

    With a loud laugh Yang Kai said, “Friend, when you talk so big next time, you should first confirm who you are talking to, so as to avoid lifting a stone only to smash your own foot.”

    Looking at Yang Kai, covered in blood, and feeling the violent and ferocious Yuan Qi fluctuation emanating from him, that person went pale. Now he knew that Yang Kai had not used his full strength while fighting the Lightning Wolves. With his strength and surging Yuan Qi, he would have killed the two Monster Beasts within the time it took for an incense stick to burn, yet he used an hour. This was clearly to mislead the three of them.

    “So you already knew that we were hiding on the side!” This person’s expression was complex as he looked at his two companions who had died in almost an instant. Although he was panicking, this situation also roused his killing intent and anger.

    “You used the method of mantis praying on the cicada…… tut…. You played such a good play, so am I not allowed to play something too?” Yang Kai said with a sneer.

    This man gave a roar and his Yuan Qi gushed out with a golden light that formed a seal in front of him. This should be some kind of martial skill, and its level definitely was not low.

    Seeing this, Yang Kai also became serious and no longer retained his strength. By using his Unyielding Will and the Golden Skeleton, more Yuan Qi gushed out from within his body while a strange and Evil Qi surrounded him. This Qi contained infinite killing intent, and with this release his strength reached:

    Separation and Reunion Boundary Peak!

    Unyielding Will was Yang Kai’s final trump card, and he could not use it too often in order to avoid exposing it. However, in this place, in front of this enemy, Yang Kai did not want to hide his card.

    As long as he killed the enemy quickly, there will not be any extra worries. This is why he felt relieved and boldly displayed his trump card.

    On the opposite side, the enemy looked at him in shock. Yang Kai’s sudden surge in strength made him surprised. However, he also was not holding back. Lifting the golden seal in one hand, he roared and attacked Yang Kai.

    Yang Kai also stood his ground, turning one hand into a claw that caught the seal.

    Yang Kai’s body moved back slightly. After all, it was a moving martial skill and was not easy to block. The opposite party revealed a slight grin and poured more Yuan Qi into his move, thus increasing the power.

    Suddenly, True Yang Yuan Qi burst out from Yang Kai’s body and poured into the shining seal. In less than a moment, a cracking sound resounded.

    The great seal burned while large fissures became visible on it.

    Yang Kai’s True Yang Yuan Qi was very pure and dense, in no way inferior to a common True Element Boundary expert, while his opponent was only a Separation and Reunion Boundary eighth stage martial artist. His Yuan Qi has not even started to transform into True Qi, so how could he possibly be Yang Kai’s opponent?

    The cracking sounds continued.

    The opponent became pale and, discovering that he was not Yang Kai’s match, he quickly said, “Friend, show mercy, I am Golden Light Palace’s disciple. Before, I had eyes but failed to see and offended you. Friend… Senior, please don’t kill me.”

    Yang Kai sneered, his eyes becoming even more crazy and bloodthirsty. “I know that you are a Golden Light Palace disciple!”

    Because he knew, Yang Kai had no fear and played with them, leading them by the nose. If not for the fact that they had exposed their dark-red gowns, Yang Kai would not have risked this play.

    Golden Light Palace was just a third class sect, and from it came three disciples who had the strength of Separation and Reunion Boundary. Ling Tai Xu told him this point before they entered here.

    Crash…. The golden seal of the Golden Light Palace disciple shattered.

    At this moment, the opponent suddenly attacked, and from his sleeve popped out a sharp blade just like a snake attacking from the hole and was aimed at Yang Kai’s throat.

    Looks like begging for mercy was polite, but insincere. Yang Kai had killed his two Junior Brothers and he hated Yang Kai so much that it could not be solved until one of them died.

    However, this weapon was unable to hurt Yang Kai. After making it halfway to Yang Kai, its movement stopped. The Golden Light disciple’s mouth gaped as his eyes wandered down to see that a hand had pierced into his chest; holding his heart hostage.

    His heartbeat suddenly became violent before all movements stopped.

    Yang Kai took out his hand from inside, with blood covering it, and looked coldly towards his dead enemy.

    Killing three Separation and Reunion Boundary experts who were at the seventh and eighth stage alone easily, Yang Kai finally got a new measure and understanding of his real strength.

    Waiting for a few moments in the same place, the warriors’ Yuan Qi, flesh, and blood essence condensed into blood beads.

    As Yang Kai took a few steps forward and collected them, he was surprised to find that the three Blood Beads that formed were much larger than that of Monster Beasts.

    These three Blood Beads were thumb-sized.

    When a fourth order Monster Beast died and a Blood Bead formed, it is only pea-sized, but a Separation and Reunion Boundary warrior’s Blood Bead was many times larger.

    Without checking it clearly, Yang Kai also took the Blood Beads of the Lightning Wolves and stored them away. Then, he searched the three for anything valuable before hurriedly leaving that area.

    After an incense stick worth of time, many Monster Beasts had gathered, attracted by the smell of blood in air.

    At this moment, Yang Kai was already more than a dozen miles away.

    Today, Yang Kai harvested many Blood Beads, so he wanted to find a safe place to absorb them. He could only use this method in order to cope with a more powerful monster beast or enemy.